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Owning a good pair of shears is an investment, which is why maintenance should be less of an option and more of a responsibility. Most stylists fail to understand that 99% of the time, proper care and maintenance determine the performance and longevity of haircutting scissors. Before you purchase one, the manufacturer usually assures you of quality. However, once ownership is transferred, the burden of maintaining quality shifts to you.

We have mentioned before how cleaning and lubricating your scissors should be done on a daily basis. In this article, we are going to explain the proper way to oil your shears including some best practices and tips.

Choosing the right oil

Buy a good scissor oil. It’s inexpensive and it will increase the life of your hairdressing shears. Using other types of oil will damage your scissors and can potentially cause them to fall apart. Machine oil, for example, tends to move hair particles, dust, etc. towards the centre screw causing it to clog. Even clipper oils are not recommended for this type of task. Find something that was particularly made for haircutting scissors.

For starters, check if your manufacturer or shear service provider sells or recommends a specific oil. They are likely to know which one is best for your particular pair.

An oil pen or brush will help you strategically put oil in areas that are hard to reach.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1. Begin by opening your shears at a 45-degree angle and apply small amounts of oil in front and behind the fulcrum. See the image below. Make sure the tips are point downward to avoid any accidents.


Step 2. Work your blades by moving them in an inward-outward direction. Move at moderate speed, carefully avoiding not to grind the blades. As you do this, you will notice hair, dust and product residue begin to work their way out of the pivot. Wipe these away with a cleaning cloth and repeat the process until all of the dirt is removed.

Step 3. When you reach the point when your scissors are clean, it’s now time to prepare it for storage and ready for tomorrow’s work. Take your scissor oil and apply small amounts in front and behind the fulcrum, then to the length of your blades. Add a bit of excess oil just to keep them nice and protected overnight. The oil will protect the blade from unnecessary moisture, as well as prevent corrosion and rust.

Step 4. In the morning, use the cleaning cloth to wipe off any excess oil from the shears. Make sure you check the tension before starting work.

Best Practices and Tips

If you’re wondering how often should you clean and lubricate your shears, the ideal answer would be after every haircut. But sometimes with demand and product scarcity, it is impossible to do this. Try instead to do this at the end of every workday. The longest you should go without lubricating would be a week but we can’t promise your blades will look as sharp if you wait that long. Adopt the practice of maintaining your shears every day to avoid damage and expensive repair fees in the future.

Another tip we could offer is to use chamois cloth when cleaning your hair scissors. Make sure to fold it two or three times to avoid getting cut. Even with the cloth to protect your finger, it is best to avoid touching the cutting edge.

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