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Since its establishment in 1917, Joewell Shears has strived to ensure its brand remains synonymous with definitive quality, design, and expertly crafted scissors. The company is known for its passion in the pursuit to provide professional hairdressers worldwide the ultimate cutting tools that cater to the diverse needs of hairdressing & barber clients worldwide.

Now we have said all the fancy stuff, with Joewell Shears, you get master artisans who use their extensive experience and leading technology to provide award-winning designs and hand-finished scissors. If you're in search of another excellent set of shears similar to Joewell, browse our popular Matsui Shears here.

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Our Offer

We're so happy to present you with a wide range of the finest Japanese hairdressing Joewell scissors and shears. Each product has been carefully designed to suit the needs of every professional hair stylist, and because of their reputation, even some of your clients might have heard about them. On our website, you'll find many different types and series of professional tools, including:

Straight Scissors

Also known as classic scissors, they're characterized by the same shape of the upper and lower blade, and you will find them in a salon of every professional hair stylist. They're just perfect for point, slide, and dry cutting. If you use them correctly (and it’s not that hard!), you’ll make incredibly smooth cuts. If, for some reason, you don’t have a pair of those already at your disposal, you should check out the Joewell Black Cobalt Series.

Offset Scissors

This type of scissors features an angled handle area and a shortened handle shank with a thumb ring. “Why?”, you may ask. That’s because many professional hair stylists find offset shears more comfortable, especially if they're used to holding them with their ring finger. Remember that if you aren’t fully comfortable when cutting the hair of your clients, you won’t do an amazing job, as focusing will be more difficult.(Let’s be real - we all want it to be perfect!)

If you're looking for professional offset scissors, check out Joewell Classic Offset Series or Joewell Black Cobalt Series. You'll be able to pick the size and color, depending on your preferences, and decide between the best materials: the supreme Japanese stainless steel alloy in the Classic Series or the cobalt-base alloy for Joewell Black Cobalt Series. If you aren’t sure which ones would be best for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you to choose.

Left-Handed Scissors

Every professional hairdresser knows that having the right equipment is key in this line of work. That being said, using left handed scissors while you're left-handed yourself can make all the difference. Hardly a surprise, right? Or left? Yes, that pun was intended. Left-handed shears have their blades reversed, allowing you to see your cutting line, which is, well, pretty useful if you don’t want to ruin a haircut. They're a must-have for those who can't use right-handed scissors. Luckily, Joewell Lefty Series offers you many different types of premium quality cutting tools made for left-handed hairdressers. With such great options, you can’t choose wrong, only right. Or in this case - Left!

Hair Thinning Scissors

Professional hairdressing equipment must include at least a pair of hair thinning scissors. What’s so special about them? This type has one blade with teeth and the other without. The teeth divide the hair into sections, letting you cut only the intermittent parts. Isn’t that great? This way, you can easily get rid of the excessive weight of the hair, blend between the sections, and create a smooth, diffused shape. And yes, you absolutely need them in your scissor case.

Depending on the number and spacing of the teeth, you can divide hair thinning shears into three categories:

  • Texturizing shears. They typically have 25 teeth, but you can find models that have even more. They're perfect for finishing up the cutting process, performing precise cuts, and creating a light-weight, airy texture.
  • Finishing shears.They usually have 15-22 teeth, which allows you to create a smooth, diffused finish and blended ends.
  • Chunking shears.This type has between 7-15 teeth. The wide spacing of the teeth allows for quick and efficient removal of the excessive weight of the hair. It's a must-have for every professional hairdresser. Keep in mind, though, that wider spacing results in more significant cutting. As such, it's best to use them with caution, unless you enjoy hearing shocked gasps of your clients - which trust us, we do not recommend!

If you're looking for the best hair thinning shears, check out Joewell Blender Series, Joewell Thinning Series, and other Joewell series like JGC, HXT, and HXG, where you can choose the size and number of teeth, depending on your professional needs. You can mix and match as many different types as you want - from the wide set Joewell JGC 12 with 12 teeth, perfect for quick hair weight removal, to Joewell FX Pro 40 Blender with 40 teeth for the most seamless blending. We’ve also got great news - hair thinning models with the finest spacing are also designed to be used as regular shears. You can also find almost anything else in between, like Joewell HXG 17 or 20 - they will soften the ends of each and every haircut like a charm.

Curved Scissors

This type features blades that are bent at an angle designed to suit specific cutting tasks. If you want to create smooth, flawless, and soft-textured cuts, you’ll be happy to see the products from the Joewell Curved Series. They look great, but what’s more important is that with their help, you’ll be able to create amazing haircuts.

Swivel Shears

Joewell Swivel Series provides you with a wide range of customizable hairdressing scissors that use your natural range of motion and let you automatically correct your cutting position. Why is that so important? Swivel shears leave your shoulder and elbow in a natural, pain-free stance by letting your thumb rotate accordingly. Because of that, you’ll minimize the risk of hurting yourself, which would stop you from cutting hair for some time, and you shouldn’t do that to your clients (and yourself!). Each model has an offset handle, a convex edge, and a screw-in bumper. You'll also have the chance to pick the color that you’ll love the most.

Our Brands - Joewell Shears

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that your hairdressing skills, combined with professional tools, will guarantee the best customer experience. Sure, you need the experience to create consistently great haircuts, but it doesn’t mean that choosing low-quality shears wouldn’t have an impact on your work.

In our offer, you'll find professional hair cutting equipment by Joewell Shears. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, and series. The materials used to manufacture Joewell hairdressing scissors include premium Japanese stainless steel, cobalt-base alloy, titanium coated premium stainless alloy, and other types of stainless alloys, to name a few. You can pick any color you want, from silver, black, rose gold, and blue, or opt for a classic silver look with small color accents, depending on the series and your own preferences. Your equipment can be efficient and look great - you don’t have to choose between those two.

Many Joewell Shears models feature the adjustable tension system, an adjustable screw, and a fixed or removable finger rest for optimal customization and comfort. If standard, right-handed tools are not enough, Joewell has you covered - their Lefty Series provides you with products that are right for left-handed people. With proper care and maintenance, each Joewell product will serve you for years to come.

Every Joewell product is characterized by professional production and impeccable design. Adding to that, the tools are all hand-finished. With the brand's history and reputation, as well as a different color, material, and type series, making your choice won't certainly be easy, that’s not a surprise. In case you have any questions regarding Joewell products or any other hairdressing tools in our offer, feel free to contact us anytime! We'll happily answer all your questions and help you choose the best hair cutting equipment that will help you amaze your customers.

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