Jaguar Scissors Alternatives.

At the moment Sozu Scissors have overtaken Jaguar Scissors as our featured apprentice hairdressing scissor brand. Sozu, just like Jaguar, offer a very good quality, yet less-expensive hair shears product line. If you really love Jaguars Shears, we recommend you to please take a browse through our Matsui Shears line, a highly popular set of shears among professional stylists. 

With quality levels matching that of Jaguar Scissors, Matsui are handcrafted from a pure Japanese Steel. We are 100% confident that you will fall in love with Matsui Shears just as easily. Please get in touch anytime for any questions you have about shear comparisons, features or pre and post-purchase inquiries.

View our full range of shear brands here & view our 4 Recommended Jaguar Scissors Alternatives Below:

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