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Matsui Drop Handle Barber Combo

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 The high-quality Scissors are made to drop your elbow down while doing scissor over comb work, this tends to reduce fatigue, They are made of extremely high quality steel that stays sharp and will remove bulk amounts of hair quickly.

The Forty tooth thinning scissors made from very hard steel and a superior hollow ground design provides a smooth closing scissor that will last you a lifetime. Theres a reason barbers across the country love their Matsui scissors€“ you will too.

As with all high quality scissors from Scissor Tech this scissor comes with a lifetime warranty

Set includes:

5.5" Drop handle scissor for men's cuts/scissor over comb/dry cutting and chipping in. This Handle will drop your arm down when cutting up high, and relax your cutting style

6" Offset Thinning scissor


Scissor oil

Life time warranty

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