Professional Swivel Shears

Being a hairdresser is a piece of cake - said no one ever! It's a profession that requires time, dedication, and serious manual skills to make every haircut look perfect. Does spending hours standing, cutting hair, drying, brushing, and styling sound familiar to you? As a hairstylist, you probably know what it feels like to have sore muscles and aching wrists.

Would you like to ease the discomfort of repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome? Professional swivel shears massively help by allowing a far better thumb/finger positioning that lets you cut hair in a more natural and relaxed position.

Manufactured with offset swivel thumbs, swivel shears just need a slight swing of the fingers to create a smooth horizontal cutting action. They are suitable for general, point cutting, slicing, and other haircutting techniques. You'll notice over time (and instantly ) how much swivel shears help to lessen your hand fatigue. They often prevent it altogether. What's more, there is another option in this scissors category - professional double swivel shears for when you need some special tools.

If you're looking to attain the most comfortable shears ever and improve your hair cutting efficiency, place your order for professional swivel shears today! We'll ship out your Swivel Thumb Hair Cutting Shears for free!

We value your comfort not only when it comes to your hair cutting skills. That's why we go all the way to make your entire purchasing process easy like a breeze! You can now choose a several-payment option with After Pay or Sezzle . We also allow our clients to pay in installments, interest-free.

Feel free to browse our amazing collection of swivel and double swivel shears below, or all Scissor Tech Hair Scissors today . Please reach out with questions at any time. Thanks for shopping at Scissor Tech!

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