Sozu Essentials Oriental Cutting Shear

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • We accept returns. You can return your shears for a refund or exchange by notifying us within 30 days of receiving them
  • Comes with plastic inserts to make sure they are the perfect fit for your fingers

Many inexperienced hairdressers tend to look at price first when looking for shears. Unfortunately, it is a massive mistake to make. If you go for the cheapest option, you will likely experience your shears constantly jamming and blunting, forcing you to spend even more money in the long run.

To prevent such a situation, investing in high-quality scissors is a must. For that, we recommend this Sozu Essential Oriental Cutting Shear. As with other tools from the Sozu range, this model is made from stainless steel, ensuring longevity and precision.

What is more, it has an ergonomic design, providing its user with comfort when cutting. Also, considering that its price is relatively low, adding it to your toolkit does sound like an excellent idea.

The Sozu Essentials Oriental Cutting Shear Includes:

  • 5.5" or 6" Ergonomic cutting shear with hand made blade
  • Includes hard case