Sozu Essentials Oriental Barbering Shear

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • We accept returns. You can return your shears for a refund or exchange by notifying us within 30 days of receiving them
  • Comes with plastic inserts to make sure they are the perfect fit for your fingers

There are several tools that any aspiring hairdresser needs to have in their toolkit, and one of them is definitely a pair of barbering shears. However, it should not be just a mere set of ordinary shears. If you take your job seriously and want to succeed in this highly competitive industry, you should ensure the tools you use are top-quality.

With that in mind, it would be best to invest in this Sozu Essentials Oriental Barbering Shear. Made from stainless steel, this pair of shears provides precision, reliability, comfort, making them a perfect choice for anyone who aspires to become a hairdresser.

What makes them special, though, is their unique oriental design. It looks professional and eye-catching, and you can be sure that it will stand out among all your other tools. In short, if you are looking for great scissors with a little spark to them, this Sozu model is the right product for you.

The Sozu Essentials Oriental Barbering Shear Set Includes:

  • 7" Barbering shear with hand made blade
  • Includes hard case