3 Essential razors to have in your hairdressing kit

August 06, 2023

Whether you've been working in a hair salon for years or are just starting out there are a few essential tools every hairdresser needs! This blog is all about what razors you may want to have in your tool kit!

Straight razor

Gone are the days where a barber is the only one with a straight razor in their hand. Straight razors now come with blades that can be, and should be changed between clients. The original straight razors had a curved handle that closed with a solid metal blade that you sterilized and sharpened yourself. Now we know the importance of proper sanitization and that is why they come with disposable razor blades. 

You may be asking why you need one? After all, most hairdressers don't need to worry about shaving clients' facial hair, and you certainly won't find this type of razor in your starter kit. That is because they are best used for advanced cutting. You can use straight razors for texturizing hair. They are much sharper than your everyday texture or feather razor, and you will definitely need some practice to get it right, but they are a great tool to have. If you have clients that love texture, this tool is for you !

You can also use these razors to tidy up necklines on mens cuts and short hair styles. Of course it is important to check with your state board rules as not all hairdressers can use one without qualifications. However, nothing makes a male client happier than a smooth shave on their neck line. If straight razors seem intimidating to you, and you have a lot of male clientele you may want to consider a safety razor. Safety Razors will give you a closer shave, but with more protection.

Feather Razor

This razor may have come with your kit and you have most likely used one at least once. This is definitely an important tool to have. A feather razor handle is usually straight and with a blade that has a guard. This guard often looks like it has teeth. You will need to make sure you buy feather razor blades to fit your feather or texture razor.

A feather razor is a must have for creating alot of texture and removing weight. If you have clients with thick hair who can't get enough of that messy, shaggy look, this razor is for them! It is important to remember that as much as we love a razor cut, it is not for all hair types. Clients with thin or damaged hair may not be the target audience for this razor. Feather razors are also great to use for cleaning up necklines. We even recommend this for mens hair. For shorter hair or mens cuts using this razor on the neckline will create a more natural finish with a soft grow out.

Razor Comb

Razor Combs are another style of razor that are a great addition to your kit. It is also used for texturizing hair, just with a bit of a difference. A razor comb looks like a straight handle with a comb on the end. This comb has a spot where you can add a razor blade, sometimes even two if it is a double sided razor comb. This unique design is perfect for light and easy texturizing.

But if I have a feather razor, why do I need a comb as well? Easy ! Straight razors and feather razors are great because you can use them for a full haircut. Doing a full haircut with a razor will create a great textured cut with beautiful wispy ends. A razor comb is used just to add texture, after you've already completed a cut. So if you have a client with thin hair you could do a full haircut with your shears and then use the comb to create a lighter texture to the ends of the cut. 

Razor combs are also great for blending cuts. We particularly love them for blending the sides of a mens haircut. Often when clipper cutting a mens cut we can end up with a lot of weight around the parietal ridge. Using a razor comb will help to remove the weight and blend the shape better, similar to using blending shears but easier and with more movement!

The right type of razor for you !

We love the versatility that these 3 razors will give you. They are a great addition to any of your hair cutting services. The good news is that when purchasing a set of Matsui Shears you will receive one of our great feather razors, and razor blades. If you have any razor questions .... We are always here to help!

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