Best Barber Blades, Barber Shears & Sets.

These are our best selling barber blades & barber shears on the shop. At Scissor Tech we stock a wide range of professional barber supplies, from the Shavette Razor Range and the Straight Razor (Cut-Throat) Range to the exquisite, handcrafted with steel, barber shears from the best shear brands in the industry; Matsui, Joewell, and Yasaka.

The barber shears and blades you'll find below are our most popular, top-selling selections currently on the Scissor Tech online shop. From standalone single items, to mixed sets which are our most popular (Shavette & Cut Throat Packaged Sets). To view our entire catalog of professional barber razors-only, view our barber blades & razors here.

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