Best Advice For When Buying Apprentice Shears

April 02, 2023

You did it ! You've chosen to become a hairdresser! We believe that being a hairdresser or barber is one of the best career choices you can make. It's a fun and rewarding career, filled with days of happiness and laughter. Some days are hard, but all it takes is that look on one client's face when you've given them the best haircut of their life and they feel like a new person ! There is nothing quite as rewarding as that!

Now that you've chosen to become a hairdresser you will soon learn the importance of good professional hairdressing scissors ! You are going to need some good shears to get you through ! We are here to help you find your new pair of scissors.


Lets first help you decide on the best length for apprentice hairdressing scissors. While you go through cosmetology school you will be learning every type of hair cut. You will learn blunt cutting, texturizing, layers, mens cuts.. the list goes on and on. As you learn more advanced haircutting techniques you may find that you want a variety of different length shears. We recommend starting out with an average length. Shears can range in size from 4 inch - 8 inches. Smaller shears are great for little detail work and texture, while longer shears are great for different barbering techniques, like scissor over comb and blunt cuts. An average length shear, either a 5.5 inch or 6 inch shear will be your go to for most haircuts. The average length is most versatile and can be used for every cutting method you learn.


This may seem like an easy decision for you. After all, how many handle options can there really be! Let's talk about ergonomics. In order to have a long, happy hairdressing career it is important to take care of your hands and wrists. These are your most important tools! Without happy wrists and hands our days are long and tough.

Being a hairdresser can be hard on your body, especially your hands and wrists. Many hairdressers find that after years of hard work they have RSI or repetitive strain injuries. The most common of them all being carpal Tunnel syndrome. These are caused by the repetitive motion of our thumb and wrists. Classic shear design had the thumb hole and finger hole placed next to each other, which means your thumb was placed far back from its natural position. Cutting hair all day with your thumb in that position could cause pain and swelling to the tendons, resulting in RSI. Then came along the offset handle. The offset handle brings the thumb forward to a more neutral position. You will find most hair cutting scissors to have this handle. They are also probably the easiest handle to use.

If you dig a little further into the ergonomic design of hair shears you'll find a few other handle options. These handles are a little trickier to learn to use but will guarantee maximum comfort during your career. During your career you will come across the crane handle and the swivel shear. They may look a bit strange but they will benefit you greatly in your career!

We recommend beginning your career with an offset handle. Mastering all the basics first with an offset pair of scissors will guarantee you remain injury free for many years to come!


You will come across a variety of different blade types. There is the convex blade, semi convex blades or beveled blade. The convex edge blades are a super sharp blade, with a very fine edge. Due to their sharp edge they can quickly lose their edge if not used correctly. While it may be tempting to have the extra sharp shear we do not recommend it for the apprentice hairdressers.

The best options for the budding hair stylist would be either the semi convex edge or the beveled edge. The beveled edge is a stronger more durable edge, it is great for cutting straight lines, or blunt cutting. The beveled edge helps to grab loose hair so it doesn't slip out of the shears when you're cutting. This edge is ideal for apprentice hairdressing scissors. However, it is not to be used for slide cutting, so may not be ideal for learning more advanced techniques.

The semi convex edge is another option that may work for you. It is basically between the convex and beveled. You can use these shears for slide cutting, blunt cutting, point cutting, etc etc. It is a great sharp edge! This edge will be a bit more expensive than the beveled edge, so may not always suite your apprentice budget, but they're great for longevity!

Thinning shears

Thinning scissors may seem a bit intimidating for an apprentice, but we recommend having them. They are great for removing weight, blending lines and texturizing cuts. While you may not want to spend the extra money, you will find a lot of apprentices will find cheaper scissor sets ! Saving you money and expanding your scissor collection. 

Apprentice Scissor Sets

Check out our apprentice hair cutting kitHERE. Student hairdressers deserve great shears too and this kit has it all! Two pairs of apprentice scissors and a pair of thinning scissors. The hair cutting scissors are 5.5 inch and 6 inch. The 5.5 inch is a semi convex edge, the perfect pair for most haircutting techniques. The 6 inch is a beveled edge, guaranteeing you will find blunt cuts super easy!

Along with 3 pairs of shears you will also receive our maintenance kit. This includes scissor oil, tension adjuster, microfibre cleaning cloth and spare finger inserts. These accessories will guarantee you have everything you need to take the best care of your apprentice hairdressing scissors. If you clean your scissors every day and check their tension, these hairdressing scissors will last you your entire apprenticeship and beyond!

Time to get to cutting!

Welcome to the wonderful world of hair! We can't wait to see all that you become! We are so glad you've chosen us to cut hair alongside you. Here at scissor tech we are always here to help you choose your perfect pair!

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