Best Blending Shears

November 03, 2021

We all use different names for our blending shears. There is the obvious... Blending Shears, Thinning Shears, Hair Thinning Scissors, Blending scissors or Thinners. So we cannot agree on what to call them, that's fine. What we can agree on is that it’s probably one of our favorite tools in our tool kit. But what about choosing which Blending shears are best for you? And how do we go about that? Well we’re here to help give some friendly advice. This is so you have complete confidence when going to buy you first or maybe even your second pair of Blending Shears.

In no particular order we will go through some of the leading market Shears and all their functions.



Yasaka is a well known world wide brand when it comes to quality. All their scissors are made and handmade from Japanese Stainless steel. Yasaka scissors have excellent hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, and high resistance to corrosion.. Their quality is due to techniques used by the master smiths. They have several different styles, lengths and functions when it comes to their blending shears.

Yasaka 6 Inch Thinner, 40 Teeth Shear

6 inch are a good style for barbers and for hairdressers that like to use the scissor over comb technique on thick hair. 


The Offset design is more relaxed and best for repetitive cutting. 

Yasaka 30 Tooth REVERSIBLE Thinning Shear

The reversible design is a great option for those lefties or the hair stylist who loves to change hands when cutting.

Yasaka 10 Tooth Texturizer

Not a conventional thinner but still worth a mention, but a great thinner to remove weight on curly hair. 




Matsui is becoming well known for the high quality Hitachi Japanese Stainless steel and craftsmanship that goes into making a pair of these shears. As well as the quality they also have this sophistication and style with the colors and design that you won't see in many other reputable brands. Matsui is definitely our most recommended brand.

Matsui Offset Thinners

Offset style is the most common style a hair stylist will choose due to the comfortable and long lasting shear. Remember when I was talking about gorgeous colors.. Well Matsui have their Offset styles in colors Rose Gold, Matt Black, a left handed Silver  and the new addition color of Pastel Pink or Pastel Peach.

Matsui Swivel Thinner

Swivels are great for those suffering with carpal tunnel, these are sold in both silver and rose gold. 

Matsui Ultimate Swivel Thinner

The Ultimate Swivel has 17 Layers of Damascus steel which means it's a stronger long lasting Scissor with a lifetime warranty. These Shears come in both silver and rose gold. 

Double Threat Thinning Shear

With Finger rest and both ends, these thinners are reversible for left and right hand cutting. Comes in Colour's Matt Black, Silver and rose gold. Price point is $299.00 and the Rose Gold.

Matsui Classic Ergo Support Thinner Shears

These Ergo Support Thinners are the most comfortable pair of Thinners and are made out of high quality  Hitachi 440 C Japanese Steel. They come in colour's Matt Black, Silver and Rose gold. 



The Kamisori are highly recognized brands when it comes to their shears. I guess you could call them the Rolls Royce of scissors. This brand has received many Awards for their impressive hand-made shears, offering a balance of sharpness, strength and elegance.

 Kamisori Samurai Professional Texturizing Shears

These are super soft cutting texturizing scissors and with a name like Samurai you know they will be sharp! These really are a luxury item tool for those hairstylists that demand the best, and are 6 Inch blades with 10 teeth.

Kamisori Azaki Professional Texturizing Shears

The Azaki Style is technically a thinner or softening tool and again is a tool for those stylists who want the best. These babies will last for life, and 6 Inches with 30 teeth.

Kamisori Parana II Texturizing Shears

This double edge texturizer/thinner is super exciting, because its revolutionary mechanics lets you adjust the scissors dial to either 10%, 20% or 30% which allows you to customize how much hair you would like to blend out of the haircut. Have you ever heard of such a thing? 

Kamisori Diamond Texturizing Shears

These shears are made with left or right handed scissors. They are again hand made in Japan and have also won several awards for their quality in the industry. They have a super fine 30 teeth design that seamlessly blend when cutting.


 Special mentioned Brands


Are well known for quality and popularity in the industry and typically used by barbers or beginners. They have a great range and different price points when it comes to their blending shears. With a reputation of Quality going back to 1932, you know this brand has had some time over the years to perfect their blending scissor range, (You should always respect your elders). 



Sozu blending shears have a fun range of colors and styles that you will fall in love with. The Sozu range has amazing quality like the Matsui shears with such an affordable price. They have exciting Swivel designs in their shears with cool intricate markings on their scissor handles. 


So, no matter your budget, skills, type of hair  there's always going to be that right pair of blending Shear out there for you.


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