Best Cosmetology Scissors

May 25, 2022

Let's talk about a cosmetologist's most important tool - Your shears! There really is no tool that you will use as often and as much as you will your shears. The right pair of shears can make all the difference in your work. Similar to a chef and his knives, a cosmetologist needs the highest quality shears, not just kitchen scissors. You will need a variety of professional hairdressing shears, to cut all different types of short or long, curly or straight, wet or dry hair.

But they're so expensive!

They sure can be! A great pair of shears will be made with a high quality steel, and will be extremely sharp and durable. There are certainly more, high quality, affordable shears out there, that will tick all the boxes without breaking the bank. Cheaper shears may seem a better option at first, but they will not hold a sharp edge very long and will affect your haircuts. It is all about finding the perfect shear for you, your client and your bank account.

A cosmetologists first pair of shears

When you begin cutting hair in cosmetology school you will begin researching the best professional hair cutting shears. How do you decide what is best for you?

As a student it is best to start with a more affordable option before investing in a higher end pair of scissors. It is best to start with one good pair, an all rounder! You will find that the most popular scissors will be made from Japanese stainless steel. You will want a scissor that is comfortable in your hand, is balanced and light. A quality pair of shears that will not only cut hair but will be extremely durable.

First you will need to choose left handed or right handed scissors. Over the years more and more left handed shears have become available to professional hairdressers. Making it easier to be left handed. We even have double handed shears for the ambidextrous hairdresser!

There are many different shear sizes to choose from. For starting out you will most likely need one that is quite versatile, especially while you are learning new cutting techniques. You should start with medium length hair cutting shears, about 5.5 inch or 6 inch. The average length will give you the most control over your shears, making it easy to manoeuvre your way around all the new hair cuts you are learning. Shorter shears will help you with more detailed work, while longer shears will help with blunt cutting hair.

Your new pair of shears should be light and easy to handle. Japanese steel is both durable and light, great for most professional shears. A heavier, chunkier shear may feel harder to control in a newer cosmetologist's hand.

Next you will need to pick a handle that is best for you. Professional hair cutting shears have a few different options for handles, and it is best to pick what is most comfortable for your hands and wrists. The most common handle is the offset handle. The offset handle has the thumb set back slightly so your hand is in a more neutral position when cutting hair. 

There is also the classic handle, where both handles are equal in length. This handle is best for those who learn to use shears with their thumb and middle finger. They are not as widely used now as the industry has learnt more about hand and wrist pain in hair stylists.

For the more advanced hairdresser there is the crane handle, which is a more ergonomic, offset handle, design. It leaves your thumb, wrist and shoulder in their most natural position while cutting. The handle design is your most important decision, as it will help to keep your wrists and hands comfortable and protected while pursuing your cosmetology career.

You may also want to include a pair of thinning scissors in your set. Thinning scissors are used for removing weight in hair cuts and adding texture. These different looking shears have "teeth" that won't cut all the hair, removing only some hair, and adding texture.

We recommend you check out ourMatsui Apprentice Kit. With two different length shears and a pair of thinning scissors to help you get started. Our apprentice kit is made with high quality Japanese steel and still some of the best hair scissors you can find!

Licensed Cosmetologist

You've now finished your training and are working in the salon of your dreams ! Now is the time to upgrade your shears and really hone your craft. You're now cutting both wet and dry hair, texturizing, blunt cutting, etc etc! Which shears are best for you?

By now you should have determined which sized shears are the best shears for you. You will most likely want a few different lengths. Different lengths will be best for different types of haircuts. A shorter blade will help with detail work, while longer shears will help for quicker blunt cuts and even scissor over comb.

You're now focusing on more precision cuts so will want super sharp shears. You may consider buying shears with convex blades. These super sharp blades are best used for point cutting and slide cutting the hair. The razor sharp, convex edge will give you a more precise cut. However, the convex blade is best for the more advanced cosmetologist who is willing to put the time and effort into their care.

You have most likely now experienced a swivel shear. This shear has the most ergonomically designed scissor handles. They give your thumb 360 degree rotation so you never have to put too much stress on your hand, wrists or shoulders. As you cut more and more hair you may decide these swivel shears are best for you. They may take some getting used to, but practice makes perfect!

You will also need a pair of thinning scissors and a pair of texturizing shears. Thinning shears will help you remove weight and soften hard lines, great for layered and blunt cuts. Your texturizing shears will help to add more chunky texture. They are great for removing weight and adding wispy-ness when trimming bangs. These professional hair cutting shears will help make texturizing your hair cuts faster and easier.

Which shear is for you?

For the most advanced hairstylist you may want to consider our Matsui Damascus steel shears. Damascus steel is the highest grade of Japanese steel available. Our Damascus steel blades are made with 17 layers of premium Japanese steel, and built to last. These Japanese made shears will last you forever! These professional hair shears will keep their razor sharp edge longer and have you slide cutting and point cutting hair non stop ! So sharp they will cut through even the thickest client's hair like butter! With these professional scissors, made of the highest quality steel, you will be smashing out amazing precision cuts every day behind the chair. We recommend checking out our Matsui Rose Gold Damascus Offset Scissor Triple Sethere.

The Best Cosmetology Shears

.. are the ones that feel best to you. They will not only feel good in your hands but also help deliver smooth cuts to your clients. 

The best professional hair cutting shears for a cosmetologist are the ones that will last the longest, stay sharp through many haircuts, cut all different hair types and help you deliver the best haircuts day in and day out!

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