Best Hairdressing Brands

November 24, 2021

We all want the best and to use the best for our hair, but how do we know what is the best and what isn't? It's a well known rule in the hairdresser world that you don't use the cheap and nasty stuff. Whether it's Tools like clips, combs, scissors or electrical tools like clippers, hairdryers, hair straighteners/heat styling tools, colours, products used on hair, or anything hair or hairdressing related. So let's make a giant list of whatwethink are the best hairdressing brands shall we.

Hairdressing accessories

Where would us hairdressers be if we didn't have our hairdressing accessories? I would love to see how we would manage! Thankfully we're lucky enough to have all the accessories imaginable to make the hair world that little bit easy. Rather than throwing everyone in the deep end with the cool high tech gadgets, we'll keep it basic to get you started or at least equipped with the best for your career!

Sectioning clips

Where oh where would we be without our sectioning clips? A complete mess if we do say so ourselves! No matter if you're a barber, a hairdresser, an apprentice or even a senior stylist, everyone in the hair industry would have used a sectioning clip more than once in their career (even if it has been to clip back your own hair at some point). However, you're here to know which one isthe best sectioning clip. So in our opinion it's the one and only Cricket Rubberized Double Jointed ProClips. Why? Simply because they give the best grip without any slip, hair pull or hair fall from them. They literally do what they are meant to do! Give you a nice clean sharp section of the hair.

Comb/cutting comb

Of course there is no hair cutting without a comb. Whether it's a cutting comb, a foiling/tail comb, or even a standard comb to help comb out hair at the basin, much like sectioning clips every hair stylist or barber needs at minimum one comb as a part of their tools. Which is where the YS Park combs come into play. They have a HUGE extensive range to suit everyone's needs no matter the use - they've got you covered!

Paddle Brush/Round Brush

Now some may agree and some may not but againin our opinion every stylist should have a brush of some sort - and yes barbers included. While some people like to use a comb to brush hair, that may not always be the most comfortable option for your clients, at the end of the day your clients comfort comes first! In saying that there aren't many stylists out there nowadays that will do a blow dry using round brushes only and NO heat styling tools like straighteners or curling wands. If there is then of course they will need only the best brushes to whip through blow waves like that which is why we love and recommend The GHD ceramic vented radial brush comes in 4 different sizes which gives you more than one length of hair to use them on along with their paddle brushes. GHD really has thought of everything when it comes to styling!


Ok, so this one may be a little obvious but how could there be a hairdresser or barber without scissors? It just wouldn't work - would it!? Choosing hair cutting shears can be difficult but here at scissor tech we take the confusion and stress out of it by not only having a wide range of scissors but by also having a fantastic customer service team to help make the right choice. If you're wanting to know our fav pair that makes an awesome all rounder then that's simple. The Matsui Rose Gold Aichi Mountain Cutting Scissor is hands down the best all-rounder to date! Even better, you can get a matching thinner to complete your set.

Electrical Tools

So now we've run through the basics, let's get down to the more fun side of it - The styling side! Unless your client has super curly hair and loves to embrace their natural bounce, length or style and don't use ANY electrical tools, then feel free to skip this part but for the ones that do - read on.

Hair dryer

What electrical tool every hairdresser or barber has regardless? A hairdryer of course! Whether you use it to dry hair or blow hair off your clients shoulders or even more cheeky - to blow the hair from underneath the chair rather than sweeping it away. No matter what way you use it - it's needed! But you shouldn't settle for anything less than The Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Hair Dryer 2250W. It's powerful and mighty and of course gets the job done in a timely manner!

Hair straightener

Not everyone in the hair industryhas to have a hair straightener, but it certainly helps! This is mainly for the stylists but these days skys the limit with who can use what. Having a reliable hair straightener is great for various things like of course straightening, curling or even creating different 'up-styles' that require the use of a hair straightener. Our best choice is of course the Cloud 9 straightener. Having a straightener like this will leave you with endless options of hairstyles to create especially with its handy temperature control that not all straighteners have!

Curling wand

Ok again this is not a 'must have' but it certainly helps to have one at arms reach - especially if your client has difficult hair. So it doesn't come as a surprise when both Cloud 9 and GHD are the front runners of curling wands. While both brands make incredible products it's of courseso hard to choose just one when they both have amazing options for all different types of curls to be created.

Mermaid Waver

The mermaid waver is certainly not a must have but is by far quickly becoming a desired electrical tool. I mean sure, you can create waves with your straightening iron or curling iron, but nothing and we mean nothing will compare to the luscious waves the mermaid waver will Create! But don't let us try to convince you - see for yourself!


Clippers can be a super personal choice and can easily be debatably on which brand is better BUT here at scissor tech we always strive to take care of the health of our barbers and stylists by choosing comfort over anything! Which is why we have chosen the Babyliss Gold FX Lithium hair clipper. Not only do they look cool and have so many features to it but they are also super comfy to use and hold which is where your wrists will thank you!

Hair Colour/ Hair Products

Hair colour and hair products can so easily be overwhelming and confusing to know which one is best or which one willactuallyperform to what it says it will. So lucky for you we have nutted out only the absolute best thatactuallydoes what it says it will (unheard of right!?) So keep reading!


Ahh the game changer, Olaplex! How did we get so lucky to have such an incredible product be created!? Let's all take a minute to thank the hair gods for producing such perfection! Olaplex, if you don't already know, is a product that uses patented technology to improve hair health, look, and feel. With it being an 8 step system - not all steps need to be used to achieve such results but it certainly helps! It's designed to rebuild and reconstruct the hair's health. Included in the 8 step system is treatments, in-colour treatments, shampoo and conditioners, serum and much more this has all bases covered! So what are you waiting for!? Go and try it now!!


L'Oréal, a favourite all over the world. Whether it's their colors produced or their hair care range, L'Oréal has been a fan favourite for years on end and of course more years to come. Now as some might not know, L'Oréal actually has over 30 diverse and complementary brands within their portfolio that a split into 4 divisions. Some of the names you might recognize are Redkin, Pureology, Kerastase, Matrix and many more! The 4 Divisions include, Professional products, Consumer products, L'Oréal Luxe and of course Active cosmetics. Talk about a one stop shop!


Although Wella is not as big as L'Oréal, Wella has quite quickly become a world favorite. From home use products to professional products, They have been used and loved for years by many stylists worldwide. Wella has had a long history of hair perfection, which is why over 100,000 salons trust Wella to deliver the best hair color and products for all customers needs whether its professional use or Consumer use.


While other brands come out with a bang - Lakme on the other hand has been a slow and steady up-comer and boy are we happy about it! Since their first appearance in 1996 until now they have not only improved and relaunched their products there is just something about a Lakme toner that no other toner can give, so really it's a 'slow and steady wins the race' in our eyes. It doesn't stop there for them though, having a haircare range as well as colours and products for professional use it's no wonder they are becoming a quick favorite within the hair industry!


Lastly we have Kerastase - our personal fav for hair care products. Now they don't actually have hair colours to provide (that's what head honcho L'Oréal is for) they do however provide the most incredible haircare products out there.If you client wants something that will work, get them onto Kerastase! They have a range for anything and everything. We like to call it prescription products for your hair, because as we know prescription stuff actually works so why wouldn't this!? What have you got to lose!? Certainly not hair!

Bottom Line

So there we have it, our best brands in a nutshell! We get it, not everyone will agree with us but from our experiences using many different tools and products these are all hands down the best brands a hairdresser or barber can buy and hold value to. Happy brand shopping folks!

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