Best Hairstylist Razor

October 12, 2023

The beauty industry is full of all sorts of tricks for cutting hair. There are hundreds of techniques to learn and use. Razors and razor cuts have been around for a very long time. Every hair stylist has learned the positives, and negatives of the razor cut. In the case of the razor we have all seen and heard horror stories in the salon. Let us show you which razor will be best for you and how to use this very controversial , but important, tool.

The Feather/ Texture Razor

Most hair stylists will start their career using a texture razor, and continue to use it throughout their career. They're great because they have a toothed guard on top of a blade. Not only is it great for texturizing but also helps to protect your hands and your clients skin from the razor blade. This is the most used razor amongst hair stylists and can really give a great cut !

These razors give amazing haircuts. A razor cut gives more texture and works wonders for thick hair. You can determine how much movement and texture you give your client by how long your strokes are. You can use a razor to create different lengths throughout your haircuts. Your clients will love the shape and softness that a razor cut creates. Another one of the benefits of a razor cut is there are no hard lines. Scissors are great but often leave straight, blunt lines. Razors soften any lines. You can even use a feather razor after you've done a scissor hair cut. If your client prefers a regular haircut but wants to add texture you can use your razor after a haircut to leave length but add texture. This may work better for fine hair so you do not remove too much weight.

When using this razor it is important to remember to use it on wet hair. Using a razor on dry hair can lead to split ends, and a lot of pulling which makes for an uncomfortable experience for your client. 

If you're wanting to try out a razor we have good news for you ! A lot of our shears come with our feather razor ! So not only do you get a great pair of shears but a great razor as well !

Straight Razor

A straight razor is not as common in a hair stylists tool kit as a feather razor. This is most likely because it is associated more with barbers and barbershops. However, it is a great tool to have for both barbers and hairstylists. When using a straight razor to give a razor cut it will require a little more practice and experience to get right. We recommend checking out our range of straight razorsHERE.

A straight razor needs disposable blades, which should be replaced after every haircut. This ensures a clean and sharp blade every time you use it. Using a straight razor for a haircut is similar to how you would use a feather razor. The more you move the razor the more texture the haircut will have. Because of the sharpness of the straight razor blade it can be used on wet or dry hair. However it is important to always consider your clients hair and texture. A straight razor can create a softer, more subtle finish as you have more control over the movement. 

If you're a hair stylist with a lot of male clients you may want to have a straight razor to help create clean lines around the edge of their haircuts. Knowing how to use a straight razor correctly can really make you stand out in a salon. Of course this depends on the state board laws in your state! Some states require a barber license if doing any shaving with a straight razor.

So what is the best hairstylists razor ?

We highly recommend starting out with a feather razor. This razor will help you learn how to control the razor and teach you the proper technique for razor cuts. We truly believe the razor cut is here to stay and is definitely a skill you need to have in the salon! And we are here to help !

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