Best left handed shears

July 14, 2021

Many of you may think the left handed hairdressers and barbers of the world seem to get 'left' out - yes pun intended, well lucky for the lefties there's something out there for them too! While yes there is a small percentage of hairdressers and barbers out there that are actually left handed it doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about or be made to learn a different way. Can you believe it? There are actually people out there that think it’s the only way they can use a shear – a right handed shear when it should be a left handed shear. Well they’re setting themselves up for discomfort for a lifetime. Which is what brings us here – the best left handed shear, and yes, they do exist!  

Are there left handed cutting shears?

Of course there is! Are you crazy!? As much as there is a right handed shear, there of course has to be a left. What better than just a left handed shear but also a left handed thinning shear! You can't expect us to leave out dynamic duos just to the righties. Shear world has catered to both cutting and thinning shears.

As we know no two hairdressers of the world are the same, like in everything we do. A true left handed person can and will only be able to cut with his or her left hand, no matter how hard they try to be ambidextrous with their right hand sometimes it's just not possible and can lead to serious injury like carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as Repetitive strain injury - RSI) if they push at the matter.

Left handed hair stylists aren't any different to right handed hair stylists, really the only difference is of course their hands! So why would we make the lefty stylists of the world use right handed shears - it doesn't seem right (Sorry, another pun intended). We need to be able to give each customer the same treatment as the last and that of course includes the comfort of every hairdressing professional by ensure they have the high quality tools in hand.

Left handed hair scissors are basically the same as right handed shears. They have all the quality designs that a right handed shear would include. This being ergonomic designs, high quality steel, same price points, multiple brands to choose from, different handle designs, obvious open and close motions and lifetime warranty. That's just a small snippet of what lefty hair stylists should expect. Just because they are left handed doesn't mean they should miss out on anything.

As said above, lefty shears should always include the same as the right handed shears.  Whether it's the blade style, for example convex edge or beveled edge, it should be made from a high quality sharp (preferably) Japanese steel. Multiple handle choices including, swivel, offset, crane or classic. Ergonomic designs to non ergonomic designs. Great price point. Finger rest or no finger rest options. Tension adjustment was made easy.  Thinning shears obviously, and Lastly, best lifetime warranty offers. Every customer should be able to experience easy shear shopping!

Some companies however use 'being a left handed hair stylist' as a money making scheme which is totally unfair in our eyes, it's almost as if left handed people are put into categories against right handed people.  Which is why we keep our prices the same whether you're left handed or right handed - there is no difference for us, and give you the most options as we can. Of course nothing is for free but one thing that is, is knowing that you lefties of the world are treated the same as our righties


What are the best left handed shears?

We've said it once before but we will say it the best left handed hair tool is what YOU find most comfortable. Here at Scissor Tech we strongly believe comfort is key, we take everything into account when releasing new shears into our collections.

Each and every shear has been put to the test to save you having to do so yourself. We always try to ensure the shear in all of our collections are made up of the best steel (ideally Japanese) light weight, easy to handle, comfortable when in contact with your hands and fingers, multiple lengths to choose from including 5inch, 5.5 inch, 6inch, 6.5 inch and 7 inch, multiple handle designs again including swivel, offset, classic, and crane, comfortable fingers rest that are either removable or permanent all while making sure we have not one, not two but multiple brands to choose from to make sure you don't  feel like there isn't enough of a selection.

If we HAD to choose the best, or at least what we feel is right (but also left) for about 90% of our customers it would have to be the Matsui Aichei Mountain Shear. They are a lightweight shear made from high quality cobalt infused steel (meaning this shear will stay sharper for longer)

Why does it have a mountain blade to it? Well to put it simply, The mountain blade pushes the hair onto the razor sharp edge, while also ensuring there is no ability for the hair to move or be bent or forced out of shape to the shear which is great for when point cutting, feathering, and texturising techniques are being used. This shear has an offset handle which brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting so you don't run the risk of any hairdressing related injuries.

Can a left handed person use right handed scissors?

I mean look, I'm sure if you search this, there's no law in saying that you can't but that would mean how much we carry on about comfort and taking care of your hands, fingers, wrist even body in hairdressing would mean nothing. Think of us as your annoying nagging mother that insists she knows best (because let's be real they do- it just takes us a while to realize it)

Your hands are by far the biggest tool you need to focus on to be able to keep a long loving hair cutting career going. This being said, make sure all of your other tools need to be perfect for you. Any true left handed person has 100% tried to use something right handed because it's sometimes just easier to find rather than trying to come across the same thing but in lefty form and ended up either uncomfortable or in pain from doing so. So who or what's to say left handed hair stylists using right handed  shears aren't the same thing?

Not saying it can't be done, we're more saying that it probably shouldn't be done. Why? If what was said above wasn't enough then read closely. When you try forcing your body into doing something it really shouldn't it usually ends up in an unwanted injury, in this case when it comes to the wrong hair shears being used for hair cutting Carpal tunnel or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI for short) is your absolute worst enemy! 

What is Carpal tunnel and RSI? In short - it’s something you don't want! if you are left handed using right hand shears it’s very easy to get. Carpal tunnel is a numb and tingling in the hand, arm and sometimes wrist caused by a pinched nerve from within the wrist. But how is this formed? Generally from incorrect use of tools for example - SHEARS! Right hand shears are designed for right handed people whether it's the bend of the offset handle design or  even something as simple as the finger and thumb holes, if you are using your left hand in a right hand shear it can not only make you twist and bend your wrist in ways it should it can also have an effect on the positioning of your neck, shoulders and body leading quickly to further unwanted injuries.

What about Repetitive Strain Injury? Well It's all in the name really not saying you will definitely get it from using right hand shears even though you're left handed but it will certainly add to it. It's simple really - if it's straining to do then you're doing something wrong. RSI is best described as damage and pain caused by repetitive movement and overuse. Using shears that may cause strain and using them day in and day out can not only cause all of the above but can also cause early termination of your hairdressing career - which you obviously don’t want.

So honestly, if you want that long loving career we talked about please make sure you use what's 'right' for you lefties!


Do you need left handed scissors?

If you're left handed? Ha! Yes! if you really got this far after reading all of that and still have to ask this question I suggest you read it all again. Right is made for right and left is made for left. Reasoning? Comfort and easy use of course! Don't believe us - test it out for yourself and tell us how you went but don't make it a habit. Having left handed scissors when you're left handed is like driving an American car in America. If you don't have left handed scissors when left handed then it's literally like driving an American car in Australia, just weird and wrong - although not illegal still just doesn't feel right and has to go through many tests to make sure it's worthy enough! 

Ok enough about cars - back to scissors. Bottom line, if you are left handed then yes, yes you do for maximum longevity out of your career, but hey if you want to be rebellious teenager and go against what your mother says then go for it - you can't say we didn't warn you!

To sum it up here at scissor tech we treat every left right and don't single anyone out, if you're stuck on design, length, quality of steel, Japanese or German, convex or beveled please feel free to reach out to us and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Like many stores the customer comes first right or left!

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