Best Quality Hair Thinning Shears

February 11, 2021

Hair thinning scissors are an essential part of every hairdresser's toolset, right after regular cutting shears. Moreover, they are involved in a very delicate and precise hair cutting process - one small mistake while thinning can cost a customer their dream haircut (or even their dignity), and you - a customer (or several, as people love to spread negative opinions). As a professional, you probably know how crucial it is to have thinning shears you can trust.

What makes a reliable quality pair of hair thinning scissors is their consistent (meaning even) teeth grooves on one side of the blade, which allow you to remove the excess hair, soften the lines, and create a seamless blend for each section. Hair thinning shears come in several alternatives, and it all comes down to what you're using them for. The wider the teeth and spaces between them, the more hair is removed with a single cut, which then turns the thinning shears into texturizing shears. (And yes there Is a difference!)

Are you looking for the best thinning scissors to make your hair cutting skills even more amazing? Consider yourself lucky, as we have done all the tedious work for you!

Below, you will find all the essential information about thinning shears as well as our specific product recommendations.

What Are Hair Thinning Shears?

Hair thinning shears are specially designed scissors with one regular blade and one blade with teeth like grooves. When the teeth and spaces between them are even, the shears will help you quickly deal with the excess weight and hair volume, soften lines, and blend between sections without shortening the haircut. That's why they're most often used for people with thick hair.

As such, thinning shears are considered a secondary tool for improving or finishing what you have created, not to shape the haircut itself. We can't stress this enough - don't try to cut anyone's hair with these shears unless your goal is a disaster.

Best Hair Thinning Scissors & Shears



Matsui has everyone in mind, so left-handed hairdressing miracle-workers are well-taken care of.

This 6-inch thinning shear is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to switch hands but also values quality and esthetics. Made from extra hardened steel, it's a durable tool - resistant to corrosion as well - that can serve you for a long time - or so we hear from hairdressers' glowing feedback reports. Moreover, it comes in the most stunning rose gold design so that you can charm your customers and fellow stylists.

It's perfectly balanced and well-designed to support your hand and allow you to keep your thumb in a natural position and adjust the tension - when you're left-handed. It doesn't only reduce the risk of injuries but also provides the finger rest necessary for precise hair cutting that will benefit your business.

Can there be something even more amazing about these shears? Yes! Whenever we sell scissors, we always provide a life time manufacturing warranty, a Shear Tech case to protect your precious tool, oil, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a key to adjust the tension.
How's that for an excellent offer?


This 14-tooth shear with an offset handle and beveled tooth finish is, despite the small number of teeth, the perfect tool for texturizing.

Made from high-quality, highly resistant Japanese stainless steel, these scissors offer reliability and longevity, both crucial for your peace of mind and mastering the art of cutting hair.

All 14 teeth are designed for aggressive yet precise thinning and texturizing, removing chunks of hair even from the interior of the hair while also creating notches in the end sections for an improved effect. This pair of texturizing shears will make reducing the hair volume a whole easier without making it look flat or too thin.

The teeth are a little hooked, which makes it possible for you to pull the scissors through the hair without resistance and causing unnecessary pain to your customer (who's no longer a victim of an indelicate hairstylist).

The unique design offers the essential finger rest to provide balance and stability whenever you use thinning shears, which increases your control and improves precision.

As usual, along with the fantastic shears, we offer an equally exceptional case, tension key, cleaning cloth, and oil pen. As is the case with all our Matsui tools, this model also comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


Apart from 5.5-inch Superior Ergonomic Offset Thinning Shear, this Matsui scissors kit contains:

  • 5.5-inch Superior Ergonomic Offset Shear for Ladies Cuts and Slicing
  • 5.5-inch Superior Ergonomic Offset Shear for Men's Cuts/Scissor Over Comb/Dry cutting and Chipping In

Alright, it all sounds great, but what does it actually mean, and why is it all so superior?

Their elegant and sleek design is not only incredibly stylish and fashionable but also practical. Both haircutting scissors and thinning shears have ergonomic handles that offer the proper support for your hand and bring the thumb into a natural position, reducing pain and the severity of potential injuries. The scissors, with their narrow blades, will feel simply great in your hand and allow you to remain fully in control when you thin or cut hair. You will be able to use your outstanding skills without worrying about equipment.

Moreover, the scissors are made from Japanese stainless steel of the highest quality, so once you decide to invest in such a fantastic toolset, you won't have to think about replacing it for a long time. You're more likely to buy yourself new shears out of pure boredom (I know that's my guilty confession). Additionally, they won't lose their razor edge as fast as other shears.

And again, to make this offer absolutely irresistible, along with the fantastic toolset, we give you an amazing case, shear oil, and obviously, a lifetime warranty.



Have you got green with envy like Wicked Witch of the West while reading earlier about those stunning rose gold thinning scissors for left-handed hairdressers because you're miserably right-handed? We hope you're still here because we have a treat for you!

Matsui 6-inch rose gold thinning shears are available for right-handed stylists as well. Now everyone can combine elegance and beauty with practicality and comfortable design. The offset handle offers support for your hand, keeping the thumb in a natural position; solid finger rest allows you to control the scissors and provide precise haircuts. The special ball bearing tension system brings an additional smooth feel and is sure to satisfy the needs and requirements of hairstylists from all around the world.

Obviously, these hair thinning scissors, like everything we sell, are made from extra hardened Japanese stainless steel, which ensures that their beauty won't fade too fast due to corrosion or heavy use. You can easily become best friends, with the proper care maybe even for life.

As you already know, but we will repeat, because it's worth it - all our scissors come with a lifetime warranty, a stylish Shear Tech case to protect your tools, oil, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a special tension adjuster.



And what about a barber hair thinning shears? Say no more!

With this fantastic combo from one of our favorite brands - Matsui - you get a 6-inch 14 tooth matte black texturizing shears along with a matte black shear set up for barbering. The second comes in four sizes - 5.5", 6", 6.5" or 7".

The black, sleek design is incredibly stylish and elegant, with a rose gold screw adding a bit of character and a more interesting touch to the shears. As a barber and hairstylist, hence someone who takes care of people's looks, you need to take care of how you present yourself to your customers. These beautiful scissors will certainly do the trick!

Evidently, esthetics are not everything (no matter how much we would like that to be true), but luckily, Matsui always provides tools of the highest quality - all made from Japanese steel, stunningly durable, and resistant to corrosion.

And what's in the case? You've guessed right! A cleaning cloth, oil, tension key, plus, surprise, surprise - extra complimentary finger loops and a warranty/care guide card. Warranty is, obviously, for life.

How to Choose Best Hair Thinning Scissors & Shears

Types of Thinning Shears

Thinning scissors are usually distinguished by the number of teeth and the size of spaces between them. So, when you're looking for a new tool to amaze your friends and customers, make sure you know what you will do with it. Experiment on mannequins, yourself, or your friends if they're brave (or crazy) enough - not your customers.

If you consider your hair cutting goal, there are three main types of thinning shears to choose from:

  • Shears for blending and texturizing are the most versatile and universal of all, thus the most common in toolsets. However, like everything that can do it all, they might not be the best for very specific purposes. Usually, these thinning scissors can remove over 50% of the hair with 2-3 cuts, but it will depend on the number of teeth and spaces between them.
  • Shears for chunking have wider spaces between teeth and are more aggressive in use. In a single or 2 cuts, you can remove even 80% of the hair, so these scissors are perfect for creating notches or for thinning very thick or curly hair.
  • Shears for finishing can provide the most subtle effect, so use them for finishing or for thinning thin hair. These scissors will allow you to provide finer details and create smooth transitions without cutting too much hair at once. They require precision and hence - time. Therefore, they're not recommended for the whole thinning process, especially in the case of thick hair.

Shears with smaller teeth are specially designed to facilitate blending, thinning and softening blunt lines.

Wider teeth shears, designed for chunking, have between 7-15 teeth, but here, it's more about the spacing - the larger the spaces between the teeth, the more aggressive your chunking will be.

The general rule is that the finer the tooth is, the more even hair thinning will be, so shears with finer teeth are best for finishing (usually 20 or more teeth) and texturizing (14 - 20 teeth).

Bonus: Double-sided shears

Remember how we said that thinning shears have teeth on one blade only? Well, it's not entirely true. Yes, these are considered to be standard and are the most common, but you can also find double-sided thinning shears. If you cut with them, the hair will come out in much finer portions, so they are recommended for texturizing and finishing. Be careful, though. Seriously.

What Are Thinning Shears Made From?

As a rule of thumb, you want to always look for scissors made from harder alloys - and we're not talking about hair thinning scissors only. Harder blades will hold their razor edge for longer and save you time and money on sharpening.

Elements to look for in the perfect material for hair cutting scissors include manganese, carbon, and molybdenum, as they all add hardness to the alloy, with the last one also improving the flexibility of the steel. Additionally, chromium will enhance its corrosion resistance. Yes, there were some big words in that - sorry kids!

Here at Scissor Tech, we only provide scissors made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel - there's no better material for hair cutting shears available.

Of course, no matter the materials, you need to take good care of your scissors to ensure their longevity.

How Do the Hair Shears Feel in Your Hand?

When you cut hair, especially for a living, there's no room for errors - unless you want to gain a reputation as a hairdresser to avoid.

That's why you want to feel comfortable with a pair of scissors you decide to buy, also because it's quite a considerable spending, and you don't want to repeat it after several weeks or even months. When you order, then receive your scissors hold the shears in your hand to see how they feel. Place the scissors on the palm of your hand - the finger hole should be touching the base of your thumb, while the tip of the blade should be in the last part of your middle finger.

It really is possible to find a pair that will feel like the one made especially for your hand, so we recommend to keep looking if you haven't found your perfect pair yet. However, if you're buying your scissors online, you can look for certain features to ensure comfort and reliability. For example, a tension adjuster will allow you to change the amount of resistance the blades put on your hand when you make the cut.

Plastic inserts make it possible to adjust the fit, while an offset handle and other similar features offer a finger handle and the proper support for you to remain fully in control of the shears.

The size of scissors is also important - you can usually find tools from 5 to 7 inches, and even half of an inch can genuinely make a difference. Shears are measured from the very tip of the blades to the end of the bigger finger hole, but it doesn't include the finger rest.

So, yes, you can listen to your fellow hairdressers' advice, but bear in mind that all hands are different, so scissors that work wonders for your girlfriend might be your nightmare if you buy them.

Are You Left-Handed or Right-Handed?

As you already know, there are scissors specially designed for left-handed people, so there's no point forcing yourself to adjust to using the wrong hand. If you're left-handed, it's better to buy hair shears for left-handed hairdressers, as they will ensure more natural, precise cutting.

Moreover, if you use your non-dominant hand, you usually need to put more force into the cuts, which will increase the risk of wrist pain and further injuries.

Tips to Using Hair Thinning Scissors

There are some general rules to using thinning shears, especially if you're at the very beginning of your hair thinning journey.

  • Don't use hair thinning scissors on hair that is already thin. It should be a no-brainer, but we've seen enough in our lives to decide to include this rule in our text. Very often, a customer might try to be smarter than you, so make sure to explain the possible outcome carefully.
  • Keep the hair as close to normal as possible. Make sure to ask a customer how they style their hair on a daily basis. Only then can you achieve the effect that they desire.
  • Use hair thinning scissors on clean hair only. We don't only mean that you need to wash the hair but also restrain from using any cosmetics. They can change how the hair looks but can also be damaging to your precious shears.
  • Start by brushing the hair. Even when you deal with curly hair, brushing will help you section it properly.
  • Thin and cut hair gradually. Section the hair and never thin (or even cut) all at once to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, you risk an uneven haircut and the despair of a customer. It's better to take it slow, start small and go further (if needed) step by step.
  • Don't use thinning scissors on wet hair. First of all, wet hair is more prone to damage. Besides, it prevents you from correctly assessing the length and shape of a haircut.
  • Hair thinning scissors shouldn't be used at the end or roots of the hair.

How Often Do You Need to Sharpen Hair Thinning Scissors?

We've got your favorite answer here: it depends.

It depends on the brand you've chosen and the quality of your scissors, as well as on how often you use them and how clean the hair is when you cut. We recommend making friends with your tool - get to know how the shears work so that you can react as soon as their performance gets worse. You might notice a rough spot in the blades, have the impression that they have some issues while closing, or see that they bend the hair instead of cutting them at once. However, the last sign might also mean that the tension is too loose, so check this before you go to a sharpener.

As for sharpening, it's best to work with an experienced and reliable professional when it comes to equipment you use at work - you don't want to experiment by sharpening the scissors by yourself if you're not sure what you're doing. This just can't end well. And cutting with scissors that aren't sharp enough can damage the hair but also cause further harm to the tool.

Of course, taking the proper care of your shears will help them keep the razor edge longer and prolong their lives.

Our Brand

Here at Scissor Tech, we are passionate about all things hair and hair tools, which allows us to constantly expand our knowledge and expertise with pleasure. We have made it our mission to share our experience with all the hairdressers and hair stylists who might need it. Our super friendly and chatty customer service team is here to assist you with whatever you might want - as long as it's related to haircutting in one way or another.

That's because we completely understand how tiresome it might be to do thorough research on your own - not only to find the right products but also to choose from various deals, promotions, and sales to find the most favorable prices. You are a skilled, fantastic hairdresser, and it's understandable that you don't want to spend long hours in front of a screen, searching for the most excellent available tools. We believe that you deserve the best, so we want to provide you with it all.

On our website, you'll find different types of shears, convenient sets and kits, cases, and other accessories - everything made from the highest quality materials (in many cases, prime Japanese steel and other durable alloys), designed and manufactured with talented professionals in mind by reputable brands such as Matsui, Yasaka, and Jowell. We make sure to offer products suitable for every hand and hairstylists from all over the world.

If you have any further questions, doubts, or something particular in mind - don't hesitate to reach out to us! We're waiting!

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