Can Fine Hair Be Layered

September 26, 2022

Gone are the days where having fine hair is a curse! Once upon a time it was so hard to find a hairdresser who knew how to deal with finer hair texture. Nowadays there is more focus on education and making sure all up and coming hairdressers, and barbers, know how to deal with all sorts of hair ! No longer does thin hair mean you must have a blunt cut. While not all layered haircuts work for thin hair, we have found some that will, would you believe!?

Long Layers

If you have a client who has fine or thin hair and has stuck with a blunt cut for far too long. You can help give her those beach waves she has been hoping for. Adding long layers to long, thin hair can help to give your clients hair some movement and texture. It is important to note that they should be soft layers just towards the bottom of the hair so that it doesn't make the hair look finer. Long layers can help keep thin or fine hair from falling flat.

It is also important to remember when dealing with longer haircuts for thin hair that we do not let the hair grow too long or go too long between cuts. Very long, unkempt hair can make hair appear finer and thinner. When you have fine hair you can tell when you need a haircut! Thinner hair tends to show more damage and dryness. So if you have a client with thin or fine hair it is important to make sure they understand how often they need to get a haircut 

Along with thin hair comes different hair textures as well. A layered haircut is almost a must for someone with curly hair. Long layers will help spring those curls back to life. Wavy thin hair will also benefit from long layers to give their cut some shape, and more body. Super fine, thin straight hair may not be best with a long layered haircut. You may want to recommend a blunt cut, or bob to that client, or maybe bangs and some face framing layers. If they have longer hair and want to keep length, you may suggest a long bob to keep their thin locks looking healthy and thick.

Face framing layers

Face framing layers are another option of layered haircuts that are great for thin hair. You can use face framing layers to help accentuate your clients facial features. Light layering around the face helps to create texture without making the hair appear thinner. Pair some face framing layers with curtain bangs or side swept bangs and you have a beautiful hair do ! Face frames are also great for curly hair.

Choppy layers

Now this may be a controversial topic, but choppy layers on thin hair can work! This is of course, if done correctly. Choppy layers are great to add to a short pixie cut. This will give them plenty of texture and movement through the sides and top of the hair. If a client has medium length hair they may consider a more choppy, shag haircut. Shag haircuts are great for fine hair. You can use your razor to cut it and really give them more volume and texture. You can also add some choppy layers to a chin length bob, to make those ends really move! This look is great with some loose waves and will create volume for the client. Haircuts with choppy layers will be great on wavy hair or curly hair. They can be done on straight hair as well but it is a fine line to walk between choppy layers, and thinning out the hair too much. Super straight hair can sometimes be harder to blend and leave lines.

Styling Fine, thin hair

One of the most important parts of giving someone these layers is also showing them the best way to style it. Too often our clients leave our chair, go home and have no idea what to do! Now that you've given them the perfect cut, it's time to show them the best products for their hair and how to achieve their new look.

For straight hair it is best to have them use a texture spray or sea salt spray on wet hair. They can then blow dry their hair upside down to give their hair more volume and texture. They may even consider a volume spray for their roots to give them a bit of lift. You can add even more body and texture by using a curling iron.

For wavy hair types with light layers we can achieve some great looks! They can use a texture spray on wet hair and then use a round brush while blow drying their hair. This is great for finer hair types to add volume to their hair. If air drying is preferred, they can use a mousse and volume spray to help work with their natural waves. Both will give them the look of fuller hair they are hoping for.

For fine, curly hair they can choose to work with their natural texture to give their hair a fuller look. Similar to wavy hair, however it is recommended they use a blow dryer with a diffuser to help work with their curls and give them a more voluminous look.

And of course we can't write an article about fine hair without mentioning Dry shampoo. This stuff is a girl's best friend when wanting to transform thin hair. Dry shampoo is great for giving your roots some texture and helping hair appear thicker.

So what are you waiting for...

Now that we have introduced you to the different ways to give your clients thicker looking hair it's time for you to try it out! Don't be scared to say yes to layers!

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