Can You Add Texture To Long Hair

November 06, 2022

Who doesn't love long luscious locks? As a hairdresser we are sure you get a lot of requests for keeping hair long. However in this day and age everyone loves texture! It can be a little hard adding texture to long hair, especially straight hair. Let's discuss a few ways you can add texture to long hair, and keep your clients coming back for more!


The quickest and easiest way to add texture, and movement to long hair is by adding layers. Layers help to soften the ends of the hair and give it more movement. Layers on thick hair help us to remove weight which can also add volume to a haircut. A hair cut needs layers if you are going for a more textured, lived in look. Straight hair with no layers will end up falling flat and be impossible to style into a textured look.

Slide Cutting

Slide cutting is a great technique for texturizing long hair. It can be used to blend different hair lengths and soften layers, by sliding your shears along the shaft of the hair. This technique can also be used to create volume and texture from the interior of the haircut. By lifting sections of the hair and slide cutting from the interior, out, you can help add texture while leaving length. This way of slide cutting can also help create volume and movement on fine hair.

Texturizing Shears

If you're looking for a quick easy way to add texture to your hair cuts, this is it! Texturizing shears usually have between 5-14 teeth. These teeth have wide spaces between them, which remove larger sections of hair. These shears are great for creating a lot of chunky ( and funky) texture. You have to be careful though when using these shears. They are best if used on thicker, straight or slightly wavy hair.

Thinning Shears

Similar to texturizing shears, these shears can help you to add movement to your haircuts. Thinning shears have anywhere from 15-40 teeth. They remove less hair than texturizing shears but can still help with creating a textured look. They can be used on thin hair, sparingly. Using thinning shears on the ends of the hair can soften hard, blunt lines, which will make it easier for you to get textured hair.

Point Cutting, Brick Cutting and More

These are a few other techniques we can use for adding more texture to your hair cuts. Point cutting is used to cut deeper into your haircuts and remove weight. Point cutting can be done on any hair type.

Now different hair types call for different techniques, like brick cutting. Brick cutting is great for removing weight and working with curly hair. Though curly hair already has texture, how you cut it is important. Without adding texture and removing weight to curly hair and wavy hair, you may find that the hair is weighed down and actually losing texture and movement.

How to finish a textured cut

Now that you've added some layers and movement to those long locks, stylist tools!

Blow dryer

Blow drying hair can help us add texture, volume and movement. To add more volume to flat hair simply have your client flip their head upside down and roughly blow dry their hair that way. This will give them more volume and a messier, textured look.


Curling Iron/Flat iron

Curling irons, and flat irons, are great for adding curls, beachy waves, or texture to your hair cut. Curling the hair in different directions will give the hair more undone texture. You can use a smaller curling wand to add tighter waves to straight hair.

Products to add texture!

There are a few different styling products you can have your clients use that will help them maintain their textured look

  • Sea salt spray
    Sea Salt spray is great for adding to damp hair and letting it air dry. This spray will give your clients hair texture and that second day hair look.
  • Dry Shampoo
    Not only great for hiding your unwashed hair, this product can be used on roots and dry hair to give it a dry, textured look.
  • Texturizing spray
    Another great spray for giving visual separation to your hair, or that textured "piece-y" look. Your client can scrunch this spray into their hair to help with curling as well.
  • Texture Powder
    Can be applied similarly to dry shampoo. You can use it on the roots, or ends to give them more texture.

That Perfect Textured Hairstyle

You've now given your client that perfect cut they were wanting, and shown them how to style it at home, they're ready to leave the salon looking and feeling their best. So let your clients know that Hell yes! They can have beautiful long locks, with amazing texture and movement !

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