Can You Blend Haircuts With Thinning Shears

July 31, 2022

Ahh the ever controversial topic... thinning shears. Who would have thought that a scissor could scare a hairdresser! Well, fear not fellow stylists, let's talk thinning shears.. and how great they actually are!

What are thinning shears

If you don't already own a pair of these shears you have probably heard of them. To put it simply they're a scissor, that cut less hair then a regular shear. They have one regular straight blade and the other blade with teeth. These teeth help determine the percentage of hair you will be removing. There are thinning shears and texturizing shears. Texturizing shears have less teeth, usually between 5 and 25 teeth. These are to create a lot of texture. They are great for chunky texture. Thinning shears, also known as blending shears or finishing shears, have more teeth, anywhere from 25- 40 teeth. These shears are great to remove bulk, blend hair and finish your haircuts. The finer the teeth the more even and softer the weight removal will be.The wider teeth of the texturizing shears will make for more aggressive weight removal. Great for thicker hair.

Similar to all of our shears, our Matsui thinning shears and texturizing shears are made with the finest quality Japanese steel there is. They are 6 inches long and have an offset handle. The offset handle gives you maximum comfort while you cut hair. Check them outHERE. All of our thinning scissors come with a protective case, microfibre cloth, oil and tension adjuster. They need the same type of care as your every day shears!

How to use your thinning shears

There are many different ways to use your thinning shears. They can do anything our regular shears can do, just softer!

Let's first talk about using them for blending hair. If using thinning scissors to blend hair we can use them on long hair, shorter hair, thinner hair and thick hair. We don't recommend using them on curly hair. They should be used on dry hair. When using shears to blend the hair we want to use them more on the end of the hair strands. You are basically going to be just brushing the ends of the hair with your thinning shears. You can use them to blend a layered haircut. Simply take a section of hair, elevate it and dust the ends with your thinning shears. You can also use them to blend your short cuts. Using thinning scissors for scissor over comb will help blend your cuts and give them a softer finish. 

To remove unwanted weight in a haircut, your thinning shears can do anything a regular shear can do. You can use them for point cutting or slicing through the hair. For very thick hair we can use them to remove weight from the interior of the cut. On dry hair we can use thinning shears to remove weight by lifting sections and cutting from mid and below on the hair shaft. Removing weight from the interior of the cut can also help you create volume on longer hair.

However, We must be careful to not thin hair from to far up the hair shaft as it can cause hair to stick up. 

You can even use your thinning shears to cut blunt lines. It will give the blunt lines a softer edge. This is great for the bob haircut, that can sometimes just be a little too heavy on those ends. The softness the thinning shears give a cut is also great for the growing out process. Using thinning shears also gives you an added layer of protection when cutting straight lines. No need to stress about the line being completely perfect! 

Finishing a cut with thinning shears will guarantee soft lines and beautiful movement. Using thinning shears to soften hard lines gives them a weightless finish that you would have to do twice the amount of work to achieve with regular shears. You can use thinning shears or texturizing scissors for cutting bangs. Thinning shears will soften the bang while texturizing shears will remove excess weight and create more texture. 

When to not use hair thinning shears!

When using thinning shears we have to be careful  when and where we use them. They are not great for every hair type. We do not recommend using them on curly hair. The closeness of the teeth in the thinning shear can cause curly hair to become frizzy. 

Same thing goes for very coarse, thick hair. Removing too much hair can leave the ends frizzy and thin. 

We did say earlier you can use them on fine, thin hair. And we stand by that statement. However they need to be used sparingly. With fine hair it is best to use them only for blending. Using thinning shears to dust the ends of a cut on fine hair will help to blend soft layers and could even help create volume. However, if we over use thinning shears on fine, thinner hair we can leave holes in the haircut.

Thinning shears are meant to be used on dry hair. Using them on wet hair could remove too much hair, as the hair sticks together more when wet. They are best used after you dry the hair and can see where all the extra weight needs to be removed from. 

And what about texturizing shears? Well those fewer teeth are great to texturize hair, but like thinning shears they can easily be over used. Always start slow!

Did your thinning shears just become your best friend?

We think so! Using these shears for blending can really upgrade your hair cuts and make the most out of your time behind the chair! Happy blending everyone !

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