Cast Shears vs Forged Shears - Which to Choose?

February 04, 2021

Forged vs cast shears?

If you're a professional hairdresser, you've probably already thought about this comparison. It's likely that it triggers something dark in you, even if you're an old hand in the industry - that's because the answer is not that easy to find, as you might have already realized.

Obviously, you'd like to know, and it's hard to wonder why - shears are not the cheapest part of your equipment, so you want to be sure you've chosen well. Some hairstylists even claim that shears accumulate their essence like some kind of a magical wand (hence the term ‘hair wizard’). Others say it's more important to practice and hone your skills, but whatever works, right? We opt for the combination of both fantastic skills and the right equipment. After all, a bad workman always blames his tools, but even a master artisan won't do much without any.

Manufacturers are the ones to hold the secret regarding the actual quality of each type of shears, but they're not too eager to share it with you. That's why we're here, though. Seek, and ye shall find, they say, but why strain yourself when we've got your back?

In a sec, we'll get into details and reveal the secrets of forged and cast hair cutting shears. If you’re anything like me - this overwhelms you and you need the must know of all before buying your new shears! So keep reading.

Forged vs Cast at First Glance - How Shears Are Made

Cast shears are made by heating the metal until it liquidates; then, the liquid metal is poured into a suitable cast and allowed to harden.

Forged shears manufacturing also involves heating the metal but not until the point it becomes liquid; then, it is struck repeatedly and cooled rapidly, which impacts the molecular structure of the metal and makes it denser. This process consists of two steps, as the blade and the handle are forged separately and then welded together, which strengthens the tool even more, also making it easier to balance in hand.

As a result, forged tools tend to be way more durable than cast ones.

Quality of Work - Why Are Forged Shears Preferred Over the Cast?

Long story short - you don't want to buy cast shears, trust us. At least most of them.

However, if you don't trust us completely (yet), or you simply need to know everything well for your peace of mind or to enlighten your fellow stylists, we've got some details for you.

The great disadvantage of casting is allowing the metal to cool in the mold where it expands causes its molecules to get even more separated, making the material more fragile and frail. It's cheaper and less time-consuming, as a lot can be done by machines instead of by hand so that these shears can be sold for lower prices. However, most of these tools lose their edge incredibly quickly, so you will find yourself a regular customer of a sharpener. Additionally, low-quality cast shears will only last a few sharpening sessions, so you will soon end up shear-less, frustrated, and angry. They are also made in one piece; thus, they can be harder to balance in hand.

So, you can see why it's a no-no.

On the other hand, forging involves some genuine craftsmanship. It's a prolonged and complex process consisting of heating, hammering, and cooling the metal - and repeating it all over again, and again. The longer the forging lasts, the stronger and denser the tool. It's the craftsman who's the judge of the initial quality of shears in terms of durability - that's why we always recommend buying from reputable brands. They simply know what they do - no scamming. When a forger is satisfied with their work, the shears are then finished and polished. Well-polished and honed blades will be razor-like sharp, and they won't lose their edge too quickly.

Just like with all handcrafted pieces, excellent forged hair cutting shears can cost from $250 up to even $1000. Of course, we mean the highest quality of craft, which usually comes with the best steel alloy. If a producer cares about selling good tools, they will make sure to hire experienced, highly skilled forgers and provide them with suitable materials.

Shears and blades of poor quality can be made and even sharpened by machines.

What Is the Best Metal for Hair Cutting Shears?

All shears and scissors used for cutting hair are made with stainless steel. However, there are different types of steel available, with the most common being manufactured in Japan, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, China, or India (read more about the Japanese Steel Scissors in our article).

Japanese steel is considered to be the absolute best in the industry, especially for hair cutting blades. German products are made from incredibly hard steel, but it makes them more difficult to sharpen to a razor edge. Shears from Korea, Taiwan, and China are a bit better but softer than the Japanese; as such, they lose their edge quicker. Pakistani and Indian blades are usually the cheapest and of the worst quality - they don't hold an edge and can't be sharpened.

Good scissor blades will be made from the right steel alloy. For example, the more carbon in the recipe, the harder the steel while molybdenum increases its resistance to corrosion.

However, bear in mind that the manufacturing process is just as crucial as the material. Even the most amazing steel can be ruined by a poor hand, and the best craftsman won't do much without the right alloy.

Why Is There Such a Difference in Shears Prices?

We would love to say that the price always mirrors the quality of a given product, but life is not that easy, and marketing strategies can be deceptive. You can easily find shears costing $20-$30, but if you buy them, you will soon discover that they are not even worth this ridiculously low price.

As you already know, you aren't likely to find quality professional shears for less than $200. However, expensive doesn't always mean good quality either - the world is cruel and marketers even more. Numerous manufacturers might sell you low-quality cast shears for a high price, which sadly won't be reflected in their durability. Moreover, it's also not unusual to encounter forged shears made without enough care and attention to detail.

Frequently, such producers offer the most stunning and colorful design to distract you from the poor workmanship or materials the shears are made of but don't let them fool you. However, here at Scissor Tech, you can see on our website, you can find shears that will look amazing, suit your hand perfectly, and serve you splendidly for a long time. We provide costs that fit the shear profile, as well as classy, chic, and well thought out designs and colors that complete them which will help with your choice of scissor.

When it comes to shears and scissors, they are the primary tool of all hairdressers, barbers, and hairstylists. We highly recommend investing a bit more in the beginning, as it will make your whole work a lot easier and more comfortable; additionally, it will also turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run, as high-quality shears will simply last longer.

It's not worth skimping on something you use almost every day. So, make sure your shears are hand-forged and hand-polished. You will thank yourself (and us) soon enough.

Our Brand

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that even a master crafts(wo)man needs high-quality professional equipment to be able to focus on their craftsmanship and truly shine. However, we know that the range of products available right now can simply be too much to choose from, especially for someone who'd prefer to hone their haircutting skills instead of spending hours researching different types of scissors and shears. It gets more complicated when you consider all the possible discounts, deals, sales, and promotions.

That's precisely why we've decided that our job will be to make your life easier. Our genuine passion is to provide you with the best hairdressing tools from the most reputable brands, such as Matsui, Yasaka, and Jowell. On our website, you can easily find different types of shears, convenient haircutting kits, and useful sets, cases, and other accessories. We make sure that everything we sell is carefully designed to meet all the needs of our customers - hairdressers and stylists - from around the world.

Of course, all tools are made from high-quality materials; in many cases, it's prime Japanese steel or various alloys to ensure that they will fit in the hand of any professional and last them for a long time.

If you still have any doubts or further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready for a chat, whether you're looking for advice or you have something particular in mind.

We can tell you all about hairdressing equipment but not much about anything else, as it truly is our dedicated passion - what we know and do best.

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