Damage Control - How to fix a bad haircut

May 19, 2021

While no one ever really ‘wants’ a bad haircut, sometimes the cards you're dealt aren't the greatest of the deck… in fact it's the worst card possible! Having a bad hair color is super easy to fix whereas a bad haircut - isn’t so easy. I think nearly every female has experienced a bad haircut in their lifetime. Whether it was when you were a child and your mum thought she could ‘trim’ your fringe and it ended up in the middle of your forehead or your early teens and you wanted long hair but the hairdresser had other plans for your hair, or later on in life where the hairdresser got scissor happy - if you know what I mean. So obviously the easiest option at this stage is to run home and cry or shave your head, but I’m here to tell you to wipe those tears and get it fixed with these solutions below.  

Try a new style 

Let’s start with the most obvious fix first. Get a new style cut. If the cut you just got isn't what you are after, why not be daring and try something new? What's the worst that could happen? Another bad haircut I guess, but let's try to be positive here. Walking into a salon after your bad haircut could be the last thing you want to do  (I know I wouldn't want to that's for sure!) but in saying that, a new style could be just what you needed without you knowing, it's definitely the best and quickest option you have to fix your bad haircut without ending in complete tears.

Buy some new hair

So your hair has turned into a nightmare *insert scream here* lets turn that nightmare into your hair fantasy with the most fun and probably most costly option if we’re being honest is to buy some new hair!  Whether it be extensions or a wig it's the perfect option to either fill out sections of layers gone wrong, create longer hair or simply a whole new look. Yes it can be super annoying that you have to pay for your long locks and that added dent to your bank account doesn't help and wasn’t part of your hair plan, but with this option it takes away the painful ‘waiting for it to grow back’ without realizing its growing out or it was that bad in the first place, and who knows you may even love the new long locks and want to keep them once the bad haircut is grown out. Real talk here… extensions are addictive - a clean addition at least! 


Accessories are your new best friend

If the bad haircut isn’t too bad or making you too down and upset, then a much cheaper and more fashionable option is hair accessories. Remember when you were a child and you had all those super pretty sparkly butterfly clips in your hair? Or that dorky yet somewhat cute headband that you or your mum would put in your hair? Now that you are older, have a think.. Was it maybe to cover up a bad haircut because you weren't sitting still or did it actually look good? I’ll let you answer that one yourself. This being said, keep in mind now that styling your hair how you normally would before this mess of a haircut wont work with your new bad haircut, so try new hair accessories whether it’s a headband, hair clip, even a cute scrunchie may do the trick. Lucky for you all these accessories have come back into fashion and is acceptable to wear butterfly clips like we’re 6 years old again. Even without a bad haircut you just might catch me with some in my hair! It’s fun to feel young even if its from a bad haircut and new hair accessories. 


Hair products

Much like the hair accessories, styling your hair with your current products may have worked well for you before your new bad haircut, unfortunately now it may not be the same case. Your once full, sleek and all one length hair may have now turned wild with out of control layers or your curls aren't bouncing how they used to before they turned into a frizzy mess. Now you may need to invest in new products to get the haircut looking as good as can be in these circumstances. Your stylist, if you're willing to trust them after they botched your hair, should be able to recommend what's best for you if you’re not as trusting then any reputable salon will be able to give advice on what products to get next to help style the let's say the situation on your head now.

Invest in a hair treatment 

Investing in a good hair treatment or even researching a good DIY treatment for your hair could help strengthen or keep your hair strong so it can grow out the bad haircut with ease and take the worry out of thinking it will get any worse from damaged hair splitting or breaking off. Keeping up with a good hair care routine helps keep hair intact and healthy for lush, sleek HEALTHY hair which we all crave and want. A good hair care regimen should be maintained even if you don't have a tragic haircut, keeping your hair regimen not only helps your bad haircut grow out strong and healthy, but it keeps it intact for any future hiccups you may have. Be it a change of colour or let's hope not but another bad haircut and least you know you’ve followed all steps correctly and have complete faith that your hair will respond accordingly to help grow out whatever may have happened in the salon chair.


Hair Styles and Hair Tools

Hair tools and hair styles are worth experimenting in covering up that bad haircut. Whether it's curling the hair, straightening the hair, throwing some braids in or putting the hair into a sleek ponytail or bun, the options are endless and great for ‘cover ups’. I personally love the sleek ponytail, bun or braids for everyday styling. The reason I prefer these methods is because you're not adding any unwanted or unnecessary heat from the heat tools that can cause dry split ends which will then work against you in growing out the bad haircut. In saying that though, on weekends I like to change it up and let my hair down… literally. I’ll put some messy waves or straighten my hair to change it up or depending on the occasion. So, think of your hair as a blank canvas. Sit yourself in front of a mirror and get creative with your styling, but don't forget if you are going to use any heated tools for hair be sure you use your heat protective products - we wouldn't want your hair to have a bad haircut AND damaged hair. If you don’t have any heat protective products, GET SOME! PLEASE! 


Take note

Now that you’ve been through the worst and had to deal with the painful experience of a bad haircut. At least you know now it's not the end of the world or your hair at least. The main thing you need besides all of the above is unfortunately patience. Patience is what we're told from our parents at such a young age, yet we always find it so hard to do. Even as an adult we still (well most of us) struggle with having patience, Some are good at this and others not so much. What you need to remember and keep telling yourself is that hair grows back! It's not gone forever even though it may seem like it, I guarantee you… it's not. Unless you’re a male in your fifties with bad genetics and are balding then I’m sorry it just might not grow back…  Sorry! 

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