Difference Between Scissors and Shears

April 30, 2021

As a hairdresser, you know that no work can be done without your trusty hair-cutting tools. Still, there's the issue of "what" and "how." The "how" mostly depends on the client's vision and your skills. The "what" is entirely about scissors and shears you'll be using at work.

Now, you may be wondering: what is the difference between scissors and shears? Are they not the same? Surprise - they're not! In this article, we'll explain exactly how you can tell them apart. This knowledge will be crucial to you, especially when you're about to complete your professional hairdressing inventory. So, if you want to learn more about the differences between shears and scissors, keep on reading!


Scissors are the ultimate multi-purpose tools that can be found in every home, kitchen, and workplace. Their size, design, and even the shape of the blades differ depending on their purpose. They can be applied for simple cutting jobs, medical procedures, and other beautification, grooming, and hair-cutting purposes. Of course, we will focus on the last part!

Hairdressing scissors have two blades that are shorter than 6 inches in blade length. They also feature two handles with identical finger holes that join and separate the blades as you keep cutting. Most hairdressing scissors are between 5 and 6 inches long. Their blades are designed in different ways to serve their purpose. For example, you can buy hair thinning scissors for blending and texturizing, and you can even purchase left-handed scissors if you're on the left side of the force. Feel free to browse our extensive collection of scissors from some of the most reputable Japanese brands and discover their unparalleled quality with your own hands!


When it comes to shears, the deal is fairly simple. They are more than 6 inches long, which means they're basically bigger scissors. But there's one more factor that differentiates shears from scissors, namely, the design of the handle.
As you can remember, scissors have symmetric handles. On the other hand, shears feature a handle that's larger on one side. When one finger hole is bigger than the other, you can insert more fingers, which allows you to apply more force to your hair cutting techniques. It also provides you with a more comfortable grip.

On our website, you'll be able to find various collections of shears produced by some of the most reputable brands in the entire industry. In our offer, we have scissors from well-known Japanese brands like Matsui, Yasaka, Joewell, and Sozu. Feel free to check our colorful series as well - you don't have to cut hair with silver shears until the end of your days! Live a little and have some fun with our rainbow, pink, rose gold, or matte black collections.

French Style or German Style?

There are even more differences regarding scissors and shears. This time it's not about length or the design of the blades - it's about finger rests. This one, though, is only about the functionality and experience while you're handling your chosen pair of scissors or shears.

Simply put, the German type of scissors and shears does not include the finger rest. The French type features a finger rest that's either cast or screw-in and removable. Many professional hairdressers prefer the French type over the German type because finger rests provide them with greater comfort and a feeling of control.

Here at Scissor Tech, we also believe the French type is superior. That's why you can buy all types of scissors and shears with the cast or removable finger rests. For example, check out collections like Yasaka or Matsui Damascus Shears if you want the former. For a removable finger rest, look at collections from Joewell (Silver Cobalt or Silver Concave Cobalt series, and many more).

Our Brands

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that having the right tools is necessary to ensure every cut and hairstyle is precise, seamless, and as perfect as possible. After all, if you want to gain a loyal client base, your haircuts need to deliver every single time. Luckily, you can sleep well at night knowing that Scissor Tech has all the scissors and shears you might need to do your job - and trust us, you won't stop at just one pair! Then, it will be up to you to hone your skills and create hairdressing masterpieces time and time again. You'll see that with quality tools like the ones you can get at Scissor Tech, your professional journey with hair cutting will be on the next level.

In the meantime, we can provide you with information and advice regarding the products we have to offer. Hopefully, this article gave you an answer to the burning question about the difference between shears vs scissors. Remember: it's all about the blade length and the design of the handles. In case you have any doubts, reach out to us without hesitation. We'll gladly answer your other questions regarding scissors and shears available on our website.

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