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February 07, 2021

Yasaka professional hairdressing shears and scissors are handcrafted in Japan. Made from the finest cobalt-infused steel alloy, they can serve you for what it feels like an eternity. All you need to do is take good care of them, and they will repay you with great resistance to rust and chemicals. The clam-shaped blade creates all the buzz in the industry, making cuts as sharp as a tack.

The Yasaka brand dates back to 1965, and the original Japanese craftsmen handing down their skills and unique manufacturing process to the next generations. Exports began in 1975, and the company soon became a favorite amongst hairdressers worldwide who fell in love with the lightweight Yasaka scissors and shears.

Are you worried that decades of tradition can make the Japanese brand a bit old-fashioned? Well, you don't have to be. On the contrary - when it comes to scissors & shears, Yasaka uses its experience to ensure the highest quality of its products to make your and your fellow hairstylists' lives easier. As such, you are allowed to focus solely on honing your amazing hairstyling skills.

Yasaka Scissors & Yasaka Shears

Yasaka Shear Combo

With a blade that stays sharp and continues to serve you year after year, you'll be able to perform magic. Choose from a 5.5 Inch, or 6 Inch Yasaka cutting shear matched perfectly with a Yasaka 40 tooth thinner - you are sure to absolutely love that combo.

The high-quality, lightweight shears with an offset handle are recommended for hairstylists suffering from RSI or carpal tunnel who want to keep using their talents. Carefully constructed from hard stainless steel, sharp and resistant to corrosion, offering a long life between sharpening. It's the most amazing choice for slicing and point cutting.

Yasaka Offset Handle

If you have fallen in love with these lightweight Yasaka shears with an offset handle, but you don't care for a combo, dry your tears! You can also buy them separately. Specially designed to support your precious hands and prevent injuries, they will also help you do wonders for all kinds of hair. No wonder these shears are on so many wish lists.

Yasaka 7 Inch Barber

Dear barbers, Yasaka hasn't forgotten about you, master craftsmen! Made from hard ATS314 cobalt-infused steel alloy, these shears are durable enough for even the busiest barber and their shop. The handles provide a comfortable grip, and the blades have a smooth closing action, essential when you’re cutting all day long for the highest customer satisfaction.

Yasaka 7 Inch Blade

Another large blade for barbers or hairdressers with more formidable hands - now you can comfortably hold a 7-inch pair of Yasaka shears. The clam-shaped convex edge on the blade stays sharp between sharpening, and the smooth fingertip tension adjuster is incredibly easy to use.

Yasaka 6 Inch Thinner 40 Teeth

This fine-toothed thinning shear will work wonders when you need to reduce hair bulk or fade hard cutting lines - it would be difficult to find a tool that would perform better in that department. When it comes to hair scissors and shears, Yasaka 6-inch thinner 40 teeth are an excellent choice for everyone from apprentices right to experienced hairdressers and barbers. Made from extra hard steel to ensure a long life, we need to highlight the most beautiful finish, divine design, and delicate finger rest.

Yasaka 7 Inch Deluxe Barber Set

Busy barbers need a set of high quality cutting and thinning shears to complete every type of cut that walks through the door. Made from hard ATS314 cobalt-infused steel, the shears have a smooth closing action and long life between sharpening sessions. The set includes 7-inch barbering shears and 6-inch thinning shears.

Don’t forget, Scissor Tech offers free delivery within the US and a lifetime warranty on all shears and scissors sold.

If you need further product description, any other information on Yasaka scissors, or whatever we have in our offer, our amazing customer service team will be more than eager to chat with you about all things hair scissors and shears.

High-Quality Scissors & Shears - Our Brand

Here at Scissor Tech, we wholeheartedly believe that even the most talented hairstylist could use the high-quality equipment dedicated for professionals to become an even more awesome specialist. That’s why we made it our job and passion to provide you with a wide range of hairdressing tools from very well-known and reputable brands such as Matsui, Yasaka, and Jowell. If you want to complete your set of hair scissors and shears, there’s plenty of products to choose from.

On our website, you’ll find different types of tools, super convenient hair cutting sets and kits, cases, and many other accessories. They have all been designed to satisfy the many needs of customers from all around the world. The reputation and history (like any good hairdresser with a huge clientele base) of the brands featured on our website definitely speak for themselves.

Made from none other but high-quality materials and, in many cases, prime Japanese steel or various alloys, they're bound to fit in the hand of any professional. We know that the wide range of great options, along with additional features and favorable prices, deals, or product promotions, don't make your choice any easier.

If you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly answer all your questions and help you decide on the hairdressing equipment and, unfortunately, not on anything else because hair and hair tools are what we know and do best. Apart from help and great customer reviews, we offer free shipping for all orders with a US delivery address.

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