Fancy Scissors

December 23, 2021


Leave old heavy shears in the past with Fancy Scissors. 

If you’re a professional hairdresser or barber you spend most of your time with a pair of scissors in your hand. So it’s likely you can relate to this story. Meet Kate. She used the same pair of scissors for 12 years. (A good pair does tend to grow on you!) But her hand was becoming tired every day after work. She wasn’t feeling excited anymore when she picked up her scissors. It was like she was losing her connection with the craft. 


Think about when you pick up your scissors at the start of each day. Do you feel like you’re picking up an extension of yourself? As if your hand isn’t complete without them? Or have your old shears lost their previous luster? No longer able to make precise cuts. No personal flair. 

Your shears should show the world a small piece of who you are as a hairdresser or barber. If you’re just starting out as an apprentice, the right pair of scissors can define who you are professionally. We are going to explore how fancy scissors can help define your professional brand. They can represent your unique style. And be a little bit fancy. 

Choose the right fancy scissor type for you. 

When choosing custom shears, first think about the type of hairstylist you are. The types of cuts you do and how you like to work.Swivel shears are sleek and ergonomic. The comfortable design is great for multiple hairstyling techniques. But, you might prefer the reliable performance of Offset scissors. Offset scissors are made to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Hair thinning scissors are a must-have in any hairdressing pouch. They create a smooth blended and lightweight texture. Precision Shears are for intricate cuts. Need more than one pair? Get the perfect set of shears and complete your professional inventory faster withProfessional Hair Shear Kits

We know how challenging it can be to find left-handed scissors that are actually made for left-handed people. We have high-quality trulyleft-handed scissors that also happen to be beautiful. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what other hairdressers and barbers have said in ourcertified reviews

We understand that different techniques and hair types need certain types of shears. No matter the style you pick, you’ll receive high-quality craftsmanship. You can feel confident knowing you’ve chosen a pair that’s the right type for you. 

Colors to represent your unique style. 

Once you’ve picked the perfect type of fancy scissors, the fun begins. Represent your unique style with shears in a wide range of colors. ShimmeringRainbow scissors spread positive vibes through the salon. Pink shears are sure to brighten up your day. Or choose Rose Gold to really stand out amongst your peers. Our sleek Matte Black collection gives professional vibes.Silver shears give a timeless appearance with all the benefits of today’s high-quality standards.   

When choosing a color for your shears, think about the image you want to portray. You want to be memorable so your clients will keep coming back again and again. But, the most important thing is to choose a color that makes you feel confident.

The right accessories make all the difference. 

Now that you have the perfect pair or set of shears, it’s time to think about the accessories. We know the importance of maintenance and care for your shears. That’s why all of our shears come with a Scissor Tech case to keep your new shears in great shape! We also include oil, cleaning cloths, spare finger loops, and tension adjusters with most orders. When you take care of your shears, they can continue to care for your clients’ hair for years to come.

The best way to keep providing flawless service is to safely store your hair styling products. Keeping your scissors in a case or a pouch helps protect them from dust and keeps the blades clean. The great part is, you can choose a case or pouch that fits your personal style. Customize when you choose the size, the color, and the material that best fits who you are. 

Fancy scissors - Quality and Style Combined.

Choosing the right pair of scissors can feel like a big task. Break your research down into three simple categories. First, choose the type of scissors and shears you need. Next, decide on your favorite color. Finally, browse the accessories to help your new shears last. Instead of being stressful, make it fun by infusing your personal style into your professional brand. 

Remember Kate? Well, after following these steps. She chose theMatsui Matte Black. They changed the way she feels going into work. Lightweight, super sharp, and perfectly fit her personal style. Her creativity has started to flow again with scissors that can cut precisely how she wants. 

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