High Quality Or Low Quality Hair Shears

January 08, 2023

In the world of hair shears there are so many options ! Shears can range anywhere from 50$ to 1500$ or more ! Is this truely a case of you getting what you pay for ? How can we tell which are the best shears around ? We got you covered!


There are two types of steel that we recommend for professional scissors. They are German steel and Japanese steel. These two countries are known for making extremely durable and hard steel. All high quality steel that is used to make a high quality scissor will come from one of these places.

Japanese stainless steel is known worldwide for making the best professional hair cutting shears, knives, swords etc. Why is this steel so amazing? It's hard, but lightweight, it's non corrosive and boy is it sharp! Hair cutting scissors made from japanese steel are known for holding a sharp edge, making sure each cut is perfect! Simply put, they slice through hair like butter! Japanese stainless steel shears can be very sharp which is great for holding a convex edge.

Japanese steel comes in many different hardnesses ranging in price as well. 

First is the 440C Steel. This steel is hard, durable and is used to make the most affordable shears.

Then there is the VG10. The "G" in this one stands for Gold quality. That's how great this steel is. It is considered a high quality steel that makes only the highest quality pair of shears. Along with VG10 is Hitachi ATS 314. ATS 315 is similar in hardness and quality to the VG10. These steels can cut through anything! Wet and dry hair, thick hair, coarse hair etc, etc.

And of course there is Damascus. Damascus is basically 10 layers of VG10 folded together. Which means amazing quality, and a very high end steel.

While Japan may be known for making some of the best hair scissors in the world, Germany follows suit with some amazing steel as well. German steel is especially popular in Europe. They are the go to place for steel. German steel is strong stainless steel , that is quite the work horse. It is strong and powerful. This steel makes sharp blades that will stay sharp for some time. German shears usually have beveled edges. 

So if you're searching for a high quality pair of shears Japanese or German shears will most likely be your go to. Cheaper shears are made from cheaper steel, like shears made in Pakistan will not hold their sharp edge for very long and are more prone to damage. Cheap steel is softer and will most likely not give you that precise cut you are so wanting!

Edges and Blades

As we mentioned above, Japanese stainless steel is great for a Convex edge while German is known for their beveled edges.

A convex edge blade is usually found on Japanese scissors. The convex is a razor sharp cutting edge and can only be achieved on the hardest, best steel. Convex edge blades can be slightly more fragile and if used incorrectly will need to be resharpened often. The sharper convex edge makes the best hair shears for texturizing, slide cutting, point cutting and other advanced cutting techniques. Because it is harder to sharpen a convex edge these are often a more expensive shear.

Japanese professional hair shears are also known for their semi- convex edge. This edge is a little less thin and super sharp. It will be a little cheaper as well, as it is easier to sharpen into the edge on the scissors. The Semi convex sharp blade is great for precision cuts. You will find this edge on Japanese made shears, but also on lower quality shears as well. What's the difference? If the semi convex edge is on a strong, high quality, japanese shear, that edge should last you quite some time!

German Shears are known for their beveled edge. A beveled edge is a stronger edge, however not as thin and sharp as the convex edge. A beveled edge will stay sharp for a long time. This edge is great for blunt cutting hair. The beveled edge ensures the hair stays more in the scissor and does not slide out. Most barber hair cutting scissors will have a beveled edge. Beveled edge hair cutting shears will usually be good quality, but also quite affordable!

Sometimes shears with a beveled edge will feature micro serrated edges. Micro serrated edges are when there are tiny little serrations on the edge of the blade. These serrations help to grab the hair and keep it in place while you cut. They're great for blunt cuts and scissor over comb. They will help to give you the perfect straight line for a bob as well! However, these serrations along with a beveled edge are not recommended for slide cutting or slicing as they will pull the hair and cause your clients pain and split ends.

What else differs in high quality or low quality shears?

There are also different handle types for your shears. The scissor handle has really advanced over time. Wrist and hand pain are a thing of the past with the invention of the ergonomic handle. This can include an offset handle, crane handle or swivel thumb. These handles will most likely be found on a higher quality shear and may cost a bit more than just a regular, classic handle.

There is also the question of how often you will need to sharpen or replace your shears. A high quality shear should stay sharper longer. With a good, tough scissor by your side you should only be needing to sharpen them every 6-12 months. They won't pull the hair or push it, like a low quality shear will. You may find that a low quality shear will push the hair so much that you are needing to sharpen it every 1-2 months. 

If you have purchased a pair of shears that are expensive and high quality, these shears should last you at least 5-10 years. This of course depends on how often you sharpen them. You can over sharpen your scissors as well, so be careful not to do that, especially to a high quality shear. 

So what shear should you choose?

The debate between high quality shears or low quality shears may seem like a simple answer. Of course, high quality! However, not all budgets allow for the highest quality professional hair shears. That is what's so great about our Matsui range here at Scissor Tech. You can find a higher quality shear, to fit any budget. Check out our range of Matsui shearsHERE. If you can't decide which shear is best for you just send us a message, we are always happy to help find you your next amazing quality shear!

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