How Many Pairs of Shears Do I Need In My Tool Kit

March 12, 2023

Every client that sits in your chair is different! You use different shampoos, conditioners, products, tools etc. So why would you limit yourself to just one pair of hairdressing shears? Different techniques call for different shears! Let's figure out which ones you need in your tool kit.

Blunt Cuts

If you're a stylist who focuses on the perfect bob, or who has a lot of long hair clients who just prefer a quick trim, you'll want a shear that is best for cutting blunt lines. This cutting style requires a super sharp edge that won't push or bend the hair. You will want shears that are light and easy to handle.

This is where the longer shear will come in to play for you. Having a longer scissor means that larger sections can be cut with the same sharpness along the whole blade. You'll find the long, straight blade helps us to maintain a perfectly straight line! 

A longer shear is usually a 6inch shear or above. They can be used for dry cutting or wet cutting. If your cuts are focused mostly on straight lines, these longer shears are best for you!

Texture and Detail

If you spend a lot of your day doing small detail work and texturizing hair, you may want to consider adding a shorter shear to your tool kit. A shorter shear is a shear that is less than 5.5 inches. These shears may not seem too important but they can help make a big difference in your advanced cutting techniques.

Shorter shears are great to use for point cutting. Most stylists will find that the shorter blades mean less chance of cutting your knuckles when deep point cutting. It can make it quicker and easier to point cut the ends of the hair. 

These length shears are also great for adding small little details to your work. If you're cutting close to the neckline or around the ear and want to create softer lines.. a shorter shear is essential!

Thinning shears

Thinning shears are a must have in your collection. They are so versatile and can be used for so many techniques.

Thinning shears are best known for how they help us with removing weight. They can be used to remove weight from the interior of a cut but lifting a section and cutting no more than half way up the hair shaft. 

Thinning shears have anywhere from 25-40 teeth. The small, close together teeth help remove hair, but not too much ! They are also a good tool to use to soften any straight, hard lines. If you have clients with thick, straight hair or ones that like layers and movement, a thinning shear is a must have!

Thinning shears are often called blending shears or finishing shears. They are known for helping to finish off a cut. Best used in dry hair they are great for blending layers in haircuts. Barbers also love using blending shears. The small teeth help them to blend their fades and soften lines. If you do a lot of mens hair or shorter hair a blending shear is for you !

Texturizing Shears

Similar to thinning shears, a texture shear has teeth. However, these teeth are wider and more spread apart. Usually texture shears have between 5-25 teeth. These wide teeth are great for chunkier weight removal. 

Texture shears are quite versatile. They can be used to add texture to shaggy layered cuts, or create light, wispy bangs. You'll find these shears are a must have in your kit !

Scissor over comb

If you specialize in men's cuts, or just short hair in general, you may find you want to add a longer length shear, or barber shears to your arsenal. The most common scissor cut used by a barber is scissor over comb. This is a technique where your shears are held parallel to your comb, and you open and close your shears fast while following the comb. This helps to follow the head shape of the client and create a short, soft, tapered finish.

When doing scissor over comb it is important to make sure you have the right length shear. A long, barber shear is best, usually 6 inches or above. The length of the shear makes sure that the hair stays even in each section.


Now these shears may be a bit more obscure. Sliders were created for.. you guessed it... slide cutting. Slide cutting is an advanced technique that many a seasoned pro will use. It is great for blending layers, removing weight and cutting face framing layers.

Now you may not have a pair of these scissors... but we can not recommend them enough. If you're an advanced stylist who loves slide cutting, these shears were made for you ! They have a super sharp convex edge that helps push the hair when you're slide cutting. They are sharp enough to be used on wet or dry hair, and not pull the hair. They definitely make slide cutting less work for you !

How many shears are too many ?

No such thing! .. sort of . It really is a personal choice. The point of a good scissor is to make your job easier. So if you find that having each of these shears in your holster makes you a better, happier hair stylist... then we have done our job!

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