How Often Should Your Clients Cut Their Hair

April 09, 2024

It's a tale as old as time. Client wants to grow their hair longer, hairdresser says you have to get regular haircuts... client leaves and doesn't return for another 6 months and needs way more than just a trim! Let's discuss how often your clients should cut their hair, and why !

The truth behind cutting your hair so it grows

Everyone has heard the saying, if you cut your hair it will grow longer! Well technically this statement is false! Your hair grows from the hair follicle, or root, not the ends. So why is it then that when a client goes 6 months without a haircut, their hair doesn't grow as long?

The time a client needs to go between haircut appointments will vary depending on the length of their hair, the hair texture, their style, if their hair is colored or chemically treated and if they use hot tools to style their hair on a regular basis. When clients blow dry their hair often, or straighten it, they are causing heat damage to their hair. All that heat will cause damaged, dry ends. Same goes for a client that bleaches their hair often. Damaged hair will break at the ends, giving the effect of the hair not growing. These are called split ends.

Once you have split ends the damage is irreparable. If they are not trimmed off they can split higher up the hair shaft. This means that more length will have to be removed to fix the damage.

This is why it is so important for these clients to get a haircut. Clients who have damaged hair need to be cutting their hair every six to eight weeks. Frequent trims mean less hair you will have to cut off, resulting in longer, healthier hair! Tell your clients that split ends are a telltale sign it is time for a trim!

Cutting Short Hair

Clients with short hair or mens haircuts will often ask how often you should cut their hair. This can also vary based on hair type, hair length and hair texture. Often short hair clients want to know exactly how often they need to wait between cuts. The average time between haircuts on shorter hair will be around 4-6 weeks. By then the hair growth is about a half an inch. Their hair cut may begin to lose its style. To maintain short hair and keep its shape 4 weeks is the recommended time between cuts. This goes for bangs as well ! A client with a straight, heavier bang will need a regular trim every 2-4 weeks. While a client with soft curtain bangs may be able to go longer between trims. Of course this is all client preference, clients with short hair and/or men tend to have to worry less about split ends, so their hair cut is needed to keep the shape.

Of course this is all entirely up to the client. Some clients ( men especially ) like to make sure their haircuts, or fades are looking sharp at all times. They prefer to get regular haircuts more often so it never looks out of shape. They may want to come back every two weeks to ensure their haircut is fresh and lined up perfectly.

Straight hair

Clients with straight hair that want to grow their hair or maintain its health should be getting it cut every 6-8 weeks. Straight hair, especially straight, fine hair can lose its shape and look shabby quicker. Thicker, straight hair tends to be a little more forgiving and can definitely be trimmed every 8 weeks. However, thick hair that needs a cut will begin to feel heavy and may not fall correctly, which means it is time for a cut.

Clients with fine hair or straight hair, who take good care of their hair may be able to go eight weeks between trims. However if the ends become dry and damaged they may find trimming their hair will help it look thicker!

Longer Hair

Longer, wavy hair with a layered hair cut and great overall hair health, may find they can go longer between each haircut appointment. Long hair might only need a slight trim every few months to prevent split ends. The general rule of hair cutting to keep hair long and healthy is to continue to trim off dead, split or dry ends.

Thick Hair

Thick, long hair may be able to go longer without a trim, depending on how it is cut, maintained and looked after. Thicker hair will be less prone to heat and chemical damage. It may however be more likely to frizz if it is damaged. You may find that clients with thick hair need weight removed more often. Instead of them coming every 6-8 weeks for a hair trim, they may come for a haircut that involves more cutting to remove weight. 

Clients with this hair type may find they want a trim every four weeks to remove weight and add movement to their hair style. For the thick haired client who wants to grow their hair you may recommend a trim every 4-6 weeks that just involves texturizing and softening the ends of the hair so it keeps a nice shape as it grows out.

Curly Hair

A client with very curly hair may be able to go longer without a trim as curly hair will shrink up as it dries, looking shorter. However if the curls become dry or damaged their hair will be more prone to frizz... meaning it's time for a trim!

With curly hair it can often lose its shape quicker. This means that they may need to get a haircut more often, depending on how they look after and care for their hair. Long, textured hair that is properly taken care of can usually go up to eight weeks without a cut. 

Always remember...

You're the professional stylist! You know exactly how often your client needs to be seen in your chair. Always explain to them why you need to trim their hair so often, and how to keep their hair healthy... and guarantee they will be a client for life!

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