How to choose the right hair straighteners

June 26, 2023

You've given your client that perfect haircut ! Now it's styling time! Whether they want sleek straight hair, or loose waves, you will need the best hair straightener to help you out ! Let's dig deep into which hair straightener is best for you!

Size and Shape

Like most of our tools there are many different options for sizes and shapes to choose from. Which one do you need for your clients? This is based on the client's hair type, length and style you are hoping to achieve.

Hair straighteners range in size from narrow plates to wider plates. Narrow plates are great for shorter hair, or even for bangs. If you are into pixie cuts and other short hair styles it may be a good investment to have a mini straightener, or one with narrower plates.

Wider plates are great for clients with long hair. The wide plates will help you cover more hair and much quicker. However if you use your flat iron to do loose waves you may find this a little harder with wide plates.

We recommend starting off with normal size plates. These "normal" plates are usually 1 inch to 1.5 inches. This size is the perfect straightener for average length hair and to create waves.

If you're using your hair straighteners for more than just to straighten hair the shape of the straightener is important. If you like to create curls or loose waves you will want a flat iron with more rounded edges. These rounded edges make it easier to glide the hair through the flat iron when you are curling it. If you prefer to use a curling iron to curl hair and are just using your hair straightener to straighten your hair a straight plate will work just fine.

The best plates to use !

Now you may come across a few different words when choosing a hair straightener. The main ones are ceramic, tourmaline and titanium plates. Which will work best for you?

  • Ceramic plates- Ceramic plates are the best all round for your hair straightener. Ceramic irons are known for their even heat distribution. Ceramic plates are hot but not too hot and are great for all hair types.
  • Tourmaline plates- Tourmaline is a type of gemstone. When heated up it releases negative ions and infrared heat. Tourmaline plates are great for keeping hair shiny and healthy. They are also great to smooth out frizzy hair.
  • Titanium plates- Titanium plates are now for achieving high temperatures. Titanium irons will heat up quicker and need fewer passes of the hair straightener to get your clients hair smooth. They are also charged with negative ions to help keep frizzy hair at bay. However these irons tend to get VERY hot and are not recommended for weak hair. If you have clients with thick and coarse hair, a titanium iron will be a great addition to your collection.


Heat Settings

Having adjustable heat settings on your flat irons is a must ! Different hair textures and hair types will need different heat settings. Heat damage is a common issue with hair straighteners which is why making sure your flat iron has a variety of heat settings is a must! When your clients leave your chair you want to make sure their hair is shiny, healthy and beautiful! This is why it is so important to remember to use lower temperatures if clients have fine or damaged hair. If a client has coarse hair, thick hair or very curly hair you may need a higher heat setting to help get their hair smooth and straight.

The best hair straightener for you...

is one that will make your job easier and keep your clients returning time and time again. A client with healthy hair is a happy client ! Another must have when you buy a flat iron is a heat protectant. Make sure to always use one to protect your clients hair.

We hope this has helped you decide how to go about purchasing your next hair straightener. Heat tools are a must in the salon and having the right flat iron can be a total game changer ! Hope this has helped you understand hair straightener lingo !

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