How To Clean Hair Scissors The Right Way

April 25, 2021

Cleaning your tools on the busiest day in the salon can seem too hard, but worth it in the long run. Learning how to clean hair scissors is and essential part of caring for your tools in order to extend their life. Why would you want to keep buying new scissors or clippers when you can prolong their life and keep the money in your pocket?

Cleaning and oiling your scissors also stops them from getting stiff. A stiff pair of scissors are not only unpleasant to use but also places unnecessary pressure on your fingers and wrist which can lead to injuries. Like clients invest in their hair – you should invest in your tools.

How To Clean Hair Scissors Properly

When you’ve finished using your scissors at the end of the day – or if you can’t daily at the end of every working week – wipe away any excess hair, dirt or dust from the scissors. Check there isn’t any product on them and if so run under hot water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Don’t leave scissors wet under any circumstances as it can cause rusting and a shortened life.

How To Oil Scissors After Cleaning

Once your scissors are clean, open them and apply a small amount of scissor oil in front and behind the fulcrum. Open and close the scissors gently so the oil can help any tiny pieces of hair and product work their way out from the fulcrum. Wipe away any debris then re-oil so you have a thin layer of oil along the blades.

Store your scissors in their case ready for use the next time.

Watch this video for more tips on oiling your hair scissors.

Cleaning Hair Clippers

Make sure your clippers are unplugged then remove the head. Brush away any hair or skin build up that’s easily removable. If the removable head of the clippers are waterproof, rinse the head to wash away any remaining hair, skin or old oil. Thoroughly dry and apply clipper oil to the blade and guard on the side. After applying, turn on the clippers for a few seconds to distribute the oil evenly so they’re ready for use.

Increasing The Life Of Your Scissors and Clippers

Learning how to clean hair scissors and clippers is important if you want to achieve the longest life of your professional hair tools you invested in. Without the proper cleaning of your shears and clippers, as you likely already know, they quickly become very dirty and unhygienic for you and your clients.

Any form of liquid left on them can cause rust spots and corrosion which can shorten the life of your tools. Good quality hairdressing tools aren’t cheap, so it pays to spend a small amount of time cleaning them to keep them in top notch working order.

We hope this blog post shared information that you can now use to ensure your professional hair scissors will always be in tip top shape!

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