How to Cut Hair Around the Ear

March 16, 2021

If you’re planning to cut your (which we highly suggest not to.. Please!) or someone else’s hair during quarantine, you need to know how to cut around ears confidently. Cut hair around your ear using these instructions because, even though hair grows back, you don’t want to look like a YouTube-fail video. 

There are a few techniques below that work in all situations. Women and men alike can trim their out of control hair, or you can cut your friend’s hair if it’s driving them absolutely bonkers.

Go online, invest in scissors that are actually meant for cutting hair (no kitchen scissors), grab the clippers and a comb, and get to work. Sure, your hairstylist is best suited for this work, but you can’t wait sometimes, can you? Especially when you’re in quarantine!

Cutting hair around your ears creates a polished and professional look. Yes, you are stuck at home during quarantine, but business associates, men, ladies, friends, and family members notice when you look unkempt. Don’t make excuses when you can buy a few supplies and cut your hair yourself.

How to Cut Hair Around Ears?

When you want to know how to trim the hair around your ears, you must cut so that the hair falls behind the ear or hangs just above the ear. Keep in mind that cutting hair above the ear is a sculpted look that only certain people like. For the most part, you want the hair to fall elegantly behind the ear.

Grab your comb and catch a length of hair. With the wide teeth, you can pull the comb down until you see the exact point where the hair should be cut. If you’re by yourself, look in the mirror, so you know how much you are cutting. If you are cutting someone else’s hair, ask them if they prefer the length you chose.

Use your comb to fold down the ear for safety. Cut on the backside of the comb, preferably with something akin to 6.5-inch barber’s shears. Why? Small shears give you more control, and cutting on the backside allows you to rotate the comb and create a curved shape. 

You might feel like the hair is too heavy. If this is the case, itching will occur as the hair tickles your ear rather than falling into your ear. Turn to a technique called “point cutting.” Once you cut to the proper length, pull the hair between your forefinger and middle finger. Snip the weight from the hair by snapping with the tip of the scissors at an angle. You can point cut wet or dry, and this process adds a bit of texture you won’t get from a straight cut just don't snip your finger by accident! 


How Do You Use Hair Clippers Around Ears?

Plenty of men and women are simply not comfortable cutting their hair with shears, as they are afraid of cutting themselves or someone else. While this is perfectly understandable, you need another method that gives attractive results. Grab your clippers, a comb, and cut your hair the way a hairstylist would.

When trimming with clippers, you have two options: use a guard, or use a comb. You can pull the hair through the wide teeth of the comb, determine how much to cut, and trim quickly. If you feel your comb technique is lacking, use the guards provided with your clippers.

Guards on your clippers often contain numbers one through seven or eight. The number one guard cuts hair very short, and the guards keep hair longer as the numbers rise. Add the appropriate guard for your hair and trim in a curving shape over your ear. If you are unsure of which guard to use, start with a high number, and decrease the size of the guard until you are satisfied with what you see, its the safest way to not clipper away too much hair at once! 

Your clippers should have fresh batteries or a full charge before starting. A slow clipper pulls hair, hurts, cuts unevenly and could run out of battery mid haircut - resulting in half a haircut, not what you’re chasing.

When Should You Cut Hair Around Ears?

You need a haircut around the ears when your hair drops over your ears or must be curled behind your ear. Cut the hair behind your ears when it itches, gets in your ear, or feels unruly. If you suddenly find yourself constantly pushing your hair back, cut it right away. Unless of course you actually have long hair and its intended to do that. 

You can cut the hair over your ears at the same time you trim your sideburns. This is the same hair growing on your face, and trimming both gives you a clean look. Use similar techniques on your sideburns for a consistent cut.

You can ruin your haircut if the hair around your ears looks bad. Your hair will look thick and lustrous, but it often curls or does not respond to styling around your ears. Extend the life of your haircut with a simple trim around your ears.

What Hairstyles Need Hair to Be Cut Around Ears?

Certain hairstyles require trimming behind the ears. You spent quite a lot of money getting your haircut, purchasing styling products, and fixing your hair every day, and trimming around the ears makes each of the following styles look perfect, irrespective of how long you’ve been in quarantine. 

Blow Out

You must know how to shape up around your ears because a blow-out exposes your ears and sideburns. This windswept look only maintains its appeal when you look trim, like a young Cliff Richard. 

Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts look dated without a bit of texture around the edges. Modernize a bowl cut with a perfect curve around each ear.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut depends on the cleanliness of its appearance. Cutting cleanly around your ears gives you the military appearance you seek.

Caesar Cut

While the Caesar cut goes in and out of style rather frequently, it’s still a great look for modern guys who love old-school styling. Clean cuts around your ears mirror the short bang.


Comb-overs give you the swooping style you want, almost like a young Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant, however, would never leave his hair unkempt, and you want your hair to look perfect when flipping it to the side. These cuts typically include tight sideburns, which mimic the cut around your ears.

Crew Cut

Crew cuts, like a buzz cut, rely on a symmetrical cut around your ears.


Because you shaved one side, or both sides, you want your ears to look clean even as the hair grows back.

French Crop

If you love David Beckham, you love the French Crop. Beckham would never leave a hair out of place, and neither should you.


The beauty of this cut is the flowing bangs paired with a high, tight cut along the sides. A simple trim around your head allows you to grow your hair out for a pompadour or blow-out.


The pompadour overtakes the blow-out in terms of unabashed superstar appeal. If you plan to grow your hair this much, you must keep the sides trim.

Side Part

Guys blessed with a side parting must be careful because one side of their head grows hair much faster than the other. Trimming around both ears keeps your hair out of the way and allows you to balance each side carefully in the mirror.

So there we have it, how to cut hair around the ears - but please for the love of hair, if you can avoid it please please don’t do it yourself! Get a professional to do it so you don't have to walk around with a botched haircut and your head hanging low. Keep it high with a carefully cut back sides and around ears! 

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