How to enhance the services of your hair salon

June 14, 2023

The hair salon industry is an ever growing and ever changing Industry. If you own a salon business you understand just how much work goes in to constantly change and grow your salon. If you have come here searching for ways to enhance the services you offer, and keep your clientele, old and new, coming back -you have come to the right spot!

Invest in your staff

Your staff are the backbone of your hair salon. They are a crucial part of maintaining and growing your business. Having stylists who are up to date on trends, are well educated in products and are happy to be working for you helps to make your salon an environment any client wants to be a part of.

Education is key. The beauty industry is always full of new trends. This has been even more true in recent years. With social media being as big as it is, all your clients have access to new trends, all over the world. This means your clients want to know that their stylist can give them the hottest new look every time! As a salon owner there are different ways to find education for your employees. Many product companies offer in salon training for staff members. This is a great way to keep them up to date on trends and products. You can also find different classes for them to attend. If your stylist loves cutting men's hair, why not invest in sending them to a mens cutting class. Not only will this increase their skills but it will also help to keep them inspired. Inspiration is so important in a salon business. A good stylist is always looking to learn and grow.

Another way to keep your staff happy and inspired is to let them work and grow together. Allowing time for your staff to have their hair done, and practice new techniques on each other's hair is always a must! Let them inspire and learn from each other.

It is also imperative that you take care of your staff. Offering competitive pay and good employee scheduling will help you in staff retention. Staff retention rates are important in client retention. You want to keep your customers coming back and seeing the same familiar faces every time.

Stylist and salon owners can often get caught up in reaching sales goals, which is great, however it often leads to over booking themselves. How many hair stylists are known for skipping their daily lunch break? Or staying late to squeeze in one more client? Of course this hard work ethic is important however, not only does it cause stylists to burn out quicker, but clients can tell. Making sure your staff's needs are met and they are taking good care of themselves can really make a huge difference in your salon.

Use the best tools

When a new client walks into a hair salon they will take notice of many things. One of those will be the tools your staff are using. From their hair dryers to their scissors, they should be using the best.

As a salon owner you want to make sure your staff are using the newest and best tools out there. This all starts with their scissors. If your employees are using old hair cutting scissors, or low quality ones they may be causing damage to their clients hair. You definitely don't want any clients walking out with damaged hair. Ensure that your staff have quality scissors, that are sharpened regularly and performing to the best of their ability. Educating your staff on how to properly look after and care for their hair cutting scissors is a great way to ensure they are only using the best. 

Using quality scissors and other tools is essential for keeping your hair stylists happy and pain free. Using old, dull or cheap scissors can leave your stylists with hand or wrist pain. You want to help them prevent injury so they can have a long, healthy and happy career. Invest in great quality scissors for your employees, like ourMatsui Range, and this will help guarantee your team looks and feels their best.

Same can be said for the hair dryers and other tools your employees use. A customer will notice if your hair dryer isn't up to the job or your flat iron is pulling their hair. Many newer hair dryers are designed to be lightweight and deliver maximum power and shine. Not only will this look good to clients, but your stylists will spend less time blow drying hair and be less tired after! It's a win win.

These little details are so important to improve client retention and satisfaction.

Quality Products

Using high quality hair products is a must for enhancing your services. If your highly trained hair stylists are doing their best work, you would not want to ruin it with cheap products. Using quality hair products will only make their work shine more.

Along with quality products your stylists need to make sure they are educating their clientele in using these products at home. A very common customer complaint is that they are not able to replicate their amazing salon look at home. This can lead to them being unhappy with the work your employees have done once they get home and wash their hair.

Speaking of washing... If a customer is using a cheap shampoo and/ or conditioner at home this can still affect your work. Cheap products can lead to dry hair, damaged hair and faded color. This means if your customers are not properly educated, by their stylist, in the right products to use and how to use them their hard work may go unnoticed.

Everyone knows that product sales help to boost revenue, however it is important we also understand how they can complement our services. Offering samples of free products is another way to help promote your products, increase retail sales and educate clients on them.

New and Add on Services

Staying up to date on new services will help create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Whether it be a new and exciting color service, or a quick add on at the sink treatment, clients love a good upgrade.

Offering additional services will not only increase revenue but will help grow your salon business. New and even existing clients love to be able to add something new and fun to their usual cut and color service. After all, who doesn't love a little extra pampering ? Regular clients may feel stagnant or bored if everytime they come in it's the same thing over and over. Offering them something new and exciting is a great way to make them feel valued and excited about coming to your hair salon. New clients will love seeing a large list of other services that can make their time at the salon even more enjoyable.

If you have a new service you are wanting more clients to try, offer discounts or a loyalty program to get them to try them out.

Client Communication

We live in the age of digital communication. From online bookings to social media our clients are always connected. Digital Communication with your current customers and potential customers is a must!

Making sure you have an up to date website and great online booking service is not only convenient for your client but for you as well. Clients are able to pop online at any time and book their next appointment. These systems will also send reminders and hopefully reduce the amount of no shows or cancellations that happen. The convenience of online booking will keep them coming back for sure!

Another great way to enhance your services with online communication is emails. You can reach out to new clients or old ones to get client feedback. This is very helpful in knowing which areas of salon business you may need to improve upon.

Many online booking systems now offer reminder messages. These messages are a quick and easy way to remind your customers that it is time for their next visit. This helps to ensure that they don't forget about you. This is one of many online communication strategies that one can use to retain clients and also see growth in your business.

Another way to keep your business growing and clients returning is to set up different programs. Loyalty programs or a referral program are a great way to reward your customers and help promote your business. In this day and age, word of mouth is still your strongest marketing technique. Having a customer tell friends how amazing they think your salon is, is the most organic way to grow. Offering them benefits for these referrals is also a great way to thank them!

Social media

Using social media is not only a quick and easy way to boost your salon business, it is a great way to introduce new clients to all you have to offer. This is almost a no brainer as these platforms are pretty much free advertising and marketing.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, help to attract new customers by showing off all your great work. New customers can find you easily by searching certain hashtags that you use. Tagging your location and services will help clients find your salon when they are searching for a new hairdresser.

These platforms are also a great way to introduce new services and ultimately show clients, new or old, everything your salon offers. By creating content and taking a lot of photos you can help create more hype around all you have in the salon.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook also offer paid ads. Using these services help you attract more customers by reaching your target audience.

You can also use Instagram and Facebook to offer giveaways and reward VIPS and followers. Asking your followers to tag new people and potential clients in exchange for a chance to win services or products can help further your reach.

Your Salon

This may seem like a given but the best way to go about enhancing your services and growing your business is to make sure your salon is somewhere clients want to be.

Start with the lighting. Good lighting will not only ensure that your work looks flawless but we all know that good lighting makes clients and their photos look even better. This will also help for when you need pictures and videos for your socials. Too often good work is lost to bad lighting, so taking the time and money to invest in lighting is a great way to improve the client experience.

Offering drinks, snacks and entertainment. Nothing makes a customer feel more at home than walking into your salon and being offered water, tea or even a glass of wine. These days everyone is so busy and constantly on the go, having those few hours to sit and be pampered are such a luxury. Customers will greatly appreciate all the extra care that is put in to ensure they are well looked after. Having wifi or even iPads available is a great way to help them stay connected, when switching off is just not possible.

Another way to keep business booming is to make sure your salon is always clean! Cleanliness is one of the first things customers notice. This is not only important for the salons appearance, but also for the health and safely of your customers and team. A well maintained salon will keep your client retention up.

Setting your salon business up for success

All these tips and tricks, along with your hard work and talent, will help set your business up for success. There are many options out there for hair salons, so in this market it is imperative that yours stands out. If you focus hard on your marketing and really spend the time finding your niche and keeping your clientele interested, you will surely reap the benefits!

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