How to use double handle shears

April 13, 2022

The hair industry is full of tools! There are an abundance of different types of scissors, clippers, combs, hair dryers.. the list goes on and on. Well here's a tool that is often over- looked, but may be one of the coolest shears on the market today.

What is a double handle shear?

Sounds kind of crazy right? Well I promise, you will want to give these shears a try. To the untrained eye, double handle shears look very similar to our everyday shears. They have 2 blades, 2 handles and 2 finger holes. Double handle shears have 2 finger rests. The 2 finger holes are the same, as opposed to your usual thumb hole and finger hole. Your shears can have both handles straight or both can be an offset handle. You will also find the handles are the same length. There are double handle texture and thinning shears as well. Most stylists have either right handed shears or left handed shears, depending on their dominant hand. Well with double handle shears, you can have both. You don't need to be ambidextrous to use them. They can benefit any right or left hander.

But why double handle shears?

Aren't convinced yet about adding a new pair of shears to your life? These shears can actually make your job so much easier. Being a hairdresser is hard on your arms. We are often placing our bodies and hands at odd angles to achieve the best results. Double handle shears can help you protect your hands and wrists. They allow you to flip your shear instead of twisting your wrist and arm in to an uncomfortable position. By doing this you are also protecting your shoulder as you will not need to raise your arm up too high, protecting it from strain. These shears could also help save you from carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis!

Double handle shears are great for texturizing. They make slide cutting a breeze. Often when trying to blend layers or angles we have to twist our wrist around. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it also can lead to uneven sides. When we twist our wrists and hands we may not achieve the exact same angle as when we do not. With double handle shears just flip the shear and slide, taking out the awkward angle and giving you a more precise cut. When deep point cutting we are able to keep our wrists straight and stress free. Double handle texture shears also allow us to determine where we want the straight blade to be, top or bottom. This can help us cut the hair to lay in different directions, keeping our elbow and shoulder, in a more neutral position. These shears are extremely versatile and can be used for wet or dry cutting. They will slide right through dry hair with no pulling, making you and your client happy!

Double handle shears can also be a useful tool for barbers. Often when doing scissor over comb a barber may find that there are some areas that are harder to reach ( Hello!! Ears!!). Cutting around or behind the ear can be incredibly daunting, and sometimes you may feel like a contortionist trying to get to those hard to reach areas. Double handle shears can help make your haircuts better and easier!

So how exactly do you use them?

Well that's pretty easy. You can use them if you're ambidextrous, in either hand. If you're used to right handed shears, holding both your shears and comb in one hand, with double handed shears you can switch it up and hold the scissors in the opposite hand while resting. This can also help with hand fatigue. 

When using them to cut, for the most part all you have to do is flip them. Who would have thought that being able to flip your shears could really change your whole haircut !

So stylists, you tell us, is it worth the money to be able to flip your shears? To improve your cutting techniques and help out your body? We sure think so!

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