Is It Possible To Fix Shears That Have Been Dropped? or Damaged?

July 24, 2022

You've just placed your new pair of shears down on your station and turned around. In that split second you hear your shears come crashing to the floor... The dreaded shear drop! This is every stylists nightmare. You invest a lot of money into a high quality shear, Can they be saved?

What To do!

First things first.... take a deep breath! You may not need to replace your scissors just yet ! You may be able to find someone to repair them for you.

Our shears are made with high quality Japanese steel. This steel is hard! So while it can still be damaged, chances are your shears won't break and they can be fixed. You will need to enlist the services of a talented blade smith. It is important that your blade smith is not only skilled at sharpening shears, but is also knowledgeable on how to service and repair them.

Now what can you do to help?

First, your shears will most likely have landed in an open position when you go to pick them up. Pick them up and keep them in an open position. If they are only slightly open, slowly open them completely. Gently put pressure on both blades to press them outwards, separating them. Very slowly, close your shears, without the tips touching. Doing this will help protect your shears from any further damage. Now slowly and carefully open and close them. If you feel any sort of movement or jump in your blades, you have a nitch. There may be some displaced metal, called a burr, by the nitch. If you continue to cut with a burr, you can damage the cutting edge of your shears. Apply pressure to the tip point of your scissors and then slowly open them, and close them again, this should help push the displaced metal to the non cutting edge. This means you may be able to continue cutting, at least until you finish the next hair cut. Using this method will also help avoid more damage to your blades. However, if the burr does not move and you can still feel the blades jumping. Put the scissors down and back away ! And call a professional!

Remember to make sure you store your scissors in a safe place until you can have them repaired! If you send your scissors to someone make sure to wrap them up in bubble wrap to protect from any more damage!

What has happened?

Well it's happened, they've hit the floor with a bang. Let us have a little discussion about what may have happened to your shears when they hit the floor.

Quality hairdressing scissors are made with different angles and sharp edges. When your scissors dull and you send them to be sharpened, these edges are maintained. When you drop your shears, or you bang them on a hard surface, damage can be done to these angles and edges.

You will want to have a quick look at your blades to see if you can see any damage. Hold your blade up to the light and see if there are any dents or bumps. You may notice light reflecting off the blade in a weird way, you have found a dent. Best thing to do is put these shears away, and call your trusted scissor sharpener. A good sharpener or blade smith should be able to repair your shears.

When your scissors fell they may also have been knocked out of alignment. They may feel off when you open and close them. Or you may notice that the tip of the shears are slightly crossed. Before freaking out, check the tension of your shear to make sure they are not too tight or too loose. 

To check the tension, take the thumb ring handle and open it to 90 degrees. Drop the thumb ring. If your shears barely close and stay open more than 45 degrees, your scissors are too tight. If the blades close to 20 degrees or less , they are too loose. Simply use a tension adjuster to fix them and get back to cutting. If adjusting the tension does not help.....

You will need to call your sharpener or blade smith to make sure they are sharpened, realigned and properly adjusted.

Should I continue to cut hair

If you have dropped your shears and you don't see any damage on the blade edge you may want to continue to cut hair with them. Is this ok? Short answer... yes, however after a few hair cuts you may find the hair is pulling or pushing. This is a sign that your shears need a sharpen, or maybe there has been some damage to your pair of shears that you did not notice before. It is always recommended you have a backup shear on hand in case of damage. You do not want to be cutting hair with a damaged pair of shears. Not only will this cause your shears more damage, but a damaged shear may pull your clients hair, and cause them pain. Time to stop cutting and take out your back up pair and call your sharpening service.

Now they're fixed!

You've sent your scissors in for a service and sharpening and now they are back in your hands! How good does that feel! Now that they're fixed and feeling good again let's take a few extra steps to keep them safe. You might consider buying a scissor mat to help keep them safe on your station, or maybe a holster to keep them safe on your person. So in conclusion, yes your scissors can be saved..... but let's do everything we can to keep them safe!

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