Japanese VS German Steel Haircutting Shears

March 10, 2024

We all know the Japanese and the Germans are known for making superior products ! The Japanese have given us the Lexus, Infiniti, Acura etc. While the German's have blown our minds with the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen etc. Well, they've done the same for us with hair cutting shears! They've both provided us with high quality scissors for all our cutting needs! But which scissor is for you ? Let's find out!

Japanese Shears

Japanese scissors are well known worldwide for their cutting power! They are known for their superior sharpness and convex blades. They use some of the best quality scissor steel to create some of your favorite scissor brands. Japanese scissors not only introduced us to the convex edge blades, but they also helped bring the importance of scissor ergonomics to the forefront of the scissor world! They are the ones that pushed for those offset scissors that help reduce wrist pain in professional hairdressing!

Japanese Steel is known to be high quality steel. Which means it is rust and corrosion resistant. These shears will last longer and cut better! Higher quality steel also means that you can achieve a sharper edge, like the convex blades. Let's have a quick look at the steel options from Japan.

First we have the 440A - this is the standard quality for Japanese steel. It is on the lower end of the steel quality, and is softer than the rest of the steels. That being said, it is still a good hair dressing scissor. Softer steel means it will not be able to hold a sharp convex edge, but can have a beveled edge or semi convex. This means it is a very affordable shear, great for an apprentice or a colorist who occasionally gives the quick trim.

The 440C is the next step up from 440A. It is stronger and more versatile. It makes for a great all rounder.

VG10 is a higher quality steel. It is super sharp- it has a Rockwell hardness of 56-60! Meaning this steel is rock hard! This steel will hold a very sharp convex edge. It will give you superior quality scissors that will last you for a very long time!

Right up there with the VG 10 Steel is the Hitachi ATS 314. This steel has a Rockwell hardness 

of 59-61. It is similar to VG10 and is a premium steel! However this means you will be paying a premium price! 

Here are some Japanese brands you may be considering.

These brands are made with a variety of japanese steel. From 440C- Hitachi ATS 314. We can promise you will find a great quality pair of scissors in your price range.

German Shears

Well as we mentioned previously, Germans sure know how to make a quality product! Their shears are known for being affordable and hard working! German hairdressing shears are known for their bevel edge blades. These blades are sharp, and more versatile than your sharp convex edge blades. They do amazing things for blunt cuts! Helping to hold the hair in place and making sure you get straight, perfect lines every time! German steel is very hard and gives us great quality hair shears! 

There are 3 types of German steel used in their hairdressing scissors.

Let's start with MC Micro carbide steel. This is the highest quality steel used in German shears. It is hard and can hold a very robust edge. The high levels of Carbon in it make it seem invincible!

Molybdenum Steel is our mid- high quality steel. It is heavy duty and corrosion proof. It is comparable to the 440C Japanese Steel.

Stainless chromium steel is our standard quality steel. It is not as hard as the previously mentioned steel, as stainless steel is known for being a little softer. It is still a great work horse of a shear and won't let you down!

Some German scissor brands include:

  • Jaguar
  • Glück

So which steel should you get ?

As you can see by now both Japanese and German scissors are strong, sharp and reliable! But which one should you be choosing?

If you're a barber or a stylist who does a lot of blunt bobs, you may want to consider a pair of German scissors. The beveled blades help to grab any loose hair and make cutting straight lines very easy. The beveled edge blades of the German hairdressing scissors are great for barbers. They are the scissors to use for your scissor over comb cuts. The beveled edge helps to create beautifully blended, short scissor cuts. German steel is hard, strong and reliable.

Japanese hairdressing scissors are sharp and smooth. That convex edge blade will work wonders for all your advanced cutting techniques. They are great for slide cutting, point cutting, detail work and everything in between! You can't go wrong with a pair of japanese hair scissors! Japanese steel will hold a sharp edge for ages!

We truly believe you can't go wrong with either of these steels. Both Japanese and German steel has been around for a long time, and has contributed so much to the hairdressing scissor world ! 

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