Layers vs Face Framing

August 22, 2022

We all love a good layered style! Without a doubt your clients will be begging you for the latest layered cut or a face frame. These two cutting techniques are popular hairstyles for a reason! They can be used in almost every cut, to help give your client their best hair yet!

What are layers

Basically put layers are a haircutting technique that creates different varying lengths of hair from the top of the head to the bottom. This removes weight and will add movement to any cut. If a haircut does not have any layers you will have a one length haircut. Often one length can be quite heavy and lack any movement. This has its place though as well! Fine hair that is cut blunt with no layers may appear thicker. A blunt cut is best for someone who has very straight hair, or likes to wear their hair straight.

There are many different layers that we can add to a cut. If you are looking at adding volume to a cut you may want to have short layers. Short layers will be short closer to the root of the hair, making the top of the hair lighter and adding height. Short layers will also help remove the triangle look a blunt cut can create. There are long layers that can be added as well. Long layers help soften a cut without taking too much from the shape. A shag haircut will require more choppy layers. Choppy layers can be achieved using different texturizing techniques. Ask your stylist which layers are best for you!

An experienced stylist will also understand that different hair types may call for different layering techniques. Thick heavy hair will benefit from having more layers added. Curly hair may require more layers to give curls more bounce. While super straight hair may require more invisible layers to prevent hard sharp lines from appearing in the cut. Long wavy hair may require just a few layers to help create soft loose waves. A good stylist can help their client determine which flattering layers to add to your hair.

How to cut layers

When cutting layers into a haircut you will start by cutting your basic guideline. When you are just cutting the guideline and perimeter of a cut it is best to use wet hair. We also recommend cutting blunt lines with our super sharp 5.5 inch or 6 inchMatsui Precision Shears.

Different layers will determine how you cut the hair. For long layers you will want to section the hair and direct each section straight up, and cut. Depending on how you angle your fingers will determine how short your layers are, or how many layers you may add. 

After cutting layers you may want to dry the haircut and then add your texture and details. These little subtle changes can help soften lines and blend your layers better. You can point cut, slide cut or use your texturizing shears to achieve nice soft layers, on any hair type.

The Face Frame

Adding face framing layers to any cut can really help accentuate your best features. A face Frame can work with your face shape to create the best look for you. A good face frame can help create the illusion of more defined cheekbones! And who doesn't love some cheekbones!

An oval face shape means you can be quite versatile with your style. Oval faces tend to be more symmetrical, which gives you more options. This elongated face shape can benefit from having face framing curtain bangs or just face framing pieces beginning at chin length.

Heart shaped face people will also benefit from long face framing layers. The Long layers when pair with longer face framing wispy bangs will help to balance out the larger forehead and narrower chin.

Round faces may require you to leave more length in the face frame. A face Frame should begin much lower away from the chin to help elongate the face shape.

A square face will often have more sharp features. Adding soft wispy layers will help to soften their harder features. They may benefit more from a side swept bang then face framing layers. 

Cutting a face frame

We can use different techniques to cut a face frame. The best technique to achieve a soft face Frame is to use slide cutting. We recommend getting yourself a pair ofMatsui VG10 Sliders to help. These shears will help you slide cut a beautiful face frame every time! 

Which should you choose

Well this really all depends on your client's style. A good layered style can help to enhance their natural texture and bring out their best features! Your clients look to you for the best hair advice.. so help them out by adding some layers AND a face frame!

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