Left-Handed vs Right-Handed Scissors

March 23, 2021

Studies suggest that around 10% of all people are left-handed. That might not sound like a lot compared to the rest of humanity being right-handed (especially when you belong to the majority being right handed), but if you think that 10% out of 7.8 billion is 780,000,000 - that makes up for a pretty impressive number, right? Certainly not a number of people that could be ignored by any global market, especially when it's broken down like that!

And yet, left-handed people often find themselves in a struggle; many of them are either forced or decide to learn how to use their right hand to make it easier. Why oh why do the lefties put themselves through the torcher and pain!?

But luckily for all the left-handed hairdressers and hair stylists in the world, the world of shears and scissors is rather inclusive, and you won't have that many problems with finding a high-quality left-handed tool - and no, you don't have to pay extra only because you aren't as comfortable with your right hand as with the left one.

Read on to discover the real difference between a pair of left-handed shears and right-handed scissors, and why it's worth going left (if it's your dominant side), as well as to get to know some of our product recommendations!

Right-Handed and Left-Handed Scissors - What's the Difference?

In the case of scissors, the devil is not really in the details, at least not entirely. You can see the difference with the naked eye - simply look at a pair of left-handed scissors, knowing that something is slightly off but not being able to identify the issue right away. It really depends on how observant you are.

The devil is in the blades.

To put it shortly, when compared to right-handed scissors, left-handed ones have their blades switched - the latter ones have a left blade pointing up and a right blade pointing down, conversely to the former. That's because the right (meaning correct, not non-left) blade always needs to be on top to enable a sharp, clean cut. It also makes it possible for you to have a proper view of what you're cutting - in this case, your customer's hair. You need to admit that it might be a bit difficult to do your job well if you can't see what you're doing, right?

Left-Handed Scissors - Do They Make a Difference?

Well, duh!

If you try to use right-handed scissors with your left hand, it will simply feel very uncomfortable - a weird grip might not support or even hurt your thumb. It will also lead to an unnatural position of your wrist, creating a lot of potentially harmful tension. What's more, reversed handles will push your fingers unnaturally, creating unnecessary pressure, which can lead to painful calluses. Ouch!

Moreover, some pairs of hairdressing shears might have their blades designed so that you won't be able to make a smooth cut while holding them with the wrong hand. Not to mention that your hand will be placed in a bizarre position, and you won't see the cutting line. It might also create tension in your hand and wrist. Ouch again.

There are also people who would buy right-handed scissors to use them with their non-dominant hand. While you can practice and be able to perform cutting like that quite comfortably, it's not likely that you will do it as accurately and firmly as with your dominant hand. You might also have problems applying the proper amount of strength into a single cut, which can sometimes be troubling, for example, while thinning. The possible outcomes are too dreadful to think about.

So yes, you can learn virtually anything, but why would you make yourself a martyr using right-handed scissors with your left hand when you have perfectly good left-handed scissors available in stores?

Right or left-handed, you always deserve what's best! And so do your clients. Below we have got together our top 3 lefty scissors for all you left handed hairdressers out there.

High-Quality Left-Handed Scissors We Recommend


Matsui is one of the most reputable brands in the hairdressing industry, and they're literally spoiling hairstylists from all over the world - both left and right-handed! This amazing set includes high-quality shears and thinners specially designed for left-handed hair artists. Both of these pairs of scissors are made from cobalt-infused steel and have offset handles to allow your wrist and fingers to rest in a natural position. Oh, and our favorite part - their absolutely stunning gold rose color!


For anyone only just beginning their wonderful adventure to the hairdressing mastery, we've got a special treat! This apprentice set was specially prepared for left-handed newbies. These left-handed scissors are lighter in weight, classic and elegant in looks, and simply perfect for all hands that are still learning. They will offer the proper firm and support for you to focus solely on mastering your skills.


If you're anything like me, you simply love to catch people's attention with crazy little details, and this rainbow combo will help you to do it even with a pair of scissors! Grab your customers' attention with shears and thinners that are not only astonishing but also ideally balanced and of the highest quality. Such tools can almost guarantee beautiful haircuts, perfect finishes, and, yes - compliments!


And for those who value simple elegance or want their scissors to reflect their souls - as black as the coffee they drink - we also have something special. This fantastic combo includes scissors and thinners in a beautiful matte black design. Moreover, they are made from premium Japanese steel, are lightweight and comfortable to hold. And mountain blades are simply the best for precision.

Bonus: you know what else is amazing? All our scissors come with a lifetime warranty, a Scissor Tech case, microfiber cleaning cloth, scissor oil, and a tension adjuster! How's that for a full service?

Our Brand

Here at Scissor Tech, we know how vital it is for a skilled hairdresser to have an equally extraordinary tool. Besides, we certainly do realize how tiresome and overwhelming it can be to browse through the never-ending lists of available scissors and other products. That's why we have made it our mission to make your life easier!

We offer a wide variety of hairdressing tools from the most reputable brands only. Whether you're looking for left-handed or right-handed scissors, thinning shears, cutting sets, kits, cases, or other accessories, you are sure to find the product of your dreams on our website!

In case you have any further questions or doubts, don't hesitate to reach out to us - our super friendly team of hairdressing experts is waiting to answer!

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