Buyer's Guide: Finding The Perfect Rose Gold Scissors

August 04, 2020

In order to make the best rose gold scissors out on the market, it was necessary to learn all about rose gold color's history... Carl Fabergé was on to something when he invented rose gold.

He used it in the stunning Fabergé Eggs he made for the Czars in the Russian royal family in the 1800s. Originally called Russian gold, the popularity of the colour exploded during the roaring 1920s in the US when it was used in fine jewellery.     

Fabergé invented the blush-coloured precious metal by mixing yellow gold with copper alloy. The rose gold colour varies from soft pink to deep red depending on the ratios of gold to copper. But the true rose gold colour is approximately 75% gold and 22.5% copper with a dash of silver for good measure. Our rose gold shears are, of course, true to the real colour.

Our rose gold scissors in stock on the Scissor Tec shop are as precious as their name suggests.

Sure, the House of Fabergé eggs are rare collectibles that fetch up to $28 million US, but our scissors are far more useful. Just like the eggs, our rose gold coating is super expensive because it’s such high quality. The coating is very hard wearing, so it doesn’t scratch, fade or peel.

The oval-shaped dust collectors have done nothing for 100 plus years except look good. While our high-performing shears help you perform amazing hairstyles for hundreds of clients each year while looking gorgeous.

2 Amazing Companies For Rose Gold Scissors: Matsui & Joewell

beautiful rose gold shears

Due to the popularity of the colour, we stock all types of rose gold shears from Matsui and Joewell.

Both offer high quality shears at prices that mean you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy rose gold shears.

We’ve had first year apprentices through to very experienced hairdressers who have fallen in love with their rose gold shears and won’t try any other colour ever again!

Why Matsui & Joewell Rose Gold Scissors Are Superior Choices

Best Rose Gold Scissors

Our shears might look all flirty and floral but underneath their feminine exterior is hardened steel. The Japanese-made steel makes for a razor-sharp blade providing years of good service.

No hairdresser wants a pair of scissors that look good but are under performers. You need shears that are comfortable to use on a wide variety of hair types and stay durable and sharp for the long distance and looking as good as ever, forever.    

Your Rose Gold Scissors Should Never Scratch, Fade, Or Peel

We ensure the quality of the scissors is guaranteed before we think about a beautiful colour to finish the scissors. The Steel in coloured scissors can’t have any defects because the titanium finish doesn’t stick to defective steel and goes straight to the reject pile.

All our scissors are covered by a lifetime warranty that includes the finish never fading or wearing off. Scissor Tech only supplies top quality brands to our customers, so if you buy a pair, you know they’re going to be good.   

2 Pairs of Rose Gold Shears

Rose Gold Scissor Sizes

Rose gold shears come in all sizes. The gold finish is loved by a wide range of hair professionals so we have shears to suit the most petite hairdressing apprentices through to burly barbers. You don’t want your shears to be too big otherwise you don’t have full control and shears that are too small can be tight on the fingers and don’t allow you to cut as fast as your potential.

Which Rose Gold Scissors Should You Choose? 

These floral workhorses will last the distance with many years of comfortable cutting. The hardest part will be choosing which one of these high quality gold shears you should choose.

Mountain Blade

The Mountain Blade has been a game changer for hairdressers and barbers all over the world. The blade tip is very durable, more so than many other designs which are at risk of breaking off if the shears fall on the floor. They’re also one of the longest lasting because there is more steel to sharpen.  

Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Shear

The mountain blade helps push the hair onto the fine razor-sharp cutting edge and adds rigidity to the shear which is great for point cutting, feathering, and texturizing. The superior tension system gives the shears an extra smooth feel.

Matsui Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor Thinner Combo

Made from high quality Aichei Japanese steel in the offset design, the twin set gives you a cutting shear and a thinner. The cutting shears are perfect for point cutting, feathering, and texturizing. Both pairs are light weight for comfortable all-day cutting and thinning.


  • Choose between 5.5“ or 6“ Matsui Rose Gold Cutting Shears
  • 6” Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Thinning shears

Rose Gold Precision Scissors

Matsui Precision Rose Gold Cutting Scissors 

These Hitatchi Japanese steel scissors won’t let you down. The scissors are only distributed after being checked for defects and balanced by our in-house bladesmith. The rose gold coloured scissors are complemented by matte black trims including finger inserts that give you a perfect fit. Choose between 5.5” or 6” Matsui Precision Rose Gold Cutting Scissors.

Rose Gold Sets 

When one pair of blush shears isn’t enough, spoil yourself with a combo or triple set.

Matsui Precision Rose Gold Shear & Thinner Combo 

The beauty of these rose gold shears is accentuated by the black trims including the tension key, finger rest and inserts. You’ll fall in love with the easy cutting action on both of these scissors. 

The shears are individually checked and balanced by our bladesmith before distribution. 


  • 5.5” or 6” Matsui Precision Rose Gold Cutting Shear
  • 5.5” Matsui Precision Thinner 

Matsui Aichei Mountain Rose Gold Triple Set 

If you like to have two different sized cutting scissors plus the matching thinner, you need a triple set. The cobalt-infused steel means it’s durable but can be sharpened to a fine razor-sharp edge. 

You can use the longer blade for scissor over comb and blunt cutting work and the shorter pair for cutting along your fingers. 

Triple Set Includes: 

  • 5.5” Matsui Mountain Rose Gold Cutting Shear
  • 6” Matsui Mountain Rose Gold cutting Shear
  • 5.5” Matsui Precision Rose Gold Thinner

Rose Gold Ergonomic Shears

Offset handles have made a big difference in preventing hand and wrist injuries but for those professionals already in pain, a swivel shear can be the answer.

Matsui Rose Gold Swivel

The swivel handle is designed to reduce wrist pain and RSI symptoms. Finger inserts in matte black add to the comfort of the shears. Choose between the 5.5 or 6 inch sizes.  

Swivel shears are also available as: 

Left Handed Shears 

It might be a right handed world out there but not in shear land. It wouldn’t be fair if left handed stylists missed out on all the cool colours and had to stick to a choice of two shears in chrome. We keep things equitable with a great selection of rose gold shears for left handers.  

Lefty Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor

You’ll know the good looking lefty pair of scissors is yours. The extra smooth tension is the same in the left handed version as it is in the right handed ones. The mountain blade scissor also has a solid finger rest that can’t come loose and get lost. Choose between the 5.5, 6 or 7 inch sizes.

Lefty Matsui Aichei Mountain Rose Gold Scissor Thinner Combo 

These light weight high quality cobalt-infused steel scissors are ideal for point cutting, feathering, and texturizing.


  • 5.5" or 6" Matsui Lefty Aichei Mountain Scissor
  • 6 “ Matsui Lefty Aichei Mountain Thinning Scissor

Rose Gold Barber Scissors

Barber Shears

Barbers are invited to the Matsui rose gold party too. There’s room for everyone.   

Matusi Rose Gold Precision Barber Scissors

The 7 inch size ensures you get through haircuts as quick as possible and allows for scissors over comb cuts. The tough titanium coating won’t chip or fade. And the lifetime warranty offers peace of mind that your shears can cope with the rigours of constant barbering and last the distance.

Rose Gold Thinning Scissors

Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Limited Edition Offset Scissor Thinner Combo

If you’re looking for the highest possible quality scissors under the Matsui brand, then the VG10 is what you need. The high quality cobalt-infused VG10 steel makes these scissors extremely durable and lightweight. The solid finger rest means it never comes loose and the tension system gives an extra smooth feel to the shears.

Joewell Brand

If you have tried a Joewell pair of shears, you’ll be pleased to know they also supply a beautiful pair of rose gold shears.

Joewell FX Pro Rose Gold Shears

The design of these shears provide for maximum radial movement of the wrist. The offset handle grip provides ring finger control and an anatomic thumb set allows for a greater range of motion. Made from Japanese steel, the shears are high quality. The screw cover has a diamond like coating and the removable finger rest is black titanium with a rubber coating.

Available in 5, 5.5 and 6 inch sizes.

rose gold hairstylists top choice

What Else Comes With Your Rose Gold Scissor Tech Purchase?

Scissor Tech provides everything you’ll need to take care of your shears to ensure they have a long and rewarding life.

Shear Oil

We’ve heard of people trying to use all sorts of oil on their shears. Raiding mum’s sewing kit for her old machine oil isn’t necessary. We supply special acid-free oil with every pair of shears purchased. Make sure you oil your shears weekly or after every time you sterilise your shears whether you use an alcohol wipe or you immerse the shears in a solution. A little shear oil goes a long way but when you need more, get in contact with us for more supplies. 


It’s important to clean and dry your scissors daily. For that, you’ll need a cloth. Scissor Tech supplies a soft cloth with every pair of shears so you’ll always have one nearby.  

Tension Adjuster

Shears are precision instruments. There’s a fine line between getting the right and wrong balance and tension on shears. Nothing will blunt a pair of shears quicker than when the tension isn’t right.

It’s a good idea to check the tension of your shears each day before you start work to avoid dullness and damage. If the tension isn’t right, use the supplied tension adjuster. If the tension is loose it may bend, fold or push the hair. 

Finger Ring Inserts & Bumper Stops

Scissor Tech supplies different sized finger ring inserts to ensure you get just the right fit when holding your scissors.

If the shears you purchase have bumper stops, we’ll supply some spares. You never know when you might lose one of the pesky little stops or it wears out so it’s good to have some replacements on hand.


Each pair of shears comes in a protective case that’s big enough to hold your shears and all of its accessories.  

The Benefits Of Buying A Rose Gold Scissors Kit

A rose gold shears kit means you’ll have all the scissors you need for any and every haircut. But best of all it’s a matching set. Everyone will know the floral coloured workhorses are yours and they should keep their hands off.

How To Care For Your New Rose Gold Scissors 

Rose Gold Scissors on the table

You’d think you need to take extra care of shears with a golden hue but nothing could be further from the truth. Rose gold shears don’t need any extra love than a traditional plain steel pair.

Treat all your shears with care and they’ll return the love with years of good service.

  • Clean off hair and moisture using a soft, dry towel daily
  • Using the special scissor oil supplied, oil the blades and pivot point once per week
  • Check the tension weekly and adjust using the key supplied
  • Call in a bladesmith every 3-6 months for a professional sharpen

Remember to always oil your scissors directly after you sterilise the scissors with a solution or alcohol wipe, so the scissors don’t corrode.

Need More Advice On Buying Rose Gold Scissors?

These floral workhorses are high-performing shears that won’t let you down. If you want some help with choosing the right pair for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a shears expert for advice. Remember, Scissor Tech offers a seven day exchange or return policy so whichever pair of shears you choose to try it’s risk-free. We want you to be thrilled with your pair of rose gold goodness.

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