Swivel Thumb Shears Review

November 17, 2021

Ok, so you've come here for a review on swivel thumb shears, and well, that's exactly what we're about to give you. When most hairdressers or barbers hear the word 'swivel' they tend to freak out or feel uneasy at the thought of something that swivels; Some may even say they are "scary" and have "zero control" or that their thumb might fall out. Lucky for you, we're here to reassure you that that's not the case AT ALL! While yes, they can be all those things above, they also can be fun, exciting and comfortable. How can they be fun, exciting or comfortable, when they swivel? Read on to find out! 

How are swivel shears used?

Swivel scissors are literally used just as you would other handle scissors like offset, classic and crane. While many may think they will feel out of control, it's simply not the case at all! While it may feel a little strange when you take your first snip, after a few you will find nothing but extreme comfort. Why is this you ask? Well, that's because the swivel thumb hole allows you to completely open and close you  your hand in full motion with ease keeping your hand and wrist muscles in tact and that of course helps to create less to no strain and also to reduce any hand fatigue, that may have caused any pain or frustration when cutting hair. 

What are swivel shears used for?

If it's not half obvious by now, swivel shears are used to give all hairdressers and barbers maximum comfort and help relieve any hairdressing related injuries that may have occurred in your career. Some of those injuries include repetitive strain injury (RSI for short) or carpal tunnel. Either of those injuries are not what you want in your career so if you can avoid them, then you totally should! In the hair industry it's obviously super hard to avoid using your hands, but there are tools that can help prevent or at least alleviate any pain that may be present already.   

Which is where the swivel shears come into play. As we mentioned above, Swivel shears have a swivel thumb hole which allows you to freely adjust the position of your fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder to keep them all in a very natural and comfortable position possible. 

Different types of handles

Now we mentioned above very briefly that there are other types of handles, they are the offset, classic and crane handles. Super easy to remember but they are all designed differently for every different hairdresser or barber out there. While some find comfort in an offset design, others might find comfort in a classic or crane design. In saying that though, not all the designs have your best interest/wrist health in mind. So let's go through a little further detail about them shall we?


The Classic design is exactly that - Classic. Not the most common choice but is definitely still around. The Classic design is more of an older design and usually held by some using their middle finger, (which we DON'T recommend) This can lead to unwanted hairdressing related injuries later down the track. It's an all round straight design, so if you have a strong wrist then go for this design.


The most common handle design to date it the offset. The offset handle design is generally best used by people to keep the risk of getting any injuries from hairdressing out of the picture. It is best held by using your ring finger and your thumb in the finger holes, with your other fingers falling gently on top of the shears and finger rest. The offset design has been design to allow a natural and relaxed feel, with a slight bend in the handle to ensure maximum comfort


The crane is much like the offset design only the main difference is that it looks like a crane in the sense of the handle being further arched than the offset. The crane was designed to help alleviate any pain caused from old habits. It allows  you to drop your elbow position because of the angle in the arch or the scissor, therefore allowing better body positioning when cutting.

So there we have the other handle designs you could consider if you feel the swivel design isn't the right fit for you. Hopefully this will help guide you a little. If not feel free to get in contact with us

The Bottom line

If you're willing or daring enough to try the swivel then we 110% recommend doing so - it will for sure take you by surprise on just how easy it is to use and not scary at all! While yes the other designs may be what you seek or may just be comfortable for you by now, but we're so serious that it's simply a must that you give them a go. The swivel shears are SO comfortable and free flowing your cuts will be out of this world and take no time at all, cutting hair when using the swivel scissors will seem effortless!


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