The Best Shears for Cutting Bangs

July 03, 2022

Your client sits in your chair and says " I need a big change, give me bangs!". Sometimes this statement can send chills down a hair dressers spine, after all, sometimes big change can also lead to big regret. However, bangs are the quickest and easiest way to make a big change to your hair. Guaranteed you will have plenty of clients looking for this "Big change", so it is important to make sure you have the right pair of shears to achieve the perfect cut!

Precision Shears

There are all different types of bangs your clients may request. They may want a basic short blunt bang, or maybe a curtain bang. Whichever they choose you will want to start off with the right tools, a pair ofMatsui Precision Shears are just that. These hair cutting shears are guaranteed to give you the best results.

Our Precision shears are made with strong, durable, japanese stainless steel. The japanese steel ensures that these shears will be sharp, durable and great for cutting wet and dry hair. Which is why we need this when cutting bangs! You want to ensure that you can cut a nice straight, sharp line when cutting bangs. Having a nice straight guideline will help start your bang cutting off right! If you're trimming bangs often you may want to consider shorter shears, our shears come in 5.5 inches, great for bangs!

A basic blunt bang is achieved by cutting hair wet first. Wet hair is easiest to make sure you have a super sharp, straight line. The sharp blades of our shears help to ensure your lines will stay very straight and sharp. There is nothing worse than trying to achieve a blunt bang without sharp scissors. Dull blades can push and bend the hair, making it hard to achieve that very straight, blunt line. So our razor sharp blade can help you with precision cuts! It is important as well to find the perfect length for the bang, usually this will depend on their style and face shape. Make sure you and your client are taking all of this in to consideration when choosing the best bangs for them!

Many styles of bangs that you will get asked to cut will have some sort of texture added to them. Our precision shears are great for point cutting hair. Point cutting bangs can help remove the super sharp line, giving them texture and movement. You can point cut on wet or dry hair. If the hair is wet point cutting is best for removing length and making sure your lines are not too hard. When hair is dry, point cutting is best for softening any hard lines and removing weight.

If you're looking to add a curtain bang to your clients hair our precision hair cutting scissors are made for that! They are super sharp which helps for slide cutting and blending your bangs with a face frame.

That is why these shears are great for your hair cutting kit! They can do it all, blunt cuts, point cutting, slide cutting.. the list goes on and on. These are the best hair cutting scissors you will find for cutting bangs.

Thinning shears

If you don't already have a pair of thinning scissors in your kit, now is the time to add them. They can be a bit intimidating at first, especially with all those teeth, but they are a handy tool to have. They are great for helping you soften lines and achieve beautiful wispy bangs.

When trimming bangs with thinning shears there are a few ways they can be used. Thinning shears are best used on dry hair. You have to be careful not to cut too close to the root of the hair, or you will get hairs sticking up through out the bangs. You can section off your bangs, leaving a small section down and lift the rest of the section up. Then you take your thinning scissors and remove the corner, this will lighten the bangs and create a layered effect. Your thinning scissors can also be used to just lightly soften the ends of your bangs. Just simply dust the ends with your thinning scissors and Viola! soft, wispy bangs. A quality pair of thinning scissors like these, ourMatsui Rose Gold Thinner, will add so much to your repertoire.

Texturizing Shears

Another type of hair scissors that are easily over- looked but great for bangs! Texturizing shears that are best for bangs will have around 10- 20 teeth, you can see our favouriteshere. These are especially good for thick hair and achieving a more chunky bang.

Texturizing shears are best used on hair that has been dried. Because their teeth are spread apart more than thinning shears they will remove more hair, so it is best to start slow with these guys. You've cut your clients hair to it's desired length and dried it, now is time for your texturizing shears. You can simply elevate the bang and dust the ends of the hair with the shears. If you're looking for a more textured, choppy bang you can use the edge of the texturizing shears to gently chip in to the bangs, leaving you with lots of texture and shattered lines. The choppy bang can be achieved on any length of hair and hair type. However, when using on thin hair it is best to use sparingly.

Bangs for your Buck!

You will undoubtedly come across a few clients who have taken their bangs in to their own hands. Or even worse, try to trim the beautiful bangs you gave them at home. Using different professional hair cutting scissors and techniques will not only help you achieve desired results, but also help show your clients that these looks can not be obtained with your kitchen scissors! This will ensure they keep coming back and don't cut their own hair.

Bangs are such an important part of a hair cut. They can help accentuate your best features, or hide your not so perfect features. It is imperative we discuss with clients their face shape and hair texture when they ask for bangs. They are the first thing someone notices when they look at another person. This is why we recommend having the best hair shears you can get!

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