The Difference Between Thinning and Texturizing Shears

March 19, 2023

Hairdressers often have a variety of shears at their side. We have different shears with different lengths. And then there are our thinning shears and texturizing shears. It is important to understand how and why we use each of our tools, and the huge difference they can make in our haircuts.

Thinning shears

You'll be hard pressed to find a hairdresser or barber that does not own a pair of thinning shears. While the name may strike fear in a client's heart, they are actually amazing for removing unwanted weight in a haircut. You may find a client cringes when you say "I'm going to thin out your hair", or they ask " please don't use those funny looking shears". Thinning shears can be great, if we are well educated about how to use them. Sometimes it is best to call them blending shears, in order to sound less intimidating.

What exactly are thinning shears?

They are shears with teeth. They will have one straight blade and then the other blade will have multiple teeth. Thinning shears usually have between 20-40 teeth. Having less space between the teeth means these shears are removing less hair, and in small sections. Head on overHERE to check out our different thinning shears.

How to use thinning shears

A client who has an aversion to thinning shears has most likely experienced a hairstylist who is not too sure on how to use them. When used properly they can not only remove weight, but they can add more movement to a cut, they can be used for blending lines and layers, or softening hard lines. They are very versatile scissors. 

Thinning shears are best used on thick hair. They are not always ideal for use on thin hair, and must be used very sparingly, if at all. We don't recommend using them on curly hair, as the small teeth may result in too much weight removal, and frizz. This is definitely not the ideal hair type for these shears.

Removing weight with hair thinning scissors is easy. You can remove excess weight internally by cutting hair higher on the hair shaft. However it is important to remember not to cut past mid shaft, as it can create shorter hairs that may stick up. This technique is best used on very thick, heavy hair.

Fine hair can benefit from the thinning shear. If they are used only on the very ends of the hair and very carefully. Using them on the ends of the hair can help soften hard lines and create more movement in the hair. This can also make it easier to achieve some more volume when cutting layers. Thinning hair is great but we must be careful not to over do it !

Barbers will often use a thinning or blending shear for blending short hair. When doing a fade the smaller teeth of these shears can help fine tune any lines left behind. It is also a useful tool for the scissor over comb method.

There are different thinning techniques one can use to achieve similar looks. Point cutting can help remove weight and create soft lines. So if you are dealing with someone who you shouldn't use thinning scissors on, or a client who is wary of these shears, try point cutting instead!

Texturizing shears

Often these shears are overlooked. You are less likely to see a licensed cosmetologist with a pair of these. However, we recommend giving them a try! They certainly can help you add loads of beautiful texture to your cuts!

What exactly are Texture shears

Similar to thinning scissors they have one blade that is straight, and another with teeth. These teeth however are much further apart. Texture shears usually have about 5-14 teeth. These wider teeth will remove a larger amount of hair in each section. The amount of teeth you choose will determine how much hair is removed when using these shears.

How to use texturizing shears

Texture shears are best used for... you guessed it... to create texture. Many stylists will use these shears to add a chunkier texture. They are great for shaggy layered cuts. Making for very piece-y, textured hair.

These shears can be used on many hair types, however it is always best to be careful with very fine hair. Thick hair can benefit from the spaced out, wider teeth of the texture shear. They will not only add a lot more texture, but also remove a lot of excess weight. You can use these shears to create a textured, piece-y bang or for very textured, soft layers.

You may find these are an awesome tool for shorter hair. Barbers, and hair stylists can use these for short, textured men's cuts and pixie cuts. The wide teeth help to remove weight and add texture to the top section of hair. This will result in a messier look. Add some dry wax and have a perfect messy do! 

They are also great for longer hair. Texturizing scissors are great for cutting into internal layers and removing weight. This helps to add even more volume to a longer hair cut. Again it is always better to err on the side of caution and not over texturize!

As with thinning shears it is important to be careful about how you use these shears. Cutting too close to the scalp can lead to a substantial piece of hair sticking straight out from the scalp. This will make for a not so nice grow out and take away from your clients desired look.

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Thinning and texturizing hair!

These scissors are only two techniques we can use in thinning and texturizing hair. They make it quicker and easier for us to achieve many different looks. We promise you will find a place in your daily life behind the chair for these different hair scissors. Head on over to our website and check out our many different types of thinning and texturizing shears!

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