The Difference In Blades And Edges Of A Hair Shear

October 23, 2022

There are a few different things to consider when choosing your next professional hair cutting shear. You've probably spent a lot of time researching the different steels, handles, colors, etc etc. Let us help break down the different scissor blades and edges for you !


How to tell which hair shear's blade type you have ?

Grab your shears closest to you. Look down the blade from the handle. If it is a curved blade that comes to a very sharp narrow blade, it is a convex edge. If you can see it turn into a thin flat line before coming to an edge, this means it is beveled. A semi convex will have a slight bevel towards the sharp edge. To double check you can use your thumb to check. A beveled edge will feel almost dull when you touch it. Be careful because if you have true convex edge shears that blade will be super sharp!

Beveled edge

We will start out talking about this very common and also the oldest cutting edge- the beveled edge, or the German edge. The beveled edge blade is still very commonly used today. It is the least expensive edge you can have on your shears. Don't worry ! It still performs well. It is sharp and great for cutting. You may find with a beveled edge you may need a little more force when cutting. Beveled edged blades are great for scissor over comb and other basic techniques as it will stay sharper longer and is not as sensitive as other blades. The bevel edge is not to be used with more advanced cutting techniques, such as slide cutting, as it will pull the hair. If you're a barber who doesn't use their shears much, or just starting out in the hair world - this blade is for you! The beveled edge blade design makes it perfect for blunt cuts. This edge will cut perfect straight lines in any hair!

Serrated Blade

Serrated blades have tiny thin, fine lines cut into the cutting edge blade. These little lines help to hold the hair better and prevent it from slipping. The serrated edge is great for a barber who does a lot of scissor over comb or a hairdresser who cuts a lot of straight, blunt, bobs. It is worth having a pair in your kit for just this purpose. They should not be used for texturizing or even dry cutting as the serrated edges can be damaging to hair.

Convex edge

The convex edge blade is going to be the sharpest, smoothest edge you will find. The convex blade can do it all. It is great for slide cutting, point cutting, wet or dry cutting .. the list goes on and on. The smooth and sharp cutting edge of this shear will leave every cut you do looking perfect! You may struggle a bit with big sections and blunt cuts as it is so smooth the hair can slide off the blades. The curved outer blade makes it perfect for sliding your shears through the hair. The convex edge of this blade is fragile and can lose its sharp edges quick. So proper scissor maintenance is a must!

This hair shear blade design is harder to make. Meaning that convex edged blades will have a higher price tag. Only the best steel is able to hold a convex edge so for this type of blade you will be looking at a more expensive, high quality hair cutting shears. Also be aware that coloured shears will not have a true convex edge, creating this edge will take away from the color of the shears.

Semi- Convex edge

The semi- convex edge is probably the most common today. It is between a beveled edge and a convex edge. So it is a great all rounder. It is a narrower beveled edge so it is cheaper than the convex edge, but still incredibly sharp and great for all cuts. The narrow blade edge means you can use it for advanced cutting techniques, including slide cutting. You will find a semi- convex edge on mid range to expensive shears. This sharp edge will stay sharper longer and is very easy to use.

Slide cutting blade

Now you may also be thinking of investing in a pair of slide cutting shears. This blade type is great for all slide and slice cutting and other advanced texturizing techniques. They have a curved blade that will keep the hair sliding to a point instead of gripping the hair. Making slide cutting more comfortable for you and your client!

Sword blade

This is a newer blade. Its highest point is actually at the center of the blade. The sword shape makes it stronger and thicker. This can be great for cutting through thicker hair and larger sections. The tip of the shears take more of the cutting load, providing it with more power and precision. The sword blade is great for any precision cutting technique. By having more power in the tip of the blade this means that these shears will be your best friends for point cutting. 

Which edge is best for you?

We have said it before and we will say it again.... it is best to have more than one hair cutting shear. Different edges have different purposes and we recommend getting to know your shears.. and their edges. Knowing which edge to use for different cutting styles will really improve your cutting skills!


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