The Price of Professional Hair Shears - Why Are They so Expensive?

October 06, 2021

There's no denying that professional hairdressers need professional tools - especially since it's not only their client's hair on the line but also their reputation. After all, people like to talk about nice experiences, but they just LOVE to share bad ones.

However, if you've ever looked through professional hairdressing scissors, then you must have noticed that most of them are rather expensive - some of them cost as much as a few thousand. While it is not really surprising to anyone who has been in the industry for years, it doesn't mean that it doesn't raise questions like 'Why are hair shears so expensive?'

There are a few reasons why hair-cutting scissors cost as much as they do, some of which we have included below. So, if you want to find out why often the best hair shears are usually also the most expensive, just keep on reading.

Made Of Better Materials

This is probably the most important reason why professional shears cost more than regular ones. Expensive shears are made from materials of higher quality, such as Japanese stainless steel, which is often considered to be the best material for professional shears in the world.

Depending on the origin of your scissors - whether they are German, Japanese, French, and so on - brands will use different types of steel. 

Here, for example, are the types of steel Japanese brands often use, ranked from the highest quality (Level 6) to the standard quality (Levels 1 and 2): 

  • Hitachi ATS 314 - Level 6 
  • Hitachi 440c - Level 5 
  • V10 (VG10) - Level 4 
  • V1 (VG1) - Level 3 
  • 440C - Level 2 
  • 440A - Level 1

Sometimes manufacturers will advertise a product as made from the highest quality materials but make it cost less than $50. The truth is that professional hairdressing tools, especially made from material as good as, for example, Japanese steel, will not have a price that low. It simply wouldn’t be profitable for the company producing them. 

Professional scissors are made to last you for at least a couple of years, which is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that what they are made of is of great importance. Sometimes, if the shears are taken care of in the right way, they can even last you for decades.

Also, it’s important to notice that some of the scissors that you see on professional hairdressing websites, such as Scissor Tech, include Swarovski crystals, which, let’s be honest, are also not the cheapest. That’s also one of the reasons why some pairs are more expensive than others - the procedures need to earn back the money they spend on details such as those crystals.


Made For Professionals

It's important to remember that salon scissors are not made for home use. They are a tool of craftship for hairdressers, who need them to perform in the best way possible. Sure, you can use them at home if you really want to, but the truth is that it might not be worth it if they're going to be used only a couple of times a year.

On the other hand, professional hairdressers use theirs at least a couple of times DAILY. The understanding behind why professionals don't mind spending a couple of hundreds (or thousand) on hairdressing scissors is actually quite simple and has a lot to do with basic math. The easiest way to say it is that they can afford it, as it's their tool of the trade.

Let's say that an independent hairdresser bought a pair of scissors that they're going to use every day for $2,000. They charge $30 per haircut. In a day, they, on average, perform 5 such haircuts. They work 5 days a week, which means that during that one week, they can earn $750. Assuming that they save $200 every week to reinvest it into their business later, they can recuperate the amount they paid for their scissors within 10 weeks. That is if they only do haircuts, but most hairdressers, no matter if they are independent or if they work in a salon, do much more, which means that they won't need 10 weeks - maybe about 5 or 6 weeks.

Serve Different Purposes

Cheap hair shears are usually not adapted to specific hair types, which can be very damaging, especially to delicate hair. Professional tools, on the other hand, are available in a variety of shapes, all of which are suitable for different hair cut types.

Take as an example scissors used for thinning hair. Depending on how thick the hair is, and how much of it you want to thin, you will use a different pair of scissors. If you have to deal with hair that isn't too thick, you can opt for regular thinning scissors, as they'll get the job done just fine. On the other hand, if your client's hair is thick or curly, it would be best to use wide tooth chomping thinning scissors.

More Customizable

One of the great things about professional hair-cutting shears is that they are meant to fit you and your preferences - not the other way around. That's exactly why there are so many elements you can choose from.

First of all -the handle design. There are a few types of handles available on the market, but the classic and offset ones seem to be the most popular choices. Which one will be the right one for you mainly depends on how you hold your scissors.

Another thing you can 'personalize' isthe blade. Do you want your hairdressing scissors to have a beveled edge or a convex edge? There are a few things that can influence your choice, but generally speaking, convex edges are more recommended for hairdressers with experience, as they won't have as much of a problem controlling it as beginners would.

Next, we have the option to choose betweenright and left-handed shears. When it comes to regular scissors, there's no such a choice - it's not that big of a deal as sooner, or later left-handed people get used to using right-handed scissors. However, when it comes to cutting hair and being a hair stylist, it's crucial that the hair shears are comfortable for you to grip, as it can be a matter of life and death (maybe not literally, but you get what we mean) when it comes to giving your client sharp cuts.

Something that might be less important for some, but many still value, is the ability to choosethe color of your shears. In most cases, regular scissors are available only in silver - if you’re lucky, you might find them in black. But that’s all. Professional scissors, on the other hand, come in a variety of colors. If you decide to shop on our website, you’ll see that we have pink, rainbow, rose gold, silver and matte black scissors available. 

Last but not least, scissors may or may not havethe finger rest. Many of the expensive scissors feature a removable finger rest, as several hairdressers prefer to work without it. Thanks to this, if one day they'll change their mind, they don't have to buy a completely new pair of scissors - they can just screw the finger rest back on. Many hairdressers swear by it as they claim a finger rest ensures their work is as comfortable and painless as possible.

Longer Warranty

In most cases, companies offering expensive premium shears offer a much more extended warranty than retailers offering regular hair scissors. It's actually very convenient for them because usually, the warranty ends up being unused, but the client still has a reassurance that a manufacturer stands behind its product.

Here at Scissor Tech, we offer our customers a lifetime warranty, as we know how important it is to reassurance that if anything happens to your hair-cutting scissors, the company you bought them from will help you, and you won't end up throwing your money down the drain.

Name Recognition

While all the things we mentioned above do have an impact on why premium hair cutting scissors cost as much as they do, the brand is also one of the factors that influence it.

Just think about it - there are plenty of brands that are more expensive because they are that particular brand. And it's not only about, for example, a famous person promoting it, as it is often the case but because the products they offer are honestly so good, that people simply don't mind paying that much for something from them.

Take as an example Joewell or Matsui - those two companies are on the pricey side, but people still buy them, love them and buy them again. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons. They are made of Japanese stainless steel, which is one of the best materials in the world, they are esthetically pleasing, they have sharp blades, and they are made with precision many can be jealous of. While making such an investment is not easy, you can be sure that if you buy something from those companies, IT WILL last you for a very long time.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to dealing with hair, the right tools are of the greatest importance. If your scissors are, for example, not sharp enough, they can cause damage to your client's hair, which probably is the last thing you want to happen.

If you have ever googled 'how much do hair cutting scissors cost,’ as someone who isn't a part of the hairdressing industry on a daily basis, then you were probably surprised at how much hairdressing or barber shears actually cost. However, it needs to be said that while, sure, hairdressing shears can be expensive, it is not without reason.

First of all, they are made of better materials than regular scissors, such as Japanese steel. They are also, as the name suggests, dedicated to professional use, which means that they are not directed towards people who aren't members of the industry. Additionally, there are several types of shears available so that no matter what type of hair the client has, it can be easily taken care of.

Professional shears are also more customizable, as you can choose what type of handle design or blade you wish to have.

Here at Scissor Tech, we offer a variety of long-lasting professional shears, all from renowned and established brands, producing their tools from the best materials, such as Japanese steel. And if you don't feel like you are quite ready to dive into professional tools, we also offer sets perfect for apprentices or just anyone who would like to cut their teeth on hairdressing and hair cutting.

If you have any questions regarding our products, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We'll be more than happy to help you pick the best match and resolve any doubts you might have. Thank you for choosing Scissor Tech!

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