The Top 3 Ways to Cut Dry Hair

May 04, 2021

Here you are waiting and wanting to know the top 3 ways to cut dry hair. Lucky for you, we have covered the top 3 ways plus more! As you would be aware by now, we never leave anything out.

So, First things first, I'm a realist (In true Iggy Azalea words) there aren't just three ways to cut dry hair, there's multiple if we're being honest here. The biggest one that stands out for me personally is cutting dry hair when it is dead straight. The reason for this is because you can see every cut, every line, all split ends, basically every anything of dry hair and you can make sure your work is bang on perfect every time. 

The next best way to cut dry hair is in its natural form, Whether it's straight, curly or wavy you will be able to see how it falls in its natural state and makes it easy to see where it falls and won’t leave any unknown surprises for the client in the chair.  

The third top way to cut dry hair is fairly obvious - from when the hair is wet and then dry. If it's going from wet and dry hair you will see nearly 2 different haircuts, Because when cutting hair wet it's in a different form as opposed to when it's dry. Dry hair doesn't lie. Having dry hair when cutting ensures the quality of the professional when he/she is cutting the hair dry for it to be no doubt perfect for the final result.

Best shears for cutting dry hair

Thebest hair cutting shears to use on dry hair is surprise surprise high-quality hair cutting shears. Which clearly you'll find if you're on the hunt. With that being said, however, the high-quality shears will always determine your own comfort. That includes the handle design, how sharp the blade is on the shears, the tension of the shears and how easy it is for you to grip the shear itself.

All scissor tech shears come with finger inserts if the shear is too big, also the shears are made of the highest quality of steel to ensure the blades stay sharper for longer. The steel generally used is no other than Japanese steel. 

The Japanese steel is one of the strongest types of steel that allows the blade to stay sharper for longer so you're not having to worry when your next shear sharpen will be, or worse if the hair you're cutting may catch on the blade which is definitely awkward when the hair pulls on the clients head from the blade not being sharp!

As said above, any of the shears you find comfortable will make cutting dry hair a breeze and believe it or not but texturizing shears and thinning shears are also used better on dry hair, especially thick hair - that's one woops you don't want to make. When cutting/thinning/ texturizing hair it's much easier to see where the hair is sitting so you know which sections you should be cutting with your shears.

What are dry cutting shears?

Dry cutting shears are essentiallyhair cutting scissors just used with different words. Still don't know what they are? Well, a hair cutting scissor or shear is a scissor used for hairdressing and hairdressing only the handle can come in different shapes and forms but are generally used the same and are held the same. (That's where the comfort comes creeping back in.) 

The cutting shear is typically used to cut the hair with its convex blades and smooth cutting action due to the leaf spring tension system, so the cutting shear is able to make a clean cut against the convex edge of the scissors. 

As long as the blade of the scissors are sharp and are able to cut smoothly you shouldn't have an issue. If you do, well take it out with your supplier - or buy new ones from scissor tech.

Can you use dry cutting shears on wet hair?

Yes. Yes, you absolutely can! If you’re using your hair shears for either point cutting, straight cutting, chipping in or basically anything you use your scissors for, you most certainly can use them for wet or dry cuts. 

As stated above what a good set of hair shears should have whether it’s wet or dry the blades should be sharp enough to use on both wet or dry and the blade should be able to almost slide seamlessly through the hair when cutting. 

If it does well I hate to break it to you but your blade is definitely not sharp enough to get through any cut. So buy some new ones. I can suggest a good place to  Was that too cheeky of me? #sorrynotsorry

What to know about cutting dry hair

What you need to know is pretty simple! As long as you have Your sections, your clients head straight, and the right pair of shears in hand it's all fairly straight forward. Sectioning, like all hair cuts wet or dry need to have correct and clean sections to allow for the perfect haircut to fall. Head being straight - well that's just obvious isn't it? If not, well purely so your haircut isn't wonky or lopsided! Right pair of shears, well come on now - it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. As long as you have all three you should be just fine and feel as though this is all you need to know about cutting dry hair. 

Disadvantages of cutting dry hair

Personally, after every haircut that I do wet, I always cross check it after. So is there a disadvantage of cutting hair dry? I personally believe no, however some people may disagree. In saying that the only possible disadvantage I could think of cutting hair dry would be if you had just finished styling/blow drying the hair and then had to run the comb through to do any further touch ups - that would be totally annoying but understandably a disadvantage. 

Call it what you will, we all have our own personal preferences but if you're wanting that bang on perfect haircut, I highly suggest trying out one of the top three ways to cut dry hair. You may surprise yourself with how well it works, it doesn't have to be every haircut you do but once you start it might be hard to stop! 


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