Top 10 hair styling tools of 2021

July 06, 2021

Styling tools are a must have within your hairdressing career and of course we have listed the top 10 for the year 2021. We know how often styling tools change or are new on the market within the hairdressing industry and of course it can be super hard to keep up with however, the first 6 in the top 10 listed are a must have! So please keep that in mind whilst you're reading away. Why? Well because these first 6 listed you simply cannot do hair without them. They make cutting, creating, styling hair a total breeze. So, what are they? See below fellow readers! 

Comb/Cutting Comb

A comb, is it not obvious as to why you need one? A cutting comb like the Y.S Park Cutting comb is in our eyes the OG comb that every hairdresser and barber simply can't live without. Combs in the hair industry are essential purely because you clearly can't cut a straight line without 'combing' a section of hair out. Picture this - You haven't combed the hair in its section or at all for that matter, you cut the hair and then you brush the hair. Is it straight? No. Does it look good? No. Will you comb the hair before cutting next time? Yes! No one and we mean no one wants an uneven ratty looking haircut. Unless of course you want that? Then who are we to judge!?

However, in all seriousness The YS Park Cutting Combs are the only combs you'll need, they range in various sizing and color to make the perfect cut seem effortless. While these combs have their signature 'missing tooth' of the comb it allows you to create the most perfect section without getting any hair tangled that shouldn't be in the said section of hair. These combs are in Y.s Park's words "Living legends" of the hairdressing industry whether your an apprentice or a senior they are good to go for your whole hairdressing career.

Sectioning Clips

Yes, you have your comb but how on earth do you keep the unwanted hair away!? Clips of course! But not those 90's butterfly clips your mum would put in your hair - we're talking about Sectioning clips. More precisely Cricket Rubberized Double Jointed ProClips. I mean sure you can choose whichever sectioning clips you want, but if you want your section doing just that and keeping your section of hair away, you're better off going with the cricket rubberized double jointed pro clips.

These guys will not only keep your sections away but they will also hold small and large amounts of hair with little to no slip factor. How annoying is it when you get your perfect section, clip it away and BOOM the hair falls out of the sectioning clip and you have to re-do your section. So. Damn. Frustrating! Fear not! With these double jointed and rubberized sectioning clips they ensure total grasp on all of the hair. Some of you may also refer to these particular sectioning clips as "crocodile clips" because they look just like that! A crocodile's snappy mouth. This being said, What does a crocodile do to its prey? Snap it up and lock it in of course. So think of these as little crocodile clips that snap up the hair and lock it in. You won't be disappointed.


We've spoken about sectioning and combing but what for!? To cut obviously! And what do we cut with? SCISSORS!! More specifically Hairdressing Scissors or also known as Shears. The best shear on the market for 2021? I think that list can be longer than expected. However, with Scissor tech, we are known to supply only the best of the best, And the best in our eyes is the Matsui range.

Matsui shears come in a range of shears to fit pretty much everyone of all different hand shapes, comfort levels, lengths, designs and colors. Matsui brand was established in 1998 and since then has proved time and time again that it offers an essential must have tool for not only the year 2021 but for the many years ahead or easily the length of your hairdressing career. The scissors are made from premium high quality Japanese steel that as we all know represent value for money (More bang for your buck people!).

As said above, Matsui offers a wide range of shears for everyone in the professional hairdressing industry that suit cutting all different types of hair and hairstyles all while keeping comfort of the hairdresser in tact. Matsui shears always seem to outshine everyone else and come out on top due to their specially handcrafted professional shears that feature the great Aichei Mountain steel in some of the shears and other shears using the Damascus steel. Either steel of choice you always know you're going to get a stand out shear!


Hairdryers are totally underestimated this day in age, they don't just 'dry hair', they are also used to create multiple styles with the art of the hairdryer, hairdryer nozzle and of course a round brush. Before we get into how we can style with hair dryers we simply need to let you know the hairdryer of choice which is... *Drum roll please* The Parlux Alyon Air Ionzier Hair Dryer 2250W. The Parlux Alyon is the choice every stylist is making this year. With its newly built motor lifespan of at least 3000 hours of guaranteed operation and exceptional power of the new Parlux Alyon makes drying and styling hair in a very short time which is great for optimizing the amount of electricity used.

The Parlux Alyon is incredibly durable, lightweight and ergonomic keeping all hairdressers comfortable at the top of their list. Along with the care for the hairdressers/barbers whilst using the hairdryer Parlux have also kept in mind care for the hair, this being said the Parlux Alyon has four temperature settings and two speed settings, also including instant cold shot button. Great for all hair types and textures to ensure healthy hair drying.

While all that's cool and all, what's even cooler is that it comes with two nozzles to help smooth out and direct the airflow to the hair. As we were saying before you can not only dry your hair with a hairdryer but you can style it too! With the Parlux including the two nozzles it makes it super easy to blow dry the hair smooth, frizz free and stylish straight, curly even wavy (As long as you have the right tools at hand and know how to) which leads me to the next top styling tool.


Round Brush

A round brush of course! Now our suggestion is of course more than one round brush, they come in many various sizes but the thing to look out for is of course comfort and lightweight! When blow drying hair you already have the weight of the hairdryer to worry about and give you sore arms or shoulders - especially on the thick and heavy hair that never seems to dry easily or quickly, so why put yourself through any further pain or discomfort? Lucky for you GHD has come up with the perfect tool. Now, as we all recognize GHD for their hair straighteners they are more than that, They also sell round brushes which are simply a must have!

The GHD ceramic vented radial brush comes in 4 different sizes which gives you more than one length of hair to use them on. They are a ceramic based barreled brush that retains its heat to allow for a faster and smoother blow-drying without damaging the hair too much from unnecessary heat. These brushes also have a soft touch, non slip handle that gives it the most elegant finish.


So we know not everyone has long hair right? Or have you been living under a rock? If you have well then you're in for a shock! Clippers are a quick, powerful and easy way to go from long to short or short to shorter. Clippers are easy to use and time officiate for the standard barber or hairdresser. It clips through the hair quickly and more importantly evenly! Now there are so many different brands out there competing against each other which is why the clipper that stands out on top for the year 2021 is the BaByliss Gold FX Lithium Hair Clipper that has power, speed and precision which is basically what we just spoke about!

The Babyliss Gold FX Lithium hair clipper is known for its impeccable gold glossy finish along with its High-torque brushless Ferrari-designed engine, lithium ion battery with 2 hour run time (not that you will need it for two hours straight ha!), 8 comb attachments and its 5-detent taper control feature that not all clippers come with which makes these the slickest range to have not only for the year 2021 but for many years to come!

Straightening Iron

Where oh where would a stylist be without their hair straightener!? Curly - that's where! No but seriously a good hair straightener will help in more ways possible which is why it obviously made the top 10! Straighteners these days are not only straight but with the right techniques they can also curl, wavy and smooth hair out. Clearly not using wet hair but when the hair is wet we also recommend using a heat protector spray to decrease any chance of heat damage to the hair shaft. Once applied, dry the hair and then use the straightener as you wish!

Which one do you ask? Well this was hands down the easiest choice ever! Cloud 9, and not the cloud 9 store you might be thinking of, Cloud 9 the brand. From the creator of GHD this remarkable man then bought out an even better styling tool that not only leaves a smoother finish but it also is lightweight and our favorite part of all - Temperature control! So therefore you don't have to have it at the hottest temp without being given the option. you can control it right in the palm of your hand. No 2 heads of hair are the same, some have dense thick hair that can handle added heat, whereas others have fine and less dense hair that burns really easily - no one wants that, hence why you can turn the temperature down and save the hair! 

Paddle brush

A mothers best friend for their daughters but also a stylist best friend to have as a part of their styling tools. A paddle brush while some don't think it's as necessary we however, think it's an absolute must! A paddle brush is more than just a brush! It not only brushes hair with ease but gets through those horrid knots that can occur in the hair (especially young girls with long hair) but the paddles brushes make for a fantastic tool when it comes to brushing out those tight locks that were created with a straightening iron or curling wand. Let's face it - gone are the days of the spiral curls that were never brushed out that look can stay in the early 2000's thanks! Nowadays it's all about the soft brushed out waves that the ever so famous Kimmy K made so damn popular.

To be able to brush knots or waves you need the right paddle brush for the job which is where GHD have produced an amazing paddle brush for just that and yes we have double dropped the name but we can't help it when they have made such awesome brushes! These Paddle brushes allow you to detangle, smooth, tame and blow dry all with one brush! It has perfectly spaced out bristles along its broad flat base to be able to get through mounts of hair with ease all while having the soft touch non slip handle grip so that the stylist or customer has to feel discomfort.

Curling wand

Curls get the girls as the age old saying goes, right? Or should we now change it to Curls are for the long haired girls? Either way you'll need a fabulous magic wand to create the curls if you weren't already blessed with naturally luscious curls yourself - but even if you were there's no harm in trying to create a smooth perfect curl!

if it's not obvious by now or you're new to the hair industry there are some front runners that take the title of top hair styling tools that require heat, They are without a doubt fighting over the title being GHD and CLOUD9. Both of these guys have produced some amazing curling wanted that both come in a range of sizes and curl types the real question is what it's going to be more comfortable for you to use ? Or what type of curl are you wanting to create? Bet you didn't know there was more than one type of curls did you? Let's name a few - tight, loose, soft, creative, barrel, classic and wavy the list can keep going but we won't waste much more of your time.

Mermaid waver

Last but not least - the mermaid waver! My personal favorite at the moment that has truly made it's statement that it's here to stay! While it hasn't been around for as long as GHD or Cloud 9 it certainly has made its mark. While yes, you can make the crimped triple barrel look with an ordinary straightener but why make more work for yourself then you have to? The design of the mermaid waver has really made its bang in the last 12 months giving the look of soft, effortless, 'I woke up like this', kind of vibe/look. It's super easy to use for either yourself, the stylist or even the client to use on themselves.

Who better than the original themselves "Mermade Hair" while yes they are an Australian brand they have now reached worldwide with this incredibly easy to use tool which has imitators all around the world trying to keep up with the hot new trend. Mermade hair have done everything possible to keep the hair in top knotch condition from its ceramic base to the temperature control the mermade waver can do no wrong in your top 10! 

So there we have it - the top 10 hair styling tools of 2021. Seems like a lot right ? Well it's not ha! By the time you get all your other little extras that you may or may not need along the way these are simply you must haves for the year 2021 - stay tuned for what will come next for 2022 it will be here before we know it!



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