Top 3 shears for hair extensions

June 15, 2022

Who doesn't love beautiful long locks with perfectly blended layers? The application of hair extensions is so important, but so is the cutting and blending of them and the natural hair. So what shears should you be using when cutting hair extensions?

Slide cutting Shears

One of the best techniques for cutting extensions and blending is slide cutting. To slide cut extensions you will want to be cutting on dry hair. Using the natural hair as your shortest layer you will slide down the hair shaft to blend the hair. Since you are dry cutting hair it is important to make sure your shears are super sharp!

For slide cutting hair we recommend theMatsui VG10 Slider. This shear is created with VG 10 Japanese stainless steel. It is a high quality steel that is super sharp and made to give you the best sliding results . The slider shear will help guide the scissors through the hair with a smooth cutting action. These shears may look a bit different. Unlike a straight scissor these scissors have larger, wider blades which help to push the hair in to a razor sharp edge. This blade helps to ensure the cutting is smooth and there is no catching of the hair. These shears are a must have for any stylist who is using extensions.


Point Cutting Shears

It is important when cutting extensions to know that blunt lines can be your worst enemy. Blunt lines cut in hair extensions are more noticeable and have little movement. Blunt lines in natural hair also make blending extensions a difficult task. This is why it is so important to have a good pair of shears for point cutting hair.

Point cutting is a technique used to soften hard lines, remove weight and create movement. You'll want a pair of shears that are sharp and precise. Again, this should be done on dry hair. Cutting extensions wet will only create more hard lines.

We recommendMatsui Precision Shears. These shears have sharp blades and are amazing for when you need to point cut hair. Precision hair cutting scissors will help you create soft lines and movement not only in the extensions, but natural hair as well, making your extensions blend seamlessly. Point cutting is also a good technique to use when trimming extensions. Taking length off with a blunt line will make for quite a heavy cut. Hair trimming should be done by point cutting the length as not to create a heavy line.

Thinning shears/ Texturizing Shears

Now these you most likely have in your hair cutting kit, but if you don't check out theseMatsui Precision Thinning shears. These hairdressing shears are an important tool for blending. The 40 teeth help cut hair extensions and remove heavy lines.

Texturizing shears, similar to thinning shears, are used for removing weight and adding texture. These shears have around 20 teeth, so they remove more hair. It is important to remember we will only use these on the end of the hair, and sparingly. Check out some texturizing shearshere. These will help you deliver a beautifully blended cut!

Now that you know...

the best hair cutting shears to use when cutting hair extensions, which shears will you be adding to your extension kit?

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