Top 5 beauticians scissors

June 22, 2022

You're a 5 star beautician so you deserve a 5 star pair of shears! Let us help you find the best scissor for you! These are our type 5 picks of professional hair shears just for you.

The VG10's

These haircutting scissors are made with the highest quality japanese steel. The high quality VG10 steel is infused with cobalt alloy to make this shear even more durable. This scissor is light weight, has very sharp blades and will keep its sharp edge longer. These professional hairdressing shears have an offset handle. This handle will be more comfortable for you and help prevent future repetitive stress injuries to your hands. A busy professional hair dresser knows just how important our hands are to a long and happy career so the offset handle will be your best friend!

The VG10's are a great all rounder scissor. Their sharp blades are perfect for blunt cutting hair to the most fine detail work on wet and dry hair. These super sharp shears are available in 5.5 inches and 6 inch, and will never let you down!

Check the VG10's out here.Matsui VG10 Matte Black Limited Edition

The Ultimate Swivel

These hair cutting scissors will change everything ! The swivel handle is the best handle available to a hairdresser. This handle is designed to keep you cutting longer, and pain free. The swivel thumb can move 360 degrees making cutting hair at any angle comfortable and easy.

The Matsui Ultimate swivel is one of the highest quality shears you will find. It is made from Damascus steel. Damascus steel is 17 layers of VG10 premium Japanese steel. These layers are folded together to create one hell of a strong, razor sharp scissor. Professional hair stylists will love the removable finger rest and finger inserts that help make this pair of shears the most comfortable pair out there. You will be delivering the best precision cuts all day long.

Have a look at our Matsui Ultimate Swivel Rose Gold hereMatsui Ultimate swivel

Yasaka Offset handle

The Yasaka Offset are there for you every step of the way, from blunt cutting to point cutting, these japanese made shears will quickly become your favourite tool. They are made from the finest quality steel and can be used all day everyday. Their razor sharp cutting edge will cut through wet or dry hair like butter. They are available in 5, 5.5 and 6 inch, so you can easily find the right length for you. These professional scissors as super sharp and will make slide cutting easy as well. If you're looking for a easy to use, super sharp, versatile pair of affordable shears the Yasaka's are for you!

Find themHere

Sozu Essentials

We all must start from the bottom and work our way up, however our shears don't have to! The Sozu Essentials were created to give the newest hairdressers a high quality, japanese stainless steel scissor, without breaking the bank. This scissor is made to be with you through all your training, and beyond. They are 5.5 inches, making them perfect for learning all your new haircutting techniques. You still receive a quality, japanese steel scissor that will work as hard as you, but for a more suitable price for a up and coming stylist.

Check out our perfect sethere!

Matsui Thinner

These may not seem like part of the Top 5 but a good pair of thinning scissors is so important, and these are the best ! Thinning scissors are best finishing off any haircut. They will help add so much texture and movement, especially to clients with thick hair. A knowledgable, professional stylist, knows just how important a good thinning shear can be. The Matsui 6 inch thinning shears are also made from premium japanese stainless steel, with 40 sharp teeth, to give any hairdresser a strong and sharp thinning scissor. 

You can find our best Matsui Thinning Shearshere

Now you know..

which pair of scissors we recommend its time to decide which will work best for your cutting style. You can't go wrong with our Top 5 - especially with our 7-day return policy and lifetime warrantee. We guarantee you will love these shears.

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