Top 5 Shear Holsters

September 03, 2023

The Shear Holster or Scissor pouch is one of our favorite accessories. Not only is it incredibly helpful in keeping your shears protected but they look great and are very convenient. We've put together a list of our favorites to help you choose the best one for you!

Why you need a shear holster

This is a must have for keeping your hair cutting scissors safe and with you at all times. Too often as hairdressers we are rushing around and leaving our shears on our station. This can lead to accidents. If you have ever accidentally dropped your shears or hit them on your station, you know the pain we are talking about. Dropping or bumping your shears on hard surfaces can lead to damaged blades and messed up alignment. This is why we highly recommend having a shear holster, as your shears are always safest when they're with you!

Scissor Tech Pouch

The Scissor Tech Pouch

Check out this pouch at the top of our list. This holster can hold up to 7 pairs of shears. It is made from strong, quality material that will keep it looking great for a long time. There is a wide back pocket to hold your combs, razors or cell phone. There is a front strip, perfect for holding all your clips. The bottom of this holster opens for easy cleaning. This pouch is meant to be worn around your waist with an adjustable belt. It will fit most waist sizes, while the pouch will remain sitting comfortably on your hip. We love how compact this pouch is, while still having space for all your tools. Oh and whether you choose sleek black or soft peach this pouch looks good too!

Scissor Tech Holster

The Scissor Tech Holster

This holster can hold up to 7 pairs of shears. Similar to our pouch, the material is top quality and the bottom snaps open for easy cleaning. The back pocket is big enough to hold all your combs and more. And it has a front strip to hold clips. This holster can be worn on your waist or across your body. With its two options of soft neutral colors, it is a popular choice among barbers and hairdressers. 

Body Toolz Black Leather Shear Holder

This shear holster holds 11 pairs of shears ! If you are a hairdresser with a collection of shears this one's for you ! There is a large back pocket that can hold anything extra! From combs to phones this holster has room. It is made from soft cowhide leather and comes in black with white stitching.

Magic Shear Holster Belt

This belt will have you speeding through haircuts in no time. It has a detachable belt which easily clips on and off. It can hold all your other accessories as well. There is a loop for brushes and plenty of space for your clips. It can be worn across your shoulder or around your waste

Kassaki Tool Belt

For the hairdresser who has to have all their tools with them, this belt is for you. It can hold up to 10 pairs of shears. Its large main pouch has 6 shear holders with a large pocket to hold everything. There is a flap to cover the large pouch and keep everything secure. The smaller pouch holds 4 pairs of shears and has two small pockets. There are three brush holders along the side and plenty of places to put your clips. This belt comes in a large variety of colors, yes even pink!

You can't go wrong...

No matter which holster or pouch you choose ! Keeping your shears protected is a must ! And any of these holsters will guarantee less accidents and faster hair cuts !

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