Top 6 Types of Layers

May 19, 2021

When a client asks for just one layer in their hair or three layers, most if not all hairdressers have a little giggle to themselves before explaining what’s actually involved in ‘layers’ and that it’s simply just not possible to have one or three or any specific number of layers. 

There are multiple ways to create different looks and hairstyles that include layers. Also different ways to create layers or a layered look, not just the standard 1 hit wonder way on what many untrained or inexperienced hairdressers seem to think there is.  A few examples or styles with layers include long layers, short layers, textured layers, classic layers, shaggy layers and lastly layer-less! 

A little look into which scissors are best used for each style and also what these may look like or how they are best described when either explaining to a client or simply for the hairstylist to have a better understanding are:

Long Layers:
-  Enhances your natural waves (if you have any)
-  Most long layers are defined by the shortest length to the longest length 
-  The distance between the base line and the shortest/longest layer
-  Creates movement and texture to the hairstyle
-  Best scissors used for this method would be any of the Matsui, Sozu, Jowell, basically any on Scissor Tech's website that you find comfortable in the 6 inch range. The 6 inch range allows you to have the most control on what and how much your cutting in each section of hair. 

Short Layers: 
-  If hair is short (above or sitting on the shoulders) layers can stop the triangle look
-  Can create body and texture to a heavy haircut
-  Great for changing up the parting (people who get bored with their hair easily
-  Point cutting is usually best to create light and weightless layers as opposed to blunt cutting which can make short layers feel heavy
-  Like the long layers, the distance between the base line and the shortest layer determines the way the ‘short layers’ fall.  
-  Much like the above long layers, anything within the 6 inch range of scissors giving you most control to be able to cut your short layers.

Textured Layers: 

-  The name says it all TEXTURE
-  Best for people who want volume and lightness
-  Weight taken out of their hair without taking away from the style itself
-  More for the natural look and to give an effortless feel to the hairstyle
-  Scissors for your textured layers are pretty obvious - texture scissors! However if you wish to slide cut some texture into your layers the scissor suited would be the one and only Matsui VG10 Slider.

Classic Layers: 

-  The complete opposite of everything in textured layers
-  Light layering in the back and subtle face framing, light layering around the front of the hair
-  Best kept for the messy waves but also neat waves/curls and the loose ponytail look (nothing too structured)
-  What better to match a classic with than another classic, the Joewell classic series, helps to control the cut without over complicating it with tricky scissors that may be uncomfortable for you to use.  


 Shaggy Layers: 

-  Goes best with bangs or face framing layers
-  Easy for the “wash and wear” customers that have little to no time for their hair but still look stylish.
-  Shaggy layers look their best when the hair is down and have some soft loose curls/waves going through the hair.
-  Some say with the right product or sea salt spray gives the best shaggy look!
-  Best cut with a razor. But razors are dangerous if used incorrectly – it can mess the whole haircut up in one go so make sure it’s the right tool on the right hair!
-  Razors give the ultimate textured look which is perfect for the shaggy effect.
-  Similar to the textured layers, you can also use your thinners or texturisers to help ‘shag’ out the layers you’ve just put in, along with them you can also choose to use a razor to create the less structured look to create a more free flow cut or ‘shaggy layers’ 


-  The name says it all - no layers!
-  Those who have fine hair benefit the most from this style as the blunt look makes the fine hair appear thicker and fuller
-  No waves necessary here because straight wins the race! Straight hair makes the hair super sleek and full
-  Can be any length from above shoulders to the chin or collar. Pick the best length to suit your face shape.
-  Well now, seeing as there won’t be any layers in this cut you can simply use whichever pair you normally would to create your baseline. I personally love my Matsui precision range. It's the most comfortable for me and my wrist and I find I don't have to bend my wrist in any awkward position to make a clean cut. 

So there we have it, a sum up of some layering techniques out there. The best way to determine which layering or no layering is best suited for the person is to go by the individual's face shape. The wrong layer and face shape combination can completely throw off the hair cut/style. Now have some fun styling or creating texture in your hair! 

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