Top hair trends of 2021

May 26, 2021

Hair trends change all the time and it can be so hard to keep up with at the best of times.  They can literally change over night, week to week, month to month, season to season and year to year! So how do we keep up with all these changes? Well, we pick the most trending of all and call it the year, which is how we get to our top hair trends for 2021. So let's see what 2021 has in store for us.

1 . Beach Vibes

What better way to introduce the hair trends than the ever so classic and relaxed beachy waves style. We can never really go wrong with the textured, layered and waved look the 'beach vibe' gives us. When we hear the word beach, we straight away think of salt water, sand right? If we break it down and we can sit thinking of the words 'sea salt' then break  it down further and go into products like a salt spray to give texture to the hair. Then from the word texture we then can think of the choppy waves that give a textured look to the ocean which can then be broken off and lead us to think of choppy, wavy hair  right? So it's only natural beach vibes are all in the name! Think of your beach vibes as texture, and who better to rock texture? That's easy - People who want volume, lightness, weight taken out of their hair without taking away from the style itself, and also a more of a natural look to give an effortless feel to the hair.

Photo Credit: @manehausco

What scissors help best achieve this look you ask? Well we think it's pretty obvious - Texturizing scissors of course! However, being the professional you'll need to think about what type of hair you are using them on. A more suited pair of shears would be the Matsui VG10 Slider that you can then slide some texture into or add your shaggy but light layers with.


2 . Low Maintenance Locks

Whether it's your long layer-less hair, or completely grown out bangs that have turned into curtains or your grown out color that looks like you've spent hours in the salon and come out with Balayage - you're in luck this year! Having the 'grown out' or low maintenance look this year is SUCH a vibe and believe it or not but people pay hundreds to get the low maintenance look. Is it to save time for their next salon visit? or is it just simply because it looks really good? We like to think it's both!

To achieve these looks we feel your thinners/texturizers are the ones to lean on here. They Can give you a softer more natural look when adding texture or roughness, Sort of wispiness to the style rather than a solid healthy blunt cut look. Check out Scissor Tech's huge range of thinners and texturizers here.

photo credit @jessicaamandahair

3 . Shag, shag, shag

The Shag is officially here! Call it Shag, Shaggy or even a mullet if you will, the shaggy style is here and not going away anytime soon. You can smooth the shag out and look like the most beautiful Farrah Fawcett or you can rock on with the loose, shaggy, just rolled out of bed shag feel (my personal fave). Before you think of shaggy from Scooby doo - Just remember Shaggy isn't just a name. You don't have to have the perfect hair to pull it off because with the right type of shag cut - anyone can pull it off!

Photo Credit: Photographer - Skye Sobejko
                      Stylist - Marco Fusco
                      Model - Nicole Di Gregorio La Bianca

Who is in this list of anyone? Well it's easy peasy for the 'wash and wear' clients that have little to no time for their hair but still want to look stylish, for the clients with face framing layers or bangs, for the clients that love to wear their hair done and have loose curls/waves going through their hair.

However, just to be on the safe side of having the perfect shag cut, you'll need to make sure you have the right pair of shears to create the right shag. We recommend a razor for the ultimate textured look giving the perfect shaggy look as well. If you're not 100% comfortable with the razor or its not the right type of hair to have a razor used on (like curly hair), our next best recommended shears would be the Matsui Precision Shears and thinnersthat will easily help 'shag' out the layers you've cut in along side your structured baseline.

4 . Layers

The return of the layers are back baby! Out with the solid heavy blunt cuts to your collarbone and hello lightweight free falling lived in Rockstar hair! Whether it's short, long, shaggy, textured or plain old classic layers they are all back! 2021 is all about movement - especially after the year 2020 it's time we move and that includes our hair. What else other than movement do layers bring to the table? Well that's easy - Shape! Layers add in shape to some of the most plain types of haircuts and create volume you didn't even know you had! Gone are the days of the late 90's -  early 2000's  of no volume, slick to the scalp and completely layer-less hair, (Thank goodness we're over that phase) and hello layers, movement and shape.

How oh how do we create these famous layers? With the right shear of course! Starting with any 5.5 - 6.5 inch shear to give you the most control, this being said The Matsui Aichei Mountain offset shear can help achieve this OR the Yasaka offset shear. Either of these shears have the utmost control with  their offset handles giving a complete feeling of being secure and the most comfort.

5 . Embrace the Natural hair

2021 is the year of embracing YOU and what you were born with, If Lady Gaga taught us one thing - it's that 'baby, you were born this way' the year 2020 had us sitting at home more often than not, so it's no surprise that more and more people are embracing their natural hair, whether its short, long, curly, straight, frizzy or fine the people of 2021 are simply maintaining the goods they were given.


Photo Credit: @gregson_gastar

When it comes to maintaining it could be a simple trim or a refresh of the same style and well any hairdresser can help achieve that with any scissor they find most comfortable - we really don't think you need assistance in that department, but if you do then this article can help with that

6 . Individuality

Although we just spoke about embracing natural hair there are still people out there that are individualists and we LOVE that which is why lucky for them 2021 is the year to make that statement. Whether it's an undercut or a mullet or even half of your head shaved now is the time to do so! For many you can play it safe or make the bold move and be adventurous because let's be honest - it's way more empowering knowing you're making a statement for you in your own life and path. However, don't get too carried away if you think it will last forever - Individuality  requires lots of maintenance especially if you're wanting the wow factor time and time again. 

Photo credit: @baptised_in_bayrum

7 . Blunt Bold cuts

Yes, the blunt and bold cuts are in! We're not talking about the boring collar bone length cut, we're talking about the super cute, chic, bold and daring short bob and or pixie cuts! Take for instance Khloe or Kylie Kardashian, while yes, most of their statement hair-do's are wigs we can't help but feel the instant urge to chop our hair like theirs (especially if what we do is more permanent than what they do) so if you're wanting to try something daring/bold make sure you've got the right client for it because it can be a shock if they aren't ready for it.

What shears are best suited for these bold cuts we're talking about? Allow me to point you in the right direction. The Matsui VG10 offset shear is your go to, creating the chic bold cuts we were talking about while also allowing complete control and comfort in the wrists.

The Year 2021

2021 may be a year of multiple styles but as the years go on it's easy to see there isn't a way to 100% know which direction fashion will turn. However, luckily for you - the hairdressers of the world your scissors will always be in style. Sure, there will always be the latest hot new pair on the market but really, the true art lies in the hands of you... the hairdresser, the stylist, the incredibly  talented hair artist.  As long as you have your trusty shears with you, you can create any style any year throws at you.

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