What Accessories Are Needed With The Purchase Of Hair Shears

August 07, 2022

You've saved as much money as possible to buy your newest and most perfect pair of hair cutting shears! And you've never been happier!. But now we need to know all about the other accessories you need to keep your shears in the best shape possible! If you haven't noticed yet all of our hair cutting scissors come with a few accessories for making sure you have a long happy life together. Let's start with those!

Finger Inserts

Each pair of hair shears ordered from Scissor Tech will come with a maintenance kit. In that kit you will find multiple finger inserts. These finger inserts are there to help you adjust your shears to fit you perfectly. Your scissors should move freely in your hand and around your fingers. However you do not want them to be too loose and slip out of your hand easily or off your fingers. Think of them as the " belt" to your shears! They come in various sizes and are Used to make your thumb and finger holes smaller or bigger, and most of all.. more comfortable!

Shear Oil

This is one important accessory included in your maintenance kit! You need scissor oil to help maintain your shears. Our shear oil comes in an easy to use oil dispenser. This dispenser makes it easy to only get one or two drops. The attached brush head helps to disperse the oil on the blade. It is important to remember to oil your shears everyday, at least once. One or two drops on the pivot point, where the blades meet , will help to remove any hair that may have gotten stuck throughout your busy day. Proper oiling and care of shears will help keep them sharper longer. Shear maintenance is so important!

Microfibre Cloth

Along with the shear oil you will find a soft microfibre cloth. This cloth is super handy to help keep your shears clean. Use this cloth after every haircut to help remove hair from the blades of your scissors. We recommend using a few drops of isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, to help sterilize your blades, remove hair and prevent corrosion.

Protective Case

When your new scissors arrive you will notice they are packed nice and tight in a soft, Scissor Tech Case. This scissors case is there to protect your hair cutting shears from any bumps or bruises. It is important to remember to always store your scissors in a safe place, like our protective case. There are holes that will fit your shears perfectly and snaps to make sure they are secure in their case. Leaving your shears out on your station or not put away safely, can lead to them accidentally being dropped or knocked around. While our scissors are all made from the highest quality Japanese steel, a drop can still cause serious damage. Fall damage can look like nicks in the cutting edge, misaligned scissors or worst of all, a broken scissor tip. Storing your scissors safely away in one of our scissor cases will guarantee they last you for a long time!


With most of our scissor sets you will find they come with a razor, and blades. If you aren't using a razor for your haircuts, time to learn more about this tool! This is a feather razor. It is used to add tons of texture to your cuts. You can use it to create choppy layers, or to just add texture to short haircuts. They are great for detail work on short hair cuts, or for adding texture to the neckline and other areas.

The blades are longer than your usual cut throat razor blades and they have teeth on them. These teeth help to protect the hair but also give you that great textured look. Razors should be used on wet hair, to help them slide through the hair easily, without causing any split ends or damage.

Scissor Mat

Another accessory you may overlook is the scissor mat! The scissor mat is a great addition to any station. It is a rubber mat that is created to keep your shears safe. The raised texture of the mat helps to drain away any liquid from your shears, preventing any water damage. Keeping your shears safe from any liquid, products, oil or color will keep them from rusting or corroding over time.

The scissor mat is a great addition to your station. The texture is anti-slip - keeping your shears safe from any accidents. Having a mat on your station will give you a dry, safe space for your shears!

Scissor Holsters

This may be one of the best accessories you can have. This handy pouch helps to keep all your scissors on your person. They can be worn around your waste or across your body. They keep your shears safe from accidental drops. Keeping your hair cutting tools within arms reach means no longer needing to reach around clients to have access to your tools. Making your station neater and your life... easier!


You can't forget your combs. Cutting hair can't be done without them! Most hairdressers will have a large selection of combs. They all have different purposes. Different gaps in the teeth of the comb will mean different tension for different cuts. Any stylist will tell you the importance of having many combs to choose from!

Time to Accessorize!

As we mentioned earlier, some of these accessories will come with your brand new hair cutting scissors ! Those products that don't come with your shears can be foundHERE on our Scissor accessory page. We highly recommend considering one of our scissor holsters or station mats, to help keep those amazing new scissors, happy and healthy!

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